Leucorrhea, leucorrhea treatment, ayurvedic medicine for leucorrhea, remedy for leucorrhea

Do not hide the leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea causes, symptoms, and prevention

Leucorrhea, leucorrhea treatment, ayurvedic medicine for leucorrhea, remedy for leucorrhea
Leucorrhea, leucorrhea treatment, ayurvedic medicine for leucorrhea, remedy for leucorrhea

Women often complain that I have complaints of white water, ie white leucorrhoea, which is also called Leucorrhea. It is a common disease of women, and every year women of India suffer from this disease at some time. It is often seen that women are hesitant to tell their children about this disease when suffering from this disease. Due to this, for a long time after this disease, they suffer from other diseases due to side effects. In this disease, women suffer from pain and general weakness in the chest and calf, loss of appetite and face become withered.

What is leucorrhoea?

It is an M disease caused to women. Lyoko means white and Oriya means leakage. It is of two types, one that comes from the vagina, the other from the cervix.

The secretion arising from the vagina is a creamy, yellowish thin curd and the cervix comes from the cervix.

What is the primary reason for this disease?

This happens to most such women

Those who do not get healthy food and those who are densely settled

Lives in more spicy and sour foods

They consume more, even when they are not hungry

Alcohol consumption, if not clean, more

Sexual intercourse, pornography study anxiety and day

From sleeping in etc.

What other diseases help get this disease?

Such as constipation staying for a long time, liver failure, calcium deficiency, and indigestion, etc

High Blood Pressure Causes

Which reproductive disorders help cause this disease?

Reproductive disorders are prominent in the occurrence of this disease, chronic inflammation of the inner mucosa of the uterine organs, uterine rupture, swelling or infection of the uterus, menstrual deformity, excessive bleeding during menstruation, small Age of miscarriage, fallopian tube defects, more miscarriages, premature pregnancy, and more childbirth, etc.

Are there mental reasons for this disease?

In this disease, due to mental, emotional and mental urges, suppression of desires, etc. are also helpful in leukorrhea.

According to modern opinion, a bacterium called trichomoniasis is considered to be the cause of this disease. Through which the vagina reaches the uterus. Upon reaching there, the uterine glands infect the mucous membrane. Due to this, the secretion starts coming. But the blood secretion that occurs before menstruation. That is normal is not under it.

Major symptoms of this disease:

Back pain or pelvic pain, body ache, laziness, weakness, loss of appetite, indigestion, blindness in front of eyes, tingling in the soles of extremities, frequent urination, blood loss, loss of body There are symptoms like fade on the face, black spots under the eyes, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, etc. Leukemia lasts for a long time, causing irritability in nature and loss of strength.

Get rid of this disease:

The only way to get rid of this disease is that whatever is the reason for its occurrence, they should try to avoid it as much as possible and it is mandatory to keep the routine regular and controlled. On realization of the disease, treatment should be done only. The disease can be easily controlled when given early-stage attention. If not cleanly, this disease is not cured even after treatment, always use clean clothes, do not use nylon clothes. Along with this, take a diet that is fast digestible and nutritious, eat salads, green vegetables, milk, cheese, must take. This will replenish calcium and remove weakness.


During the treatment, do not take food, bad things, fried things, sourness, etc., because of this, the digestive system will remain fine, constipation, etc. will not occur. And besides, walk in the open and clear air in the morning and evening. Take dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime. Do not worry and avoid mental stress.

What is other medicine and treatment?

The most important in drug treatment of a woman suffering from leukorrhea is drenching, i.e. vaginal ablution, for this,

It is necessary to clean the inner and outer part of the vagina with a cotton swab by licking alum and boric acrid and tincture iodine in hot water.

It is, takes half the powder of gooseberry powder with half a teaspoon of honey for twenty-one days. It is necessary to take a banana and milk.

When suddenly there is more injury

After eating, it is necessary to take Ayurvedic syrup of iron and A.D.C. of calcium vitamins. It is beneficial to take E. tablet with milk in the morning and evening. Many vaginal tablets are also necessary for use.

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-Dr. Narendrs Singh

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