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Corona Virus Origin (COVID-19) & Related FAQ

CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Related Important Facts

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Origin of Coronavirus disease

Coronavirus disease, which originated from the city of Wuhan in China, has taken birth as an epidemic worldwide. This dangerous epidemic has killed thousands of people so far. And now this virus is coming out of China and making its home in many countries of the world. Due to its uncontrolled outbreak, The World Health organization has made it an epidemic. Here are some important facts and answers to identify the symptoms of the corona.

As the coronavirus is spreading like a pandemic, there is no medicine, vaccine or antibiotic available for its prevention. Only by identifying a few symptoms can the rapid effect of the corona is understood.

Symptoms of coronavirus.

Fever, dry cough, muscle aches, fatigue, some symptoms that seem less visible. Headache, blood in phlegm, hemoptysis, diarrhea, incubation symptoms take time to emerge. They also take 1 to 14 days or 24 days.


Five percent of cases are pneumonia, shortness of breath, early septic failure, etc. can be symptoms of the corona.

Coronaviruses are of the following types.

There are seven types of coronavirus have been identified, which can infect a healthy human in no time. Their infection can range from a common cold to a serious disease such as a dangerous disease such as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

Some viruses that do not any threat.

A. Serotype – 229E

B. Serotype – NL63

C. Serotype – HUK1

D. Serotype – 0C43

Some dangerous viruses-

These are viruses that can cause serious conditions. Like SARS COV-2 is the cause of coronavirus disease. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome COV is Middle East syndrome. SARS COV – This virus causes the severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Corona virus-related FAQ (important facts) & ANS.

Question:- Is it turning into a more dangerous virus (other strains by mutation)

All viruses undergo changes over time and the virus that created COVID-19 is no different. The risk of a virus depends on its natural selection.


This can spread rapidly in the body and can replicate it effectively in the body, will be the most successful. It is not necessary that the viruses that cause death and illness are the most dangerous. Sometimes they become incapacitated and even feared to infect them.

In views of scientists

The Chinese scientists made a genetic analysis of 103 samples of the virus for the patients in Wuhan and other cities. The findings suggest that there are initially two main strains. that is named L and S.

The virus was found from the ancestral version.

Although the expectation of S is more prevalent (About 60 percent of the samples were from the former) A branch of the virus was found in the ancestral version. The research team suggests that L may be more aggressive. It can easily replicate in either body. However, it has not yet been directly compared.

Question:- Isn’t it more dangerous than the cold flu?

People infected with the coronavirus will experience symptoms similar to seasonal flu.


But looking at the disease as a whole shows that it is more serious, including the death rate. Bruce Aylward, who is heading the international mission in China, said that the current estimate of one percent mortality rate is correct.

This makes COVID-19 nearly 10 times more deadly than seasonal flu. It is estimated that 2.90 to 7.50 lakh people die due to seasonal flu every year.

Question:- Only the elderly are lethal, should the younger people be relieved?

Many people who are not elderly and whose basic health is not poor, They will not get seriously ill from COVID-19.


However, the disease is more likely to have severe respiratory symptoms than seasonal flu, also many other groups are at greater risk. People including health workers are expected to come in direct contact with the virus.

Question:- Can any medicine be ready to eradicate the coronavirus within a few months?

A genetic sequence of the virus was made available by Chinese researchers. Many teams are involved in developing the vaccine.


This requires gradual incremental tests. It takes a long time and its side effects can also be seen. The vaccine will be made for business in about a year and it will be very soon.

Question:- Are women more capable than men in fighting the virus?

Looking at the assessment of mortality, it is found that the death rate of men due to coronavirus is 2.8 percent and in women is 1.7 percent.


This is revealed in the study of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Earlier, in 2001, thirty-two percent of men and twenty-six percent of women had died in Hong Kong due to the outbreak of the SARS virus. In the time of the influenza epidemic in 2018, there was also talk of the better immune system of women.

According to scientist Sabra Cline of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

According to scientist Sabra Cline of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in cases of viral infections in the respiratory tract of humans, it has been found that the immune system of men is weak and that of women is better. Also, periodic vaccinations have a better effect on women.

Question:- If an epidemic is declared as a disease, then there is not much we can do to stop its spread?

An epidemic is defined as a new disease in the world. Although the extent of declaring the epidemic is quite unclear.


In practice, whether we declare a disease as a pandemic or not, there will be no change in the steps being taken. Prevention and measures are not about eradicating the disease completely.

Question:- Why don’t masks work?

Wearing a face mask is not a guarantee that you will not get sick. The virus can also penetrate the mask through the eyes and small viral particles.


However, masks are effective in catching large droplets coming out with a sneeze or cough, which is the main route of spread of coronavirus. If an infected person is feared or in contact, So the mask reduces the spread of the disease.

If someone has symptoms of the coronavirus or is undergoing treatment for infection, wearing a mask can protect others as well. Masks are therefore important for health and social workers caring for patients. Also, family members of the sick person must also wear masks.


Source: Guardian

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