Colic, Stomach pain, Abdominal Cramps- Signs

Colic, Stomach pain, Abdominal Cramps | Signs

Colic: Causes, Symptoms

Colic problems arise when; Eating more than the digestive power, late digesters foods, raw eaters, excessive use of sweets, tea, ice-cream, icy syrup (drinks), drink more, quicksilver, copperas, etc.

When the poisons are eaten in deception or for suicide, Intestinal ulceration, Intake of prescription drugs, Chronic constipation, The intestine becomes indigestible when the worm is produced.

And a large amount of air accumulates in the stomach. Air collects in the intestines and causes a sore there.

Due to this, there is intense pain around the navel in the stomach, intermittent torsion or cramps, hard constipation, nausea, etc.

Flatulence: Complications and Causes

Flatulence: Complications and Causes

The doctor should get treatment of the disease only after diagnosing the result of colic, renal colic, intestinal colitis, heart colic diseases.

This pain causes trouble at a higher place and reduces with the arrival of the latrine.

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