Chronic Indigestion Problems | 10 Big Symptoms
Chronic Indigestion Problems

Chronic Indigestion Problems | 10 Big Symptoms

Chronic Indigestion | Reasons, and Symptoms

Reasons of Indigestion Problems

Taking food at late in the day, eating a lot of food, solid and raw food, More use of sour and sweet things, swallowing food without chewing, drink coffee, or water along with food.

Indigestion Symptoms

Sour Belching, Sour mouth-watering, Abdominal heaviness, stomach enlargement, Headache, Gas exhausting, Nausea, Hubble in the stomach, Feeling dull and restless, Due to excessive it, abdominal pain and thin stools begin.

I believe that serious problems are not commonly found in this problem, but it can affect your quality of life.

Because of which you feel uncomfortable. And you force yourself to eat less. When indigestion is caused by an underlying condition, that condition may also have its own complexities.

Chronic Indigestion- Reasons and Symptoms

Indigestion Causes

If continuous this disease, loss of appetite, wine, tobacco, cigarette, More use of tea, etc., Eating more raw food, hard work, Do not walk, or do physical work.


The disease becomes chronic and produces gas in the stomach.

Sometimes constipation and sometimes loose motions occur. Muscle weakness, head heavy, sadness, and lethargy, there is no mind to do any work, vertigo in the head, the body becomes weak and sleepy.

There is no appetite, sour belching, stomach seems heavy and stomach aches.

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