Chorionic villus biopsy

Side Effects of Pregnancy Test- Chorionic Villus Biopsy

Side effects of ultrasound on the fetus

Chorionic villus biopsy
Side Effects of Pregnancy Test

[Chorionic villus biopsy, Side Effects of Pregnancy Test, Side effects of ultrasound on the fetus, fetus]

The medical lobby has heralded a vigorous revolution in the field of pregnancy testing. The use of various methods of pregnancy testing such as pregnancy test Chorionic villus biopsy, etc. has become common in India even today.

The reason for the use of these methods, whether it is to find out the sex of the fetus or to detect any genetic predisposition in the fetus or to detect any genetic predisposition in the fetus, remains the same.

The simple technique of womb water testing was introduced in India in 1974 with the aim of detecting genetic predisposition of the fetus to avoid the birth of genetically deformed babies. This technique can be used in the twelfth week of pregnancy.

The fetus is protected in a sac of the uterus. 15 mm of fluid is taken from this bag for testing, which is called womb water. Embryonic cells are present in this womb water. For testing, these cells are separated and placed under a fluorescence microscope, or kept in a special nutrient center for 4-5 weeks and allowed to grow and then the cells are examined. Although the first method is less reliable.

However, it is used for the purpose of achieving quick results. On the surface, the whole process seems safe but this is not the truth. During the test, there is a risk of bleeding, spontaneous abortion or infection from the needle of the test. Since this method can be done only in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Therefore, there is a risk of miscarriage if delayed testing. Many times the mother’s cells are also present in the womb water. Therefore, in terms of reliability, the entire process remains questionable.

Corian villi-biopsy-method can be performed between the sixth to 13 weeks of gestation, in which they are examined by isolating long cells of the pupil around the fetus. There is also a risk of bleeding and spontaneous abortion.

About 70 genetic defects can be detected by the above tests. Prominent among these teams are Jaundice, Down Symptoms, Neuroorb, Color, Lyingness RH of blood. Stealth incongruity, Klinefelter symptoms, etc. Thus, these tests are very useful in dealing with fetal genetic normalities.

But they have a very adverse effect on the health of women. Many times the ability of women to re-conceive is also lost due to abortions during or after the tests. Let us now look at some social issues as well. Due to the longing to get a dominating son in our society, the use of this technique has become limited to find out the gender of the fetus.

As soon as it is known, the fetus growing in the womb is a female child and the preparations for killing it before the birth started.

The question that arises is how to prevent misuse of pregnancy test? The Maharashtra government had taken a meaningful step towards the prevention of misuse of this technology by creating a pre-natal technical examination law.

After the enactment of this law, the examination of the sex of the fetus was declared prohibited and the fetal examination was allowed only under the following circumstances. However, now it has been banned all over India. Let us now talk about those situations.

If there is a history of genetic inequality in women or in the family.

Why the Fetal death | womb complications

If she has come in contact with chemicals that can cause any harm to the fetus or the woman has been having an abortion.

Because this law was limited to the state of Maharashtra only, due to which the number of clinics conducting proud tests at other places was continuously increasing, the Government of India took this matter seriously.

In this regard, the government imposed a national law banning the vision of gender. This is a very important step of the government.

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 – Dr. Narendra Singh

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Side Effects of Pregnancy Test- Chorionic Villus Biopsy
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