Causes & Symptoms of obstructed bile duct | Biliary Calculus
Calculus of gallbladder with cholecystitis with obstruction, bile system disease, gallbladder pain symptoms, Biliary Calculus in the human body

Causes & Symptoms of obstructed bile duct | Biliary Calculus

Biliary Calculus in the human body

(obstructed bile duct, blocked bile duct, gallbladder blocked bile duct, bile system disease, gallbladder pain symptoms)


Due to some reasons or disturbance of wrong meals of eating and drinking, this disease (obstructed bile) duct occurs due to swelling in the gallbladder and bile system or obstruction in the process of bile.

People who do not work hard, who do great mental work. Those who spend the whole day and always sitting comfortably. The person who eats more ghee gets this disease.


As long as the stones remain in the gallbladder, there is no specific pain due to the disease, only a little pain is felt in the stomach.

But when it comes out of the gallbladder and enters the bile duct, a kind of unbearable pain arises in the stomach either loudly or slowly.

This pain starts from the right side and spreads all around, especially to the right shoulder and back. Symptoms often appear as soon as pain occurs, vomiting, weak pulse, cold sweating, sun powerlessness, body distress, difficulty in breathing, jaundice, unconsciousness, etc.

By doing X-ray one gets clear knowledge of the stones. This pain can be last from several hours to several weeks.


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