Causes of Baldness Disease and Precautions

Causes of Baldness Disease and Precautions


Even in India, Baldness Disease is growing rapidly. So we discuss the main causes here. Both victims of this disease are men and women. In the United States, two-thirds of the population is bald, whereas, in every eastern country, one in 10 people is prone to baldness. The baldness disease is neither fatal nor incurable. But the effect of this disease on the person’s personality is very bad because it seems to be full before the time. There is no effect on the physical potential of this disease.

The birth of the hair gives birth to the parietal cells within the skin. For the growth of hair, the substance called “insital” is responsible. Hair renovation happens every three or four years. Children grow in summer and in the day very fast.

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In baldness, the hair starts to fall further and slips backward. This disease is also called Alopecia totalis. There may be several reasons for baldness such as
Tinea capitis bacteria, sleep deprivation, mental stress, dental pain, skin diseases, excessive use of medicines, more mental functioning, using more caustic soaps, not using oil, blood defects due to defects.

The main reason for baldness

1. Inherited

There is also a great connection with the disease of the disease. If anybody is influenced by it in the parent, then it also has its effect on the next generation. The person having less than birth displays this symptom. The skin gland of the head secretes a type of fluid. After drying, climbs like a guilty and weakens the hair. Due to this, the hair becomes dirty and white. For this reason, the hair starts falling slowly. By which the person becomes a victim of this disease.

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2. Old age

In old age, the skin of the head starts shrinking. Whereby the vehicles can not transmit to the fungal cells. Due to this, the force starts falling apart white.

3. Accident and infection

Hair loss due to injuries, abscess in the head, and fever occur again and again. As a result, this disease takes the form of baldness.

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Prevention by medical practice

To prevent baldness, dry peas, cauliflower, onions, sprouted wheat, carrots, dried fruits, animal hides, and eggs, etc. are very helpful. Since these things contain “intestinal” substance. Which is very helpful in the process of hair growth.

Precautions of Baldness Disease

To avoid baldness, the following things are necessary. Use pure oils, take care of food, do not use more caustic soaps, do not use smoky and sharp shampoo, do not even use hijab.


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Causes of Baldness Disease and Precautions
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