Causes and symptoms of worms in Children humans & Types
Worms in the stomach Intestinal  Worms

Causes and symptoms of worms in Children humans & Types

Worms in the stomach | Intestinal  Worms

Causes and symptoms

Sweeteners meals that increase phlegm, Green Vegetable, acid, Juicy food, By consuming more fluid food, daytime sleep, Anti eating, Reasons not to digest food, By not exercising daily or doing any physical work, Meat-fish, Jaggery, By consuming a lot of yogurt and vinegar, Eat more herbs, Backyard food, Urad, Citrus, By eating more salt, Worms are produced in the stomach.

These insects can be of the following many types, but only 4-5 of these are prominent.

1- Ascaris Lumbricoides or Round Worm

2- Thread Worms or Oxyuris

3- Ancylostoma Duodenale or Hook Worm

4- Taenia Echinococeus or Tape Worm

5- Trichuris Trichiura or Whip Worm

6- Nector Americanus

7- Trichina Spiralis etc.

Ascaris Lumbricoides or Round Worm

Roundworms are more present in children. Occasionally also found in adult people. In the case of roundworms, the patient has indigestion, thin stools, swelling and burning sensation in the large intestine, fainting, fever, gastritis, where the movement of roundworms causes a rash. And with frequent vomiting, the worms come out.

This worm, unfortunately, reaches the respiratory tract and stops its action. Due to which the souls are in danger. They reach the lungs and stop breathing, they enter the liver and enter liver fluid or other components, causing their abscess. But when these several together form a bunch and cause an obstruction in the bowel, then there is severe constipation and stomach ache. The child grits (with sound) his teeth at night.

Thread Worms or Oxyuris

Threadworms are found more in children and less in adults. They live in the rectum and large intestine. It causes itching in the skin of the anus passage, the pain is frequent like pricking needle. Many patients get unintentional urination or nightmares at night due to its itching. Worm eggs are found in feces.

Ancylostoma Duodenale or Hook Worm

The hookworms suck blood by staying in the  Jejunum (mid intestine) or Duodenum (uterus). When a person reaches bare feet near the feces of a person suffering from a hookworm. So the hooked worms penetrate into the skin of the person’s heel, reaching the lungs moving from the first lymph nodes or veins. Then from there, it descends into the pancreas or central intestine, descending into the throat and then the food pipe.

Then after two months, its eggs are formed in the feces. Due to their stay, the digestive system gets disturbed. Abdominal heaviness, frequent hunger, desire to eat mud, brick, burnt clay of “earthen stove”, constipation, chaos, thin stools, anemia, hemorrhage, confusion, heart tremors, breathing difficulties, weakness, Yellowing of the skin, inflammation in the intestines, mild fever, hives, etc. symptoms, such as lethargy, hopelessness, anxiety, etc. are seen.

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Taenia Echinococeus or Tape Worm

Tapeworms are more common to the man who eats fish and meat. Blood coagulation of the human body is more possible by this. These worms live in the intestine as adult worms. And its eggs produce cells in any component like liver, lungs, kidney, lung cover, etc. Which increases those ingredients.

On performing a blood examination; Eosinophilia enlargement, indigestion, difficulty in breathing, jaundice, ascites, cold fever, power loss, swelling and burning of lungs, bleeding, spleen enlargement, origin of purulent inside the lung membrane, pain in renal, blood in sputum, ureter Pain in pains, cough, urticaria, frequent urination with little pain, obstruction in urination, sometimes a person has severe fever, hives, When the corpus is born in the kidney, stomach bulge is seen… May include. Most patients die due to lack of proper treatment at the right time.

Trichuris trichiura or Whip worm

Whipworms live in the small intestine, the large intestine, and the tendon. They look like a horse’s “whip”. Often, they do not cause any harm, but sometimes the swelling and irritation in the large intestine, lack of blood, excess gas production and indigestion, etc., manifest symptoms. On examination of the stool of the patient, eggs of the worm and sometimes whole adult worms are also found in it.

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