Can Bad Teeth Cause Your Heart Problem 05
Bad Teeth Cause Your Heart Problem

Can Bad Teeth Cause Your Heart Problem 05

Bad Teeth Cause Your Heart Problem

Today we will discuss Bad Teeth Cause Your Heart Problem, and heart disease, teeth, and heart valve disease flossing your teeth and heart disease can bad teeth affect your heart, gum disease, and heart palpitations.

You know bad teeth cause heart problems. Three known enemies of the heart: cholesterol, smoking and high blood pressure. Discussions of the hostility of this heart-repository have been going on for years.

but recently, the fourth doctor has also been found by expert doctors. And with the claim that these four enemies show their misdeeds against the heart, no one is less than anyone.

Based on research published in the journal British Medical Research, bad teeth cause heart problems and emphasized to be wary of this new and fourth Cardiac repo.

Toxic substances (toxins) start flowing into the bloodstream due to repeated contamination of the tooth gums.

These toxins rupture the inner wall of blood vessels. This accelerates the action of cholesterol deposition. This toxin is also no less deadly.

Then how to avoid these dangerous toxins so that there is minimal breakage in the blood vessels and the heart keeps functioning efficiently.

The simple thing is, take adequate care of the teeth smoothly. A healthy clean dental line means a strong heart.

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