Blepharitis Eye Symptoms & Cure
Blepharitis, Auterior blepharitis, Sever blepharitis, Blepharitis upper eyelid

Blepharitis Eye Symptoms & Cure

It is Blepharitis Contagious

(Blepharitis, Blepharitis eye, Auterior blepharitis, Sever blepharitis, Blepharitis upper eyelid)



Round the sides of the eye or eyelids, Eyelids fall out, Itching, pain in eyes, irritation in eyes, Water released from eyes. Small pimples arise in the roots of the eyelids and pus from them becomes troublesome.

Basic Cure

Clean the eyelids with soap and water and take a lotion containing Sodium bicarbonate Carbonate 600 mg, water 30 ml use after consulting a doctor. And slowly planted.


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