Best Cure of Mucus Attacks In 07 Diseases
Best Cure of Mucus Attacks In 07 Diseases

Best Cure of Mucus Attacks In 07 Diseases

10 Cure of Mucus Attacks According to Cause |Cough Treatment

Hello friends, With the onset of winters, we will discuss a disease Cure of Mucus Attacks (Cough Treatment ) and some things to keep in mind.

Smoke, dust, particles, any pungent gas (ammonia or chlorine) entering your respiratory tract when too hot or cold air enters; Mucus or pus in it; Or coughs up when the lymph gland is under pressure.

Which is a very good action to prevent the entry or removal of any unwanted or harmful substance in the breathing system? If it slows down, then such substances enter the lungs and cause various complications and diseases. (Eg – pneumonia).

For example, lung TB is a major cause of chronic cough. If it is not known, if only simple medicines are taken then the patient will not benefit.
After knowing the business or work of the patient to find out the root cause of cough.

It is also necessary to know whether he smokes cigarettes, bidis, hookah-chillum, or not? You also have to know if the cough is dry or there is mucus?

If it comes then what is the color of mucus? (Yellow, green or chocolate-like), mucus is not very smelly, the amount of mucus is small or very high.

By which side-lying does mucus get more, cough comes in blood or not? Any other symptoms like hunger and weight loss, shortness of breath, swelling of the feet, tongue, and nails turn blue, chest pain, pimples, fainting, etc.?

No other member of the family has TB of the lungs. Or asthma?
After this, after doing a physical examination of the patient, they do some tests as necessary. For example, a blood test TL B., fungus, Mentu test for cancer cells, allergy test, bronchography, bronchoscopy, biopsy, ECG, CAT scan, etc.

Cure of Mucus & Cough Attacks According to Causes

Best Cure of Mucus Attacks In 07 Diseases
Best Cure of Mucus Attacks In 07 Diseases | Cough Treatment

Usually, the Cough and Mucus Problem is Caused by…

Acute infectious diseases of the respiratory tract – often from viruses or pus-causing bacteria. Those who cough or sneeze reach from a patient to a healthy person.

These diseases are mainly trachea or inflammation of the main respiratory tract, inflammation of the larynx, and acute bronchitis. In these diseases, fever, chest pain, etc. symptoms occur in a few days besides cough. The patient’s voice slows down when there is swelling of the larynx.

TLC, DLC is the major test in blood for diagnosis. For treatment, take appropriate medicines effective on bacteria in consultation with the doctor. If the disease is from the virus, then normal medicines will not be affected.

In spite of the use of normal medicines, it is necessary to get a sputum check if there is no benefit in a few days. Due to which the responsible bacteria are detected. And it is also certain that which drug will give a proper effect on them.

Cure of Mucus Attacks (Cough Treatment) in Pneumonia

Swelling of lungs, pus, causing bacteria, T. B. Can be caused by bacteria, viral, amoeba parasites, chemical substances such as kerosene (kerosene), and ‘radiotherapy’ used in the treatment of Kaiser and some other reasons.

When this infection occurs, the patient has a high fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, and complaints of mucus (which may also contain blood).

In the absence of proper diagnosis and proper treatment, the disease also affects the lungs membrane (pleurisy), heart, pericardium, brain membrane (meningitis), joints (arthritis), bones, etc. T. for diagnosis L. C . , D.L.C., Chest uniform, mucus test is necessary.

Treatment will depend on the root cause of the infection. Careful use of drugs such as penicillin, gentamycin, chloramphenicol may be beneficial if needed in addition to the mentioned drugs when it comes to bacteria. The patient may need a lot of rest.

Cure of Mucus Attacks (Cough Treatment) in Lung abscess

High fever, cough, and thick yellow, very smelly, very high mucus (sometimes even blood starts) when the pus-producing bacteria become ‘abscess’ in the lungs. And also anemia.

Treatment of blood by identification of bacteria (sputum culture) and applying for effective medicine on them leads to quick success in treatment. By spitting out the sputum It is also recommended to remove. Control is also necessary if there is diabetes.

Sometimes a drug called Metronidazole is also necessary. The spread causes a ‘cavity’ in which pus-causing bacteria form ‘pus’. Such patients also develop symptoms like ‘lame abscess’. Ayen is required sometimes Okografi There continues to be beneficial in such patients. Diagnosis.

If you do not get the benefit from drugs, it may be required in some patients the operation. This disease is sometimes called T. B. It is also made from bacteria, for which treatment of the TB described in the following lung has to be given.

One of the main causes of chronic cough is T. B. Is an infectious disease spread by bacteria. When T. B. If the patient coughs, these bacteria can come out of his lungs and reach the lungs of the healthy person by air and make him a patient.

The main symptoms of this disease are cough, mucus, coughing, bloating, persistent fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc. Any person has been coughing for more than three weeks and if he is not getting rid of simple antibiotics, then the reason is T. B. It is possible.

It is necessary to have a chest x-ray of such patient and examination of mucus is also beneficial. But it is not necessary that every such patient effect with T. B.

The main drugs for the treatment of cough of the patient are isoniazid, rifampin, pyrazinamide, streptomycin, and ethambutol which should be taken under the supervision of a physician. To avoid children by the T.B, B.C.G. should be vaccinated. While coughing, keep the handkerchief on your mouth and do not spit mucus here and there.

Cure of Mucus Attacks (Cough Treatment) in Chronic Bronchitis

‘Chronic bronchitis’ is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract, a commonly seen disease of chronic cough, which is mainly in people who smoke around the age of forty years or above.

If people do not start smoking cigarettes etc, and if people who do so abandon this habit, then the number of patients with chronic bronchitis will decrease to some extent. Apart from this, working in a polluted environment and places with excessive dust particles also promote this disease.

Apart from cough, excessive mucus-like, or yellow, green-colored mucus is the main symptom of this disease. Some patients also get breathless while in others, there is a complication of ‘heart failure’ which causes swelling on their feet and increases heartbeat.

In some patients, the functioning of the respiratory system is completely disturbed due to which the tongue of the patient turns blue and he becomes unconscious and there is undesirable movement in the extremities and headache.

Such patients are in urgent need of medical advice as this condition is considered to be very serious in the case of chronic bronchitis, an examination of mucus and chest x-ray and other tests to measure the capacity of respiratory and lung function.

It is very important for treatment to abandon the habit of smoking as soon as possible. If pus mucus is coming, then the above-mentioned medicines in ‘acute bronchitis’ and pneumonia can be given to the patient with medical advice.

In some patients, medicines called aminophylline or deriphyllin are beneficial. Oxygen is also given to serious patients. E.D. on heart failure C . G. After doing that also has to be treated. If there is swelling on the body, salt should be taken less in the food.

Cure of Mucus Attacks (Cough Treatment) in Respiratory disease or asthma

Though the main symptom of bronchial asthma is shortness of breath, many patients also complain of cough from time to time. Some patients initially complain of a cough only in which often antibiotics do not give many benefits.

In most such patients, coughing is caused by allergies, which are mainly caused by smoke, very hot or cold air, or pollen (pollen grain).

Such patients should not consume steroid drugs like dexamethasone or betamethasone on their own without medical advice, because taking these medicines for a long time can cause many side effects on different parts of the body.

Cure of Mucus Attacks (Cough Treatment) in Eosinophilia

In some patients with recurrent cough and breathlessness, the number of eosinophil white cells is found to be very high when examining the blood. This disease is called ‘T. P. E. It is also said. Such a patient may also get blood in the cough.

Some such patients are TB due to ignorance. They start treatment but for its proper treatment, a drug called ‘Die Ethyl Carbamazine’ (Banocide) is given. Along with this, you can also take medicines that kill stomach worms.

Cure of Mucus Attacks (Cough Treatment) in Lung cancer

Around 35 or 40 years of age or above, when the cough is started for the first time, due to common antibiotics or T. B. If people are not getting well with effective medicines against bacteria and especially those who are used to smoking cigarettes, bidis, then in such patients, cough can be the cause of lung cancer.

Best X-ray and biopsy are the main tests for its diagnosis. For treatment, surgery (operation), radiotherapy, and treatment with chemical substances are the main methods. But diagnosis is essential for success at a very early stage.

Cure of Mucus Attacks (Cough Treatment) During Smoking

Cigarette, pair, smoking hookah which is one of the main causes of cough. In our country, this habit is also increasing among the younger boys. It is very necessary to curb this.

Apart from bronchitis and lung cancer, smoking cigarettes, bidi, hair, heart disease, peptic ulcer, and arterial disease of the feet (gangrene) are also seen more. Therefore, it will be good to answer this habit as soon as possible.
Cure of Mucus Attacks (Cough Treatment) | Cure of Mucus Attacks

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