basil health benefits and healing uses

Basil Health Benefits and Healing Uses

What Health Benefits Does Fresh Basil Have-

basil health benefits and healing uses
Basil Health Benefits and Uses

Various parts of Basil Health Benefits are being used in the form of domestic medicines since ancient times. Ayurveda literature is full of the medicinal use of basil leaves, barks, seeds, etc. All natural features of an ideal pesticide present in basil exist. Basil prescriptions are just as useful and useful as they work from time to time at home. Do not even go to doctors or doctor. However, some simple basil tips like saving time and trouble are being given. From whom the readers can benefit. Let’s start.

Basil leaves Helps When snake bite-

  1. At the time of the snake, feeding basil leaves should be immediately given to the patient.
  2. If the patient is unconscious, then the juice of Basil leaves should be put in his ear.
  3. The patient of respiration should coat the juice of basil leaves on the brain, cupola, and chest.

Along with the juice of thiam juice of banana every 10 minutes after giving one ounce, the patient becomes healthy.

Basil Health Benefits if you wouldn’t be Contraceptive-

The decoction of basil leaves does not remain pregnant by drinking one cup for three days after the observation.

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Use of Basil in Foolish & Cough disease-

Adding juice of basil leaves in the salt and salt in the nose, fainting away from the fainting.Stir in the juice of Basil leaves, mixing sandha and drinking it causes asthma and cough to die.


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Basil Health Benefits in Arthritis-

Make a part of the black basil one part, the root of Nirgundi, four parts, the cannabis, six parts, the root of the Malkani, two parts, one piece of bone and a bone of Sahjan bark, and the cryptic powder.

Mixing three muds of powdered honey daily with lactation improves the old and old stools.

Basil’s Benefit in the Child disease-

By decoction of basil leaves, all liver-related diseases of the child are cured.

Due to the inflammation of Basil leaves, diseases like cough, colds, grief, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, etc. are cured.

Basil Health Benefits in the Night blindness Problem-

Radhandhali gets cured by putting the juice of Basil leaves in the eye.

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Basil also help in Kardash & Dentition

Hearing juice of basil leaves and putting it in the ear will cure earache.

Mix the juice of black pepper powder and basil leaves and make the tablet. Keeping this tablet next to the tooth clears the toothache.

Basil Health Benefits in Skin diseases and Swelling near the ear-

The use of basil in skin disease is very beneficial. On leprosy, white stains on the body, black stains, nails on the mouth and wrinkles, putting the juice of basil leaves in a copper vessel and thickening it in the sun, it cures the disease.

Grind basil leaves and grind them and add a little salt and grind them. It is heated with hot oil and heals the ear’s itching and swelling.

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Basil health Benefits into the Fever-

Basil leaves, Gajpa Brahmi neem, Gillom, gum, pepper, peepal and amalatus anal. All these things should be taken by taking two mashes and warming them in the water of the capsule. When one and a half cups of water remain, then by taking it off and filtering, all types of fever are cured.

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