Bad Smell in Nose (Ozoena) 05 Reasons
Ozoena, Bad smelling mucus in the nose, The inside of my nose smells bad, Chemical smell in nose, Mucus in the nose

Bad Smell in Nose (Ozoena) 05 Reasons

If anyone smells a strange smell from nose

(Bad Smell in Nose, Ozoena, Bad Smelling mucus in the nose, The inside of my nose smells bad, Chemical smell in nose, Mucus in the nose)


Bad Smell in Nose – Reason

Causes of frequent cold in the nose, this disease (Ozoena) is caused due to excessive use of mercury in syphilis or rotting inside an external object in the nose.

Due to chronic inflammation of the inner membrane of the nose, prostate gland in old age, growth or cancerous disease in it, white or yellow water like cold flows from the nostrils. And then the empty ramparts inside the nose are swollen.

Due to which the movement of breath from the nose sometimes stops etc. There are reasons.

Symptoms of Bad Smell in Nose

Often the nose smells bad, Discoloured, and discharges from the nose are release distorted and sore-smelling constipation, There are heaviness and pain in the head, weakness in the body, there is tiredness, cough, and cold.

When the disease (Ozoena) becomes chronic, pus, phlegm, and rotten blood come out from the nose, and wounds in the nasal bone and cartilage begin to rot,

Due to ozoena (Bad Smell in Nose), the smell comes out from the patient later Sometimes, the patient also has a fever, restlessness, and helpless pain. Decreased hunger, the body becomes drier and thinner day by day, etc. symptoms are found.


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