Amazon echo dot, amazon dot com, Amazon dot com secrets & hidden features- truly inspiring

“Amazon dot com” secrets and hidden features in 2019

Amazon dot com secrets & hidden features- truly inspiring-

[Amazon echo dot, amazon dot com, Amazon dot com secrets & hidden features- truly inspiring]

New work is the easiest way to succeed. One such person who did a new job of selling books online platform. Not only that, he continued to do many new things even after this. Yes, friends, today we will talk about Amazon company Which is very popular today. And today many features are going to be added.

The company was founded by Jeff Bezos, the name of this company was named because this name starts with A letter, Jeff Bezos says “It is dangerous to not the develop”, he constantly Developed and they are always encouraging their employees to smile and say many new tasks become unsuccessful. But we should not give up. I say further that we move on many dark paths, sometimes we find things that really work.

There are some of his rules, which proved to help them proceed. If you also try to get those rouses in their life, then you can get better. Before working, think well on it. Low margin and more volume policy. Here is the Margin mean profit. Most companies sell less cost things in more rupees. It should avoid. Because the closure of the business is the best way to add.

The third point is that focus on customer service. In the definition of business, the customer comes first to the number. But some companies remain contrary to the profitability of the profits. In fact, we should focus on the service of the customers. Today Amazon is successful because this company considers the customer to be paramount and believes that there is nothing more important than the customer and the things Keep the rates accordingly with the customer’s ability to buy those things easily.

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A new point turns out to be that the product service is such that the customer should propagate your own. When this company started, company did not have a marketing budget for the promotion. That is why he again made his products and service so good that the customer himself praised it and made oral propaganda. Think long-term if you think about the long-term, you can make good decisions about life.

Those who do not regret later will use foresight, and think about long time even if there is a loss in the near future. Because when he left his job. He would have a little loss but he thought of further that we would create our company and do our own business. We have received a lot of good results, so they tried and reached the summit of success. Today is the richest person in the world. There are no doubt opinions in it, due to which it was possible to buy and sell on the net, Made history.


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Amazon dot com secrets & hidden features- truly inspiring
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