All Information About Domain Name System

All Information About Domain Name System

All Important Information About Domain Names-

important information about domain names
Important information about domain names

Hosting and domain names information are among the most important requirements for building a blog or website.

You can not create a blog or a website without it. For this, you get the hosting and domain name purchased from a different site or from a single site.

For this, you have to keep in mind some important things, because creating blogs requires more than the domain name. Such as hosting WordPress plugins and social media accounts.

Whatever you type on your blog or upload. The place where he is saved is called hosting. Hosting needs to be bought according to its needs and it is purchased by paying fees every year.

Keep in Mind Some Information About Domain Name before buying-

There are a few things to keep in mind before registering domain names for blogs.

  • Just like the domain should match the contents of the blog.
  • The domain name is what people search more often.
  • It is quite easy to read and write and the numbers should not be used too.
  • And yes, it should be attractive. My opinion is that you do not rush into buying these things.
The domain name is divided into some categories. About whom this is as follows.



Some websites are such that their domain names dot com, dot net, dot org, dot info, dot in, etc. These domain names come in top level.


Some websites are such that their domain name is such as,,, etc.


Some websites are such that all domain names are associated with a domain name such as,

Let’s know in a little detail

The top level domain is purchased for your website or blog. Users buy domain names from their Web site that maps to the domain name according to their needs.

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The second level domain name in this case when a user takes the domain name purchase on his blog or website. Then it is called the second level domain name.

There are some websites that provide a free domain name to the user, but such websites add their names to the block address of the users, for example, if you are blogging on Google, then along with your domain Gets applied. This is known by the name of Subdomain.

Where to Buy domain name.?

By the way, on the internet, you will find a lot of websites that are ready to sell or give you the domain name. But the domain name should always buy from the big website. First of all, you must check the website that sells the domain name.


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For this, you must read the comments of the users on that website. And it is written about good or bad about their service.

If you live in India then you can buy domain names for your blog from a big company like or On both of these sites, you will find the domain name for blog cheaply.

At the time when you are buying a domain name, you purchased the same domain name as the name of the blog.

I think that you have understood this very well that who is called the Domain Name and how to buy it cheap and what to do when buying.

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