Acute Dilatation Of The Stomach | Gastric Expansion

Acute Dilatation Of The Stomach | Gastric Expansion

Dilatation of stomach (Gastric Expansion)

Causes and Symptoms-

Due to too much food and drink, the cavity of the stomach is dilated (Dilatation of the stomach). The area inside it increases a lot. Which brings the stomach forward.

The stomach of the Chaubey, Pandas, and Rishis of Mathura is greatly increased for this reason. These people eat so much that people are amazed.

Due to which disorder, sour vomiting, strict constipation, etc. occur.

On the evening of the meal eaten in the afternoon, Cai becomes. But after the disease becomes chronic, many patients get a high dose after three to four days. Cai has a black aura and has a strong sourness.

Gastritis Symptoms And Causes

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