Active Congestion of Liver About Reason & Symptoms
Blood clotting disease, Stiffness around ribs, digestive problems & bloating, jaundice of liver

Active Congestion of Liver About Reason & Symptoms

Rapid blood clotting in the liver or liver-like tissue during the period

(Blood clotting disease, Stiffness around ribs, Active Congestion of Liver, jaundice of liver)


Active Congestion of the Liver! It arise when eating more, ash comfortable padded and chair, Sitting for a long time on the modern bed and couch, ghee, eat more fatty dish, closing of menstruation in women, more alcohol, gallstones, gout disorder, etc.


Fever goes up, and there is a pain in the liver region. The liver is enlarged. Pressing with the finger under the right side ribs causes stiffness and the patient feels pain.

The space under the right rib appears to be heavy. There is mild pain all the time. Sneezing and coughing increase pain and discomfort, Due to poor digestive food power because of Anorexia.

Don’t feel hungry, Sometimes it is nauseous after eating a little, Thin diarrhea is sometimes constipation. The taste of the mouth is bitter, headache and dizziness, There is a pain that arises in the right shoulder along with more heartbeat. Symptoms like jaundice (Aurigo) disease occur, etc.


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