50 Supplements For Increase Sperm Count
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50 Supplements For Increase Sperm Count

Produce Sperm Fast | Growth From The Natural Herbs | Sperm Growth

Sat Giloy, Vanshlochan, small cardamom, and Gokhari ten to ten grams, Amla sixty grams. Crush all, and mix Sat Giloy later.

Take ten grams of the powder in equal parts and mix it with butter and honey, and take milk-sugar pulses from above. By taking it continuously for a few days, the strength and semen increase in the body, and the stamina and internal strength increases automatically and it will be the sings of healthy sperms.

It is also beneficial in nightmares and sperm count. Amla Swara has been used in the manufacture of its use, that is, mixing the powder of the mangoes with the syrup of the mangoes and mixing the remaining medicines in it and giving it to the patients has been found to be more beneficial than usual.

Increase Sperm Count: Domestic antidote

domestic antidote
domestic antidote

White Muslim, Black musli, asparagus, taj, talamkhana, utangan, bahaman, lal, bahaman white, albumen, shakakul, gokhru chhoti, kancha seeds, mocharas, small cardamom, pishta, chilgoja kernel, kashifal kernel, melon kernel, and hemp kernel Seeds thirty-thirty grams, poly files, and large cardamom sixty-six grams, salam mishri ninety grams, almond kernels one hundred and fifty grams, Triphala forty grams, Vanshalochan eight grams and sugar candy all equal to the weight of all liquids.

Chop and sieve and mix it with sugar candy. Make lehi stuff flexible or make baking like Kalakand. Drink cow’s milk immediately after morning and evening intake. Shurmatism, premature ejaculation, dreaming, passing of metal with urine, weakness, etc. all end. Consumption of it does not cause constipation, so it is very beneficial. Should be consumed continuously for a few days.

Increase Sperm Count: Correcting of semen in a simple way.

Anarkara, Celery, Utangan Seeds, Dry ginger and small peppers ten-ten grams, Kaunch seeds, Gokharu, Nagarmotha, Acacia gum, Taj, Kulanjan, Bijakand, Mocharas, Indrive, Kamalgatta kernel, and Acacia pods twenty-twenty grams,

Polyfruit, onion seeds, turnip seeds, seashore and talmakhana thirty-thirty grams, asgna, asparagus, white musli, semal, sesame kale, water chestnut, poppy seeds, tamarind seeds, kernel, cucumber kernel, and binole kernel Forty-four Lees Village, almonds, Piste, and enjoyment eighty-eight grams. Crush all the liquids with a cloth and make a sugar syrup and mix it.

Quantity- ten-twelve grams in the morning and evening, and drink cow’s milk mixed with sugar candy from above. It removes all types of debility of the stamina and semen. It removes diseases like sperm count, dilution of semen, stuck semen, premature ejaculation, etc. and also enhances the internal stamina with permanent benefits.

Increase Sperm Count: Sanjeevani herbs for semen

One should take sixty-six grams of seeds, nutmeg, nutmeg, and small cardamom, javitri and saffron forty-forty grams, twenty grams of musk, and ten grams of swarnabhasam and thirty grams of silver work. Those who cannot get Swarnabhasma due to high cost,

They should use Swarnamakshik Bhasma in place of it, coral ash, and Vang Bhasma should be put in five grams each. Crush all the medicines with a cloth – then mix musk, saffron, and bhasma, etc. in it and mix it with betel juice or goat milk and make pea-like tablets. Secure it by applying for silver works on top.

Quantity – Take one tablet in the morning and evening with butter or cream. Using it continuously for forty days provides benefits, which helps in increasing the strength and semen of a person. The metal eliminates the problems of thinning of semen, early fall, impotence, etc. and also increases stamina strength.

Increase Sperm Count: Some herbs to increase semen

Washed urad dal powder and date-palm powder forty-forty grams, talmkhana, large cardamom seeds, bahaman lal, indrive, mocharas, utangan seeds, taj, sakakul, mishri, salam mishri, cucumber gum, gum of dhaka, Bijband, White Todari, Cottonseed kernel, Camel Cutara, Vilayati Fig and Lacquer each, two grams of roasted gram and peel with peels.

Coconut kernel, chironji, pishta, and almonds four to four grams, dry grapes ten grams all drugs, filter, and filter. Make small pieces of dates and soak in the juice of Bhatkaiya for three days and then dry it and make powder. Soak the lentils with raw cow’s milk at night and grind them on the cob in the morning and evening and allow them to dry in the shade.

Then mix the dates and pulses and fry with ghee till it turns red in color. Finely chop the dry fruits and keep them aside. Sugar syrup equal to the weight of all the liquids and when cleaned, add the crushed nuts.

Quantity – ten to twenty grams in the morning on an empty stomach and then drink cow’s milk. This causes excessive stamina and semen growth. One should not have sex with a woman while taking medicine.

Increase Sperm Count: Semen nutritious ghee modal

Guarpathe juice (Aloe Vera), real ghee and kand, three grams each, and wheat gram. Mix the juice of aloe vera in the flour, add a little ghee to it and make a dough. Bake those loisos in the remaining ghee. When they turn light red, then grind them down and fry them again. After that, make a laddoo of twenty-twenty grams by putting a kand.

Quantity – One modak should be eaten early in the morning instead of breakfast and drink milk mixed with sugar candy from above. This confirms stamina and semen and also increases stamina and strength. It should be used for forty days. It is advisable to avoid sexual intercourse during the period of its use.

Increase Sperm Count: Baajikaran Sweets and Rasgulla

Talmkhana, seeds, samudrashok, and urad all share equal parts. Grind them separately to make powder or flour. And mix khoya of fresh milk in it, make twenty-twenty grams of ghee with ghee, and put them in hot honey and keep it immersed with a spoon so that the honey can reach inside them.

Dose – morning and evening one – eat one Rasgulla and then drink milk quickly. This increases the strength and semen and brings the power of bajikaran. Bajikaran Maha Chemical, asgandh and legislature ten parts, Bhimseni Karpoor eight parts, cold sugar, small cardamom seeds, cinnamon, Nagarmotha, Vanshalochan, Sattva Mulhathi, Sat Giloy, Javitri, Saffron and Opium four parts each, Kasturi two parts.

Crush all the drugs and grind them and filter them. Mix saffron, musk, camphor, etc. separately and mix into it. Then give one tone each of turmeric and aloe vera respectively. In the end, it gives feelings of betel leaf and makes tablets like peas.

Quantity – one pill at night, at the time of sleeping, add the syrup of betel honey, drink with it, and drink milk mixed with sugar candy from above. You can also take honey with Triphala decoction. Its taking ratio is dependent on the nature of the patient.

If necessary, one tablet can also be taken in the morning. This medicine is very beneficial for impotence. Strength and semen enhancers, aphrodisiacs, and columnar are good chemicals. The heat is high, so the warm nature sometimes does not benefit those.

Increase Sperm Count: Columnar experiment

Crush five fruits of Dhatura and cook with eight liters of milk and cook the curd. On the second day in the morning, mix it together, and take out the ghee. Crush five fruits of Dhatura and cook with eight liters of milk and cook the curd. On the second day in the morning, mix it together, and take out the ghee.

Strength enhancer, pillar dry ginger, black pepper, small peepers, four parts, Bangabhasam two parts and pure mercury one, asparagus, leaflets, mangakeshar, cloves, taj, nagkasher, small cardamom, nutmeg, and mace Make it fine First drugs should be separated and filtered with the cloth. and in the last, keep it sweet with honey. Consuming it in the amount of half a gram increases the strength and semen.

Increase Sperm Count: Some useful uses of Shilajit

Eating two to three grams of Shilajit with five grams of honey small quantity, eating it provides quick relief in all types of diseases. & Prameha. All types of diseases go away only by the consumption of Shilajit. One to two grams of Shilajit should be eaten after mixing sugar candy in milk from above and drinking it. Doing this will increase both force and semen.

Shilajit should be mixed with honey in a quarter teaspoon powder of small peepal powder. If you add some Bang Bhasma or asbestos in it, then it will be more beneficial. Mix two grams of Shilajit, a half gram of Sitopaladi powder, and consume it with honey at night, and after that drinking, sugar mixed with milk. It provides relief in all the symptoms of the discharge.

Increase Sperm Count: Some other simple profitable experiments.

Cook it with milk after taking the seeds of kaunch and urad dal and mix it with ghee and milk and consume it. Grind an equal quantity of kernel of Talmakhana and Kaunch seeds and filter it with a cloth. Then mix sugar candy in equal quantity and take up to twenty-five grams with cold milk. Take ten to twelve grams of Kulkar of Vidarikand, twice as much honey, and take half a liter of milk with sugar candy.

Grind twenty-five grams root of pipal and put forth in half-liter milk and heat it on fire. When the water becomes steam, then add sugar candy and eat it. Make a powder by taking an equal amount of kaunch seeds kernel and clean wheat and cook with milk, after that, mix it with twenty grams of sugar in milk and consume it.

Basil seeds and bunions both twenty grams, muesli, and poppy doda both sixteen-sixteen grams, twelve grams between kaunch and hundred grams of sugar. Mix all and make a fine powder. Take it in quantity – One or one and a half gram honey should be mixed with milk and sugar candy.

Take ten grams of Salam Mishri, half a gram of small cardamom seeds with basil leaves. Grind white musli, talmkhana, small cardamom seeds, salam mishri and vashlochan fifty-five grams and twenty-five grams of mishri and filter them.

Amount – Five grams of milk should be consumed in the morning and evening. It is beneficial for premature ejaculation. Talmkhana, small cardamom seeds, Mulahti, Stone Bhed, Vanshalochan, Sat Giloy, Shilajit, and Vangabhasam all take equal quantity and sieve it with a cloth and make an equal quantity of all the weight of sugar candy in it.

Quantity – Up to five grams or eight grams of cow’s milk should be consumed in the morning and evening. It is beneficial in all types of semen disorders like premature ejaculation, dreaming, metallicity and etc.

Increase Sperm Count: The problem of Dilution of semen, and here’s some tricks for concentric & strong sperms.

This Vati is beneficial for men and women alike. Anupana kills many diseases with distinction. It also shows amazing miracles in women who are able to get rid of pimples, loss of semen, dilution in semen, physical weakness, etc. and internal diseases of women, menstrual disturbances, leucorrhoea, weakness, etc.

It also removes hysteria. This experiment is of the following type, such as non-aromatic, Legislative, Conch seeds, large bunions, asparagus, fennel, black pepper, small peepal, pipalamool, vyavidung, and rasna, and grind fifteen to fifteen grams and filter with a cloth.

Now mix six grams of pure guggul, thirty grams of mudar flower by drying it, and iron gram with fifty grams fine. When all become unified, then grind them with asparagus seeds and make small tablets and keep them safe.

Quantity – One tablet, in the morning and evening, with three grams of dry ginger, celery, small myrobalan, and vividang should be given to women. This will eliminate their internal disorders and the weakness of the body will also be removed.

This type of hysteria also has permanent benefits from the intake. It is also beneficial in menstrual disorders and also for strength and semen enhancement and confirmation. For the purpose of providing men, use this yoga by adding honey to the decoction of Triphala, mix it with honey and sugar-candy, and then drink it with milk.


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