03 Cause of Death Due to Lung Cancer Infection
Lung Cancer

03 Cause of Death Due to Lung Cancer Infection

Today, we will be discussing a dangerous disease related to Lung Cancer here. The name of that disease is lung cancer. What is lung cancer, what are its symptoms? We will also talk about what causes of lung cancer.

The lungs are the most important part of our body. When there is a problem in our body, then we start feeling that problem. Very few people have knowledge about lung function. There are many people who do not even know what work the lungs do in our bodies. Due to which they have not been able to know about the worsening of the lungs or any kind of infection in them. And until they find out. By then it is too late.

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Some Diseases Related To Lung Cancer

Diseases like tuberculosis and lung cancer are directly related to the person’s lungs. Therefore, it should not avoid any kind of infection. Here we will talk about some such symptoms of lung disease. In their initial symptoms, you can protect yourself from suffering from a dangerous disease.

Here we will talk about some such symptoms of lung disease. In their initial symptoms, you can protect yourself from suffering from a dangerous disease.

Some Common Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

When there is a problem in the lungs, the voice of the person slows down. And he has a lot of trouble talking. Because of which he does not mind to talk. Sometimes, tears start coming from the eyes while talking. Apart from this, the person’s socks smell. The main reason for this is that when a person’s lungs become weak, his feet sweat more.

Initially, this sign can also be a weakening of the lungs. But the special thing is that if a person complains of excessive sweating in normal life, then it is not necessary that there is a problem in his lungs. But when a person suddenly gets more sweat from his hands and feet then we can say that there is going to be a problem in his lungs. Or his lungs are becoming weaker.

Apart from this, there are some other lesser symptoms such as a little walking leads to too much tiredness. Climbing the stairs causes breathlessness. It seems to sit on the stairs. These can all be signs of weakening of the lungs. Cough disease also plays a very good role in worsening the lungs.

Cough problem is a common disease that occurs in any season. When a person has a cough, it is cured by taking some antibiotics in four to five days. Cough is also cured with some home remedies. There are many reasons for a cough. Winter, summer, weather changes and pollution are also a big reason for this. When a person has a persistent cough and does not recover quickly. So it takes the form of a big problem.

If constipation occurs for four to five weeks or for several months, it causes infection in the lungs. Toxins that occur in the lungs that cause problems in the lungs. Our body tries to get them out through cough. Apart from this, if the person has a very chronic cough.

If it is four to five weeks old. Or has been troubling for several months. Then after consulting a doctor, treatment needs to be done. Because it can be a sign that our lungs are getting damaged. Tuberculosis can also be caused by a very long cough.

Prevention of Lung Cancer disease is very important. How is lung cancer The reasons are as follows? There are phlegm and mucus in the lungs in our bodies. It is made in our langs only. Due to which we start coughing. All these changes are also due to infection and radiation.

There are some tissues and cells in the lungs. They start making some changes on their own. Those cells suddenly grow. When these cells become larger than the normal size, there is less space for them in the lungs. Because of which these cells start to gather at a place in the form of flakes or lumps. And these cells gradually take the form of lung cancer.

After this, the deformity of our lungs starts. In this whole process, some new cells are produced and some die. After that, the infection starts in the lungs. Most people come to know about the deterioration of their lungs in the third stage. This is the reason why a person suffers from lung cancer but does not know it. But we cannot call it lung cancer on the basis of any investigation.

Through the MRI and CT-Scan, it can be cleared by the doctor whether lung cancer or any lump. Some common symptoms can be found in diseases of the lung. The diseases are as follows. Such as recurrent pneumonia, recurrent cough, tuberculosis problem, chronic cough may all be symptoms of lung cancer.

The symptoms of all these diseases are similar. Sixty-five percent of the symptoms we can detect without any examination. Whether a problem is going to arise in our lungs.

But the biggest problem is that in thirty-five percent of people, any symptoms of lung cancer are not seen from outside. Due to which the patient does not know about the onset of the disease. And for this reason, he does not take any proper treatment. And when the disease is known. By then it is too late.

The patient goes through the first stage. The second also passes through the stage. Even then he does not know about lung cancer, he has lung cancer. But when he comes to the third stage, he comes to know that cancer has been developed in his lung. Due to this last stage, he is not known to be a diagnosis.

Some Common Symptoms

There are some common symptoms that can be seen before lung cancer develops in the body. For instance, a person is coughing and is not getting it right with antibiotics. So it can be a cause of cancer. Another reason for this is the excessive breathing difficulties, when you feel that you are not able to breathe in a normal way, it can also be a cause of this disease.

Third, persistent chest pain, heaviness in the chest, it is also a symptom of lung cancer. Frequent day by day weight loss, infection in the lungs, etc. are also symptoms. Chronic cough, dry cough is the problem due to prolonged duration.

Causes of Lung Cancer

Causes of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is caused by excessive consumption of tobacco, besides smoking it is also the reason. Lung cancer is also caused by the consumption of drugs, cannabis, alcohol, hashish, hemp, etc. Sometimes a person bleeds with the cough. So he feels that he has tuberculosis. We cannot define without examination and without consulting a doctor that he has a problem with tuberculosis.

Living in a place with high pollution can also cause lung cancer. The reason is that when we breathe, the dust particles along with the air move inside in our body and gather in our lungs. Which causes an infection in the sales of our lungs. And their deformity starts happening. Due to this lump or cancer can also occur. etc.

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