15 Common Causes of Obesity | Harmful Side Effects
Common Causes of Obesity

15 Common Causes of Obesity | Harmful Side Effects

Common Causes of Obesity | Excessive Fat Problems in Body

Today we will talk about the problems of many of the causes of obesity. And how does a person become fat? We will discuss this also. And will also explain how to reduce obesity.

How does a Person Become Fat? What Causes of Obesity & Big Stomach?

There are many causes of obesity, many Most of people get wrong body food because of their body fat. And such people are fascinated to see. Some people even say that fat, obesity has climbed their body. When a person becomes fat, he starts going to the gym to reduce his weight.

Those people exercise daily. Let’s run. In this way, these people also come under tension with their bodies. And sometimes they also become a victim of depression.

Some people ban their food and drink to reduce their weight. But even after doing all this, his body weight does not decrease. What should they do in such a situation?

Causes of Obesity & Fatness

In today’s time, most of the young boys and girls are worried about their fatness. But there are some people among them who are upset due to their slim bodies and work weight. However, both of these problems are serious. And their solution is also important.

The body becomes lean due to loss of weight. Because of which all the beauty of the body is lost. Those People who lose weight. Those people are very weak from inside. There are some people who have not been able to digest food properly in their stomachs.

Due to which they have to go to the cook immediately after eating food. In such a situation, there is no growth in the body. Some people adopt different methods to reduce their weight. Yet these methods have no effect on their body.

There can be many reasons for this. It is also possible that there are some problems in their body which they do not know.

Some Causes of Obesity & Body Enlargement, Fat Problems, Stomach Obesity, and Belly Bulge

What are the Main Causes of Obesity (Fat Problems)?

Nowadays many people are upset due to the enlargement of their stomachs. Due to the enlargement of the stomach, those people appear fat problems from outside. There are many reasons for stomach enlargement, such as if a person starts taking more fat food items like butter, boiled egg pills, etc., then his stomach comes out.

Some people do not take breakfast on time due to hurrying to the office or work. Due to not having breakfast on time, the metabolism rate of a person’s body slows down. Which has the opposite effect on our bodies? Gradually the body starts gaining weight. And the stomach also starts growing.

The Fatness of the Person due to the Consumption of more Cold Drinks

Causes of Obesity - Cold Drink
Causes of Obesity- Cold Drink

Excess of Cold Drink Cause of Big Stomach (Gas)

Some people are very fond of drinking cold drinks again and again. Sugar levels are much higher in cold drinks. Some people are aware of this, even then they consume cold drinks. And some people are not aware of it due to their ignorance, then such people also drink cold drinks excessively.

Drinking more cold drinks increases our appetite. For this reason, we start eating more food than necessary. And our liver also starts growing slowly. Sometimes liver damage also occurs. We should not consume cold drinks too much.

The Biggest Reason for getting Fat Problems, Causes of Obesity & Growing the Stomach is to stay in one place for the Longest Time.

Some people are very lazy. They sit for long hours in one place. Due to which the stomach becomes enlarged. No person should sit for a long time. After sitting for half an hour every five minutes rest, walking or something should be eaten.

Body Enlargement Due To Alcohol

Some people consume narcotics, alcohol, etc. Excess intake of alcohol makes our body get more calories than necessary. Which is harmful to our body. When the amount of calories in the body increases, fat starts to increase around the stomach.

Due to excessive consuming alcohol, a person has mild swelling on the mouth. Their eyes always appear red. The person is always angry. And his whole body swells. Due to which the person becomes fat.

Increased Body Weight Due to Stress

If the person is always more in anxiety, stress puzzle, tension, then his weight may also increase and decrease. But the chances of a weight gain are more. When a person is under more stress, cortisol hormone is released in greater quantity in his body.

Due to which fat is gathered in a lot of body parts. Because of this, the stomach and body of a person start bloating. These are the main causes of obesity.

Not Eating Food at the Right Time is also A Reason for Being Fat Problems

Not having breakfast at the right time in the morning, eating food early in the morning, and then not eating the whole day is also a reason for being fat. Some people eat food very late at night. And immediately after eating the food lie down on the bed. This process is very wrong.

By eating food late at night, the fat in our body through food has not been properly converted into energy. Or you can say that food is not digested at all. Because of which two types of problems arise.

The first problem is of the fatness (Cause of Obesity) and the second problem is of the digestive system being impaired and the third problem is the increase of the stomach. Therefore, we should not eat food at all late at night.

The Problem of Fatness & Obesity In Old Age

As the person grows old. There is a deficiency of DHA hormone in a person’s body. Lack of this hormone also causes the person to become fat. When a person becomes almost forty years old, the level of metabolism in his body also starts decreasing.

Due to deficiency of this hormone, the amount of fat in a person’s body increases, and the fat problems of the person’s stomach increases.

Eating Too Much (Cause Of obesity) of the Wrong or Harmful Food Items

We must take a balanced diet daily to get the right balance of our body and a fit body. Apart from this, we should eat food according to work integrity. Nowadays people do not take a balanced diet at all. He likes to eat in restaurants, parties, etc.

Eating more food items made from milk increases obesity. Products made from milk have high-fat content. Apart from this, boiled egg yolk also has a high amount of fat while the rest is high in calcium. After all, eating more fast food increases obesity

Stomach Enlargement, due to Body Texture

If the structure of a person’s body is like a pearl, then the weight of the stomach starts to increase more than the thighs and back part. It can also be a genetic cause. This is an example of belly fat. This belly fat is not easily reduced.

Obesity due to Poor Sleep

If the person does not sleep well, then it also causes problems of fat in the body. When a person is not able to sleep well then the calories level in his body increases. This is also a reason for being fat problems.

Obesity due to Excessive Intake of Meat

Eating more meat increases the level of cholesterol in the body. When the person prefers to eat the same thing again and again, the balance of the body deteriorates.

Some Reasons for Low Body Weight and Thin Body

First Reason – there are some people who drink water repeatedly while eating food. It should not be done at all. Drinking water repeatedly while eating food can cause problems in the digestive system.

The digestive system is weakened by drinking too much water while eating food. For this reason, the food items aren’t digesting properly.

The Second Reason – It happens very often that insects get in the stomach of a person. These insects get into the stomach due to wrong eating. When a person drinks dirty water, insects reach his stomach. Due to these, the weight of a person does not increase.

But decreases. Apart from this, in young children, the poliovirus also reaches them only by drinking dirty water. We should never drink contaminated water.

The Third Reason – Due to the workload of today’s population, there is no time table for some people to eat food. Because of which there are problems in both their body and stomach. Nowadays people prefer outside food more. People like junk food very much. These are also harmful to our stomach Causes of obesity.

Due to the Bugs Problem in the Stomach, The Person’s Weight Loss and Its Symptoms

Problems of stomach worms can occur at any time in both children and adults. From some of these symptoms, you can identify that the baby has worms in its stomach. For example, when the area near the eyes of the child starts to appear light white and feels thick.

Then it should be understood that there are problems of worms in his stomach. Children give teeth or kit and vibrating while sleeping at night, then these symptoms are also due to worms in the stomach of the child.

Excessive Effect of Fat On The Body

When the amount of fat in the body increases, then it has a bad effect on our body & Causes of Obesity. Due to the increase in fat in the body, the person always gets sluggish. He does not mind in any work. The person becomes very fat.

The cholesterol level in his body increases. And metabolism decreases. Due to which the level of fat in the body increases. The person’s fat starts growing here and there. And one has to face many types of problems. All of these causes of obesity.

Common Causes of Obesity

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