15 Causes Of Stomach Pain |  Harmful Reasons
Why does stomach ache occur__stomach pain reasons

15 Causes Of Stomach Pain | Harmful Reasons

Reason For Sudden Stomach Pain

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Causes Of Stomach Pain

Abdominal or stomach pain is a very common problem that can affect any child, young man or old person. And it can be caused by a minor reason and can also be indicative of a very serious disease like cancer.

That is why the patients coming for consultation and their home doctors want to know the root cause of stomach pain. If only the painkillers are taken after not knowing the root cause correctly.

Then the pain will disappear for some time but the root cause of pain will not be eliminated. Such pain-relieving drugs can also prove to be dangerous in some stomach diseases.

stomach pain reasons
Why does stomach ache occur | stomach pain reasons

Similarly, many patients keep taking antacids (acid-neutralizing drugs) on their own for a long time, and taking different kinds of amoeba parasitic killing drugs and insect killing or extracting medicines, but without knowing the root cause.

They do not get any special benefits in the absence. Detailed information about the patient’s symptoms is necessary to find out the root cause of stomach pain.

For example; how long is the pain, what kind of pain is there, where is the pain in the stomach, where does the pain start, is the pain minor or very intense? Are there any symptoms other than pain? Are there any symptoms other than pain?

For example;  Vomiting, thin stools, constipation blood or ammonia, blood in vomit, jaundice, loss of appetite, fever, nervousness, sweating, rapid heartbeat, urination or obstruction, flushing worms, weight loss, Flatulence, etc.


The following are the main causes of stomach pain:


Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach can be acute or chronic. It can occur with aspirin or other similar pain relievers or by consumption of alcohol.

It also occurs in patients with viral fever. In children, any infectious disease can cause gastritis. Patients with renal failure (kidney failure) also get this complaint.

Gastritis patients can also complain of vomiting in addition to pain in the upper abdomen, due to which there is a lack of water and mineral salts in the body.

The endoscopy examination method is of special importance in the diagnosis of this disease.

Peptic Ulcer-

There is a lesion mainly due to excess of acid and pepsin substance in the upper part (stomach) of the stomach or small intestine, whose patients complain of pain in the upper middle part of the stomach.

The patient may also have a burning sensation and vomiting. If the ulcer starts bleeding and vomiting of blood and black colored latrine can also occur. Endoscopy makes the diagnosis of this disease very fast.

Gastric Cancer

Apart from the pain in the upper abdomen, no appetite, weight loss and vomiting are the main symptoms of this disease.  In the absence of information, the patients initially treat this disease as peptic ulcer and often take drugs called antacid (eg.diazine, etc.) and ranitidine.

But they do not provide any long-term benefit while the disease spreads to the liver and other organs. The diagnosis of this disease is necessary for the initial condition for which endoscopy has proved to be a boon.

Liver Diseases

Diseases such as amoeba parasitic liver inflammation or abscess, virus borne inflammation (hepatitis), alcoholic inflammation (alcohol hepatitis), liver T.B. and cancer in the upper right and middle part of the stomach and cause of pain.

Despite heart failure, patients complain of this because they also have an increased liver size. like that patient’s symptoms like loss of appetite, fever and jaundice are also seen.

In these patients, ultrasound, endoscopy, blood and perforation, and biopsy are of great help.

Diseases of the Gallbladder

Acute and chronic inflammation of the gall bladder, formation of gallstones in the gallbladder or pus in it and gall bladder. Cancer patients often complain of severe pain in the upper right or middle part of the stomach.

The patient has vomiting, jaundice, fever, loss of appetite and gas. There can be complaints. Ultrasound and endoscopy are the major tests for diagnosis.

Spleen Diseases

In spleen size increases in typhoid fever, malaria, kala-azar, blood cancer (leukemia) and chronic liver (cirrhosis), etc.  So patients feel a bit of a stretch in the left – upper part of the stomach.

Sometimes sudden spasm of blood stops in the blood vessels of the spleen, due to which there can be severe pain.

Diseases of The Pancreas

Patients with acute or chronic inflammation of the pancreas, stones, and cancer complain of severe pain in the upper abdomen, pain may also occur in the back. The patient may also have jaundice.

In addition to pain, the patient gets symptoms of fast pulse, excess sweating and blood pressure and decreased urine volume in addition to pain.

Patients with chronic inflammation also complain of being white, smelly and thin. Ultrasound, plumbing examination, and endoscopy are the main tests.

Stomach Worms

It is mainly threaded worm, roundworm, hookworm due to which stomach pain can occur only in children and not even in adults. Lack of blood in the body. Malnutrition, intestinal obstruction, jaundice, and cough.

Symptoms may also be present. The examination of latrine is very necessary.

Intestinal Tuberculosis

In this disease, wounds are formed in the intestine. And it can also cause obstruction, which causes the patient to have vomiting. In addition to the pain around the navel, the patients also complain about the formation of a round stomach and its rotation.

Thin diarrhea or constipation, loss of appetite, fever, and loss of weight are other symptoms. Barium X-ray endoscopy and matrices are the major tests for diagnosis.

Appendix Pain

Initially one feels in the middle of the stomach upper and then comes in the lower right part. The patient has vomiting and a slight fever. Blood test  T.L.C. and D.L.C. are necessary. Such patients do not take painkillers, because treatment often requires surgery.


Inflammation of the large intestine, amoeba parasite, bacteria or T.B. can be caused by. Another type of colitis (ulcerative colitis) patients are also seen occasionally. Apart from abdominal pain, the main symptoms of colitis are thin diarrhea, amoebic, blood in the platter. Tracking and endoscopy are helpful for diagnosis.

Cancer of the Large Intestine

When this cancer becomes very large, it is usually when the patient feels the pain that the diagnosis of this disease is delayed. Initially, the patient is unable to know anything for a long time.

Whenever a person starts having a change in the natural movement of the intestine (thin diarrhea or constipation), a diagnosis should be made by a doctor immediately. Endoscopy and barium enema are the main tests for this.

Kidney Diseases

Due to sharp swelling or stones of the kidneys, the patient feels pain in the right or left part of the stomach. Due to the stones, very intense pain arises suddenly and the patient holds his aching stomach part in his hand and continues to moan from the side of the bed.

Blood may also come in the urine of the patient. If the stone gets stuck in the ureter, then the patient continues to feel terrible pain while staying and it feels pain going from the waist to the front and downwards. Sometimes this stone comes out with urine.

In addition to pain, acute fever and vomiting may also occur in a patient with acute renal inflammation (acute pyelonephritis). If there is swelling in the urine sac, (bladder), the patient has frequent urination with a burning sensation.

In the case of stones in the urine bag, the patient complains of pain or heaviness under the navel. It is often seen in children.

Genital Induced abdominal Pain

Apart from the pain caused by menstruation in women, the genitals have pain in the lower abdomen mainly due to various diseases. In which swelling of the tubes coming out of the uterus is the main one T.B.  May be from pus or bacteria causing pus.

Sometimes, the womb is not installed in the uterus and gets established in these tubes. And if that place bursts suddenly, then the woman suddenly gets terrible pain in the stomach.

In this case, the patient should be admitted to the hospital immediately. In men, there may also be severe abdominal pain due to twisting or tingling in the testes.

Inflammation of The Stomach Membrane

Inflammation of the peritoneum membrane T.B. It can be caused by cancer, or by pus-causing bacteria.  Apart from stomach pain, such patients also complain of fever, loss of appetite and flatulence.

The liquid between the layers of the peritoneum is extracted and examined. So that the root cause can be found out.

Some Other Reasons

Some diseases of the lung membrane and various diseases of the heart, diabetes and nervous system can also cause stomach pain.

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