10 Problems Arise If Your Liver Stops Working?
When liver stops working, liver problems

10 Problems Arise If Your Liver Stops Working?

Signs and Symptoms of Liver Problems

Liver stops working
liver stops working

Here we will talk about the liver problems like; why does the liver stop working, symptoms of liver disease, liver not proper working, causes of liver problems, cirrhosis of the liver symptom, and what causes liver failure.

As you know, the liver is a very important and vital part of the body.  There are many chemical reactions to different food items. Some vitamins are made in the liver and there is a collection of some. Bile is helpful in digesting food, which is made in the liver only. The liver also disables one harmful.

Liver Problems

The main reasons for liver failure and liver problems are viral hepatitis, liver disease (liver cirrhosis), alcohol consumption, liver cancer.  Many patients also fail due to the side effects of liver medicines.

Viral hepatitis is caused by consuming contaminated food, water, or other beverages. Even a healthy person can be suffering from this disease by taking a blood sample from the infected needle or by giving injections or blood of an unhealthy person suffering from viral hepatitis.

The main symptoms of these liver problems are not sudden appetite, chills, vomiting, fever coming, pain in hands and feet, yellow color of the urine, itching in the body, etc.

As a result of early diagnosis and the prompt right treatment, most of the patients of this disease become completely healthy.  But some patients lose their liver.

The patient may be unconscious after the liver fails.  But before the full unconscious, there is a difference in the nature and behavior of the patient.  Some patients sleep in the day and wake up in the night. 

The patient is restless. Some patients start shouting very loud and some other patients get up and start running away from the bed. Many patients have undesirable motion in their hands. A typical odor of breath starts coming in.

In liver problems, the relatives of the patient are not often aware that this is due to viral hepatitis. They understand it due to goddess outbreaks or madness due to mental illness. But after carefully watching the eyes the situation becomes clear.

When the liver problems get worse, then the patient seems to be asleep in deep sleep. But in reality, there is a condition of unconsciousness.

This unconsciousness is caused by the action of the toxic substance called ammonia on the brain. Health liver disables this toxic substance, but ammonia is not able to pass on after the liver fails. That’s why doctors try to make ammonia in the body and also try to disable it with some methods.

In addition to unconsciousness, such a patient’s breath starts running fast. She may also have jerks. Due to bleeding in the intestines, the patient begins to vomit blood and the stomach is black colored. Some patients also get blood in the urine.

In some patients of many types of liver problems that occurred like a failure, kidneys also fail, resulting in a very low amount of urine and an increase in the number of toxic substances such as creatinine and urea in the blood. This situation is considered to be extremely serious.

With proper treatment, many patients of liver problems failures become completely healthy, but if a pregnant woman fails, then it is very difficult to cure. Therefore, every pregnant woman needs all the possible remedies to avoid this disease, is.

To avoid viral hepatitis, do not accept contaminated water and food. Clean water should be arranged in every village and town. Save food from flies. If the water is contaminated, boil, and drink, especially if the patient is spreading widely. 

Before eating and after thinking, clean the hands with soap with the thought. Always use the disinfected needle and syringe. Relieve the patient, give glucose and vitamins in abundance, and immediately recruit the patient immediately after the first symptom of unconsciousness arises.

Cirrhosis is a complicated and chronic disease of the liver in which its cells start to be destroyed and the liver shrinks and becomes tight. The main cause of this disease is the high intake of viral hepatitis and long term alcohol.

Children in our country have a special type of cirrhosis. The root cause of this is yet to be ascertained. But as a result of some research work, it has been observed that if for many days the milk is given in bronze vessels and given to the children, then they are more likely to get this disease.

Because doing this gets stored in the liver due to copper i.e. copper which is harmful. The patient of the liver cirrhosis initially has no complaints, but after some time the appetite, chills, weight loss, and constant weakness are born.

When the liver fails, the water comes into the stomach’s membrane, the stomach appears bloated, the veins on the stomach rise, and the size of the spleen increases.

Such a patient may also be vomiting blood and shit is colored like bitumen.
All measures should be taken to avoid viral hepatitis because hepatitis is also caused by cirrhosis.

Regardless of the patient of cirrhosis, it does not give any morphine or sleeping medication as much as silent or screaming.

As soon as the first symptom of liver problems unconsciousness is stopped, stop the protein content in the food, and give more glucose content. Immediately get the patient admitted to the hospital. By which glucose and essential mineral salts can be given by the vein etc.

Alcohol consumption has a very bad effect on the liver. With this, almost two lakh people die every year in the United States, and it costs several crores of rupees for its treatment.

The person suffering from hepatitis does not feel hungry, fever, jaundice, pain in the stomach, and vomiting. Once the liver fails, the water in the stomach’s membrane becomes filled, the spleen gets increased and the intestine starts bleeding and the patient becomes unconscious.

It is necessary to prevent alcohol consumption to be started. Liver patients should stop using it immediately. The use of alcohol-rich tonic can also be damaged.

Liver failure can also be caused by the side effects of some drugs. For example like Tuberculosis Medicines are known as isonex, rifampicin, and pyrazinamide, Therefore, take these medicines only in consultation with the doctor and keep the doctor in the middle. By which the effects of early detection can be identified.

Do not eat chlorpromazine in patients with hepatitis tetracycline and mental disease. When the liver becomes cancerous or the other limb spreads in the cancer liver. Even then the liver may fail, such patients have a fever and blood can be vomiting.

If the patient of the liver failer is unconscious, then he should lick it. Do not block the gastric fluid by reaching it in the respiratory tube.
The patient’s bed should be clean and powder should be placed on the back. So that the wound is not made.

Allow the patient to be hospitalized. So that the solution of glucose and mineral salts can be given by the vein.
Stop protein-rich food such as egg, lentils, meat, absolutely off.

Even after all these measures, if the liver does not work smoothly and the patient’s condition worsens day by day. Then in this situation, the liver transplant can save the patient’s life.

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