10 Most Used Search Engines of the World
Top most popular search engines

10 Most Used Search Engines of the World

Top Most Used Search Engines Other Than Google

Most Used Search Engines
Most Used Search Engines

Biggest Most Used Search Engines of the World

Here we are talking about the popular & most search website search engines in the world which visitors need all the time to search for the things they need on the Internet. Here we will tell you what is special about these search engines and why they are so popular.

Also, what will be their Alexa rank, and in addition, we will also tell you about the monthly visitors of these top ten search engines and how much are the daily visitors. These are search engines that are run by visitors all over the world.

When we search for information about something on the Internet and when we do not know on which website that information is available, we have a lot of difficulty in finding the things we need. But through these search engines, we can easily find anything on the Internet.

This is the main work of the engines and these search engines convey all types of data information to us within a second. Through these search engines, we can easily find all the things related to our favorite things like knowledge, information about someone, studies, business, etc. on the Internet.

We get almost all types of information on the Internet easily through these top ten search engines. Then whether we know about the address of information or not.

Today, I will tell you about very popular search engines in the world, so you should visit for finding any informative content.

Top Popular Most Used Search Engines in the World

10- www.info.com [United States]

It is a Metasearch engine and provides information from leading search engines. This search engine is powered by Bing. Its operated own branded sites, including its flagship metasearch engine, dogpile as well as zoo and web crawler.

Chief Executive officer of Info.com – Charles Ursini
Date of Launch of this Search Engine 18-Oct-2004
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor – 825688
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 27523
Alexa Rank- 4360
Compete Rank- 378
Quantcast Rank- 877

09- www.infospace.com [United States]

It was founded as InfoSpace by Naveen Jain in 1996. InfoSpace changed its name into Blucora in the middle of the year 2012.

Chief Executive officer & President – Chris Walters
Date of Launch of this Search Engine – March – 1998
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 63281
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 2109
Alexa Rank- 56889
Compete Rank- 66
Quantcast Rank- 500

08- www.mywebsearch.com [United States]

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 276201
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 9207
Alexa Rank- 13034
Compete Rank- 105
Quantcast Rank- 1124

07- www.webcrawler.cm [United States]

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 304646
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 10155
Alexa Rank- 11817
Compete Rank-100
Quantcast Rank- 759

06- www.wow.com [Australia]

It is powered by Bing service.

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 1586
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 53
Alexa Rank- 189145
Compete Rank- 20
Quantcast Rank- 26

05- www.search.aol.com [United States]

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 10112360
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 337079
Alexa Rank- 356
Compete Rank- 250
Quantcast Rank- 240

04- www.ask.com [United States]

It is also known as Ask Jeeves & answer engine. So this is focused on E-business founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California.

Chief Executive officer- Douglas Leeds
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 14814815
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 337079
Alexa Rank- 230
Compete Rank- 14
Quantcast Rank- 31

03- www.search.yahoo.com [United States]

Chief Yahoo is based on web services and headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, and founded by Jerry Yang and David fillo in 1994.

Chief Executive officer- Marissa Mayer
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 654545455
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 21818182
Alexa Rank- 11
Compete Rank- 8
Quantcast Rank- 28

02- www.bing.com [China]

Bing is a web search engine and developed by Microsoft. Chief Executive officer- Steve Ballmer

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 211764706
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 7058824
Alexa Rank- 34
Compete Rank- 5
Quantcast Rank- 19

01- www.google.com [United States]

This is one of the most used search engines in the world. so it was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were the Ph.D. student in 1998 and served areas worldwide.

Chief Executive officer of the Google – Sundar Pichai
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 1100000000
Estimated Unique Daily Visitor – 200000000
Alexa Rank- 1
Compete Rank- 1
Quantcast Rank- 1

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