10 Fixation | ID Defense Mechanism Kills You If
ID Defense Mechanism

10 Fixation | ID Defense Mechanism Kills You If

The Creativity of Personality is Composed of Three Elements

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Fixation and id Defense Mechanism
Fixation and Id Defense Mechanism-whitechance

ID Defense Mechanism – The creativity of Id personality is composed of three elements. This element is the ID ego and the ultimate ego. It is a psychological view that if harmony is not established in the Id ego and ultimate ego.

So the personality begins to move forward towards unusual. The common people do not. We should understand the Id ego and the ultimate ego in general terms. The Id ego is the center of all our desires.

This is the place where our desires or requirements are vested. Due to the excitement of this center, we start looking for something and hope to get it. in short, it can call it a center of happiness.

Identification of ID Defense Mechanism

  • The ego is the internal administrator of personality, it is the element that causes our contact and adjustment from the external environment. Attempts to balance personality are only through the key, and by faith, it creates confidence in reality.
  • As the third element comes to the place of the ultimate ego. Who believes in the principle of ethics. Due to this we develop a sense of maturity and repent.
  • In the above three elements, the important place of importance is its different names, it can also be known as me and myself.

If in any way we reach the clutches of ours, then we make quick efforts to safeguard it and get rid of stress. Otherwise, conditions of imbalance and disadvantages can arise.

  • Therefore it is very important for the common person to be safeguarded. Many mediums are used to protect the key. These are called security trends, in some form, a person uses these trends.
  • Some trends are being described in chronological order, these actions occur at an unconscious level, which does not have any immediate knowledge of man.


Usually, children and young people adopt those ideas that their parents and teachers do. Through these actions, they satisfy themselves.


In the action of launch, the person sees his feelings in another person. Mostly we are unable to see these types of things of our mind. But, as we see, Tulsidas has said that if a person has a feeling of hatred and jealousy and says that such a person hates me, then this projection has happened.


Sometimes it is found that small children put their anger on small toys after eating scolding from parents. This action demonstrates their feelings and clarifies the mind. When stress is not presented in the proper place, if it is displayed elsewhere then such displacement will be called. It is a symptom of the Id defense mechanism.

The clerk, who is scolded by the officer, goes home and takes his anger on his wife and tries to relieve himself. While his anger should be demonstrated before the officer.

Logical Reasons

It is an unquestionable truth that a person does not achieve success in every field and he sometimes fails in his own purposes. If he is asked about the cause of failure, he makes it clear in a simple way.

All are familiar with the feeling of grapes are sour, it means that the fox did not reach the grapes and he got rid of saying that the grapes are sour. It is also an example of logical reasoning to explain the simplest thing as high quality.


Due to social norms, when a person feels difficulty in displaying his inner feelings, then he takes pictures and literature. Often disappointed young people fail in love affairs when their emotions are done in stories in stories. It becomes the medium of reducing their stress, it is called up-gradation, writers and poets have to resort to upgrading. This may cause of Id defense mechanism.

Pratyagaman | ID Defense Mechanism

It is also seen that sometimes some people start behaving which does not correspond to their age. By doing this, the person gives peace to his mind, if he starts behaving in a different way than the dimension of age, then it is called a return. If a twenty-year-old youth is crying like a twelve-year-old child, then it will be called a retreat trend.


The legendary Dev Shastri story psychoanalysis plaintiff has said that insatiable sensual fantasies are hidden in the corner of the mind and the person forgets them. This is called suppression action and after this suppression the person gets balanced.

Conclusion of ID Defense Mechanism

Regardless of the tendencies, we must use them in some form, because this is the medium through which we calm down or secure our own or the other if a difference is broken in any form, then the general person is abnormal behavior Seems to be Every struggle that takes place in society starts with a clash of importance. Therefore, it is very important for Ahem to be safe from ID Defense Mechanism.

ID Defense Mechanism | Fixation

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