08 Main Cause of Headache Everyday
What main cause of headache everyday

08 Main Cause of Headache Everyday

In this article, we will discuss the main cause of headache. It does not happen on its own. I mean it is caused by some diseases. It is also possible due to any other physical problem. By removing the root cause of the disease; Headache is automatically eradicated. In this article, we will discuss similar root causes or diseases. Which main cause of headache every day.

In which this disease is mainly due to brain weakness, gastric weakness, constipation, indigestion, exposure to hot and cold air, physical weakness, syphilis, arthritis, etc.

Come, let us go in detail about the causes behind the main causes of headaches.

1. Brain weakness
2. Gastric weakness
3. Constipation
4. Indigestion
5. Hot and cold air exposure
6. Physical weakness
7. Syphilis
8. Arthritis

01. Brain weakness- Main cause of headache

Main cause of headache: Brain weakness
The main cause of headache: Brain weakness

“When the mind is weak, circumstances become a problem. With the mind that is fixed, circumstances become a challenge. But when the mind is strong, circumstances become opportunities.”

One of the main causes of mental illness is stress. In this well-settled world, stress and anxiety are also pulling humans towards a painful life. Because of which children do not get the love of their parents. On the other hand, the inherent ‘weakness of mind’ is also full of trouble.

There are also other reasons for brain weakness such as excessive consumption of drugs, lack of adequate sleep, lack of vitamins, loss of rough behavior makes a person mentally weak and emotionless.

02. Gastric weakness

Cause of Headache Gastric weakness
Cause of Headache: Gastric weakness

Most of the initial stomach symptoms are not very worrisome. And, gastric diseases are easily detected. And every possible treatment is also done. Some commonly occurring stomach diseases are; Such as indigestion, abdominal bloating, menstrual periods in women, IBS, etc. causes weakness in the stomach.
Symptoms like headaches or dizziness etc. are seen as a result.

03. Constipation

Cause of Headache Constipation
Cause of Headache: Constipation

In constipation, stools accumulate in the intestines. For some reason, the stomach is not completely cleaned in the morning. Due to which many problems arise. And the patient has abdominal pain. In this stage, the amount of excreta is reduced. Due to which excessive force is required to pass stool.

If you understand this disease in easy language, constipation is caused by the accumulation of dry stool in the stomach. Some of the symptoms of constipation are like- headache, bad breath, loss of appetite, nausea, and ulcers in the mouth.

04. Indigestion

Cause of Headache: Indigestion
Cause of Headache: Indigestion

This is not a particular disease, but rather a minor problem. Which is also known as ‘Stomach upset’ in India. In whose problem, mild and frequent pain in the upper part of the abdomen, symptoms like vomiting, swelling, and acidity, etc. are troublesome.

Nowadays, in the temptation of taste, when eating ‘a portion of fast food’ or something upside down; This has become a common problem.

05. Hot and cold air exposure

Cause of headache- Hot and cold air exposure
Cause of Headache- Hot and cold air exposure

Many times when we go somewhere in summer, we have to face hot winds like Lu. Due to which heat is created in the body. After that, there is a complication due to heat. And often individuals take the help of appliances like coolers or ACs. At that time one experiences happiness.

But after some time, symptoms like headaches, colds appear. This pain occurs due to exposure to hot and cold air.

06. Physical weakness

Cause of headache - Physical weakness
Cause of Headache: Physical weakness

This condition is very bad. When the person becomes physically weak. Along with this, we also have to face mental debility.
The main reason for this is; Do not take care of yourself. Due to which many diseases, then physical weakness after that.

Milton said that- “being weak is the same as being sad”. And when the person is suffering then the head pain is natural.

07. Syphilis

Cause of headache- Syphilis
Cause of Headache: Syphilis

This disease is a type of latent disease. Which is assumed mainly trauma, defacement (during bathroom), Faux vagina’s contact with a woman. In which the penis of the male begins to rot. If the patient is not treated properly then only the testicles remain.

And yes; In Ayurveda, it is mentioned due to bile, phlegm, gaut disease, tridosha, blood pathology.

08. Arthritis

Cause of headache - Arthritis
Cause of Headache: Arthritis

The disease is found in greater proportion in most of the elderly. But the concern is that the disease is increasing day by day. Due to which the youth are also being hunted. Whereby ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis’ has been found in most of the youth.

The disease is caused by poor diet, many vitamins, especially vitamin D deficiency. Which causes pain in the joints, head, helplessly. And gives a lot of trouble to the patient, due to which the patient becomes seriously weak.


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