08 Brain Tuberculosis Can Be Dangerous
Brain tuberculosis can be dangerous

08 Brain Tuberculosis Can Be Dangerous

Symptoms of Brain Tuberculosis In Detail

Here we will talk about the Symptoms of Brain Tuberculosis. It is not something sensational and surprising. Like other parts of the body, tuberculosis can also occur in the brain.

Just as we take good care of other organs, similarly we should also take proper treatment by taking care of mental illnesses.

The human mind is a unique offering of God. With this mind, we walk, watch, listen, laugh, and cry. Our every routine is due to the mind. Many types of symptoms can occur due to disease in any part of it.

Compared to other brain diseases, TB is the most frequent disease, which proves fatal. If treated completely, 100% can be cured. but irregular and inadequate treatment is dangerous.

Type of Brain Tuberculosis

Brain Tuberculosis Meningitis

In a way, it is an infection of TB in the brain. This is evident in many ways. Lack of treatment can cause pus in the brain and can even form an abscess.


It is a type of tumor caused by TV. But in 80% of the patients, giving medicines only can be cured, in another 20% of the patients, an operation may be required.

Many Symptoms of Brain Tuberculosis

Initially, the patient has symptoms like loss of appetite and feeling of weakness like TV elsewhere and in the evening there are symptoms like mild fever or tiredness, excessive sweating, or nervousness.

Complain of mucus and cough. It is worth noting that in 10% of patients, the disease spreads to the brain only after lung throat or stomach TB. Very few patients have direct Brain Tuberculosis.

Later, in the case of Brain Tuberculosis meningitis, the patient may have headaches or fainting, body tremors or palpitations, etc.

If not treated properly, water starts to rise in the head, which is called ‘Hydrocephalus’, it should be operated immediately, otherwise, life can be threatened.

In Tuberculoma

It is a type of brain tumor that is caused by Tuberculosis.

Its symptoms are like any other brain tumor. The important thing is that this particular type of tumor is found very much in our country. It is a brain tumor that can be cured 100 percent with medicines and operations.

It is found more in children. If one or one and a half-year-old patient consumes tuberculosis medicines, the tumor does not remain intact. Only 40% of patients require an operation, which can be done easily without danger.

Escape Measures

Like other organs, the brain TV also spreads from any other tuberculosis patient. Any TV patient who has a cough and sputum, should take separate food and sleep as a diet instead of taking medicine as well as not sitting with other family members and friends.

While coughing, the cloth should be placed on the mouth and spit in a special place after handling the mucus. Special care should be avoided by children. If there is even a slight suspicion of TB disease, complete blood and X-rays should be examined.

Because in the beginning, treatment can be completely cured. Remember that if it is treated incompletely, then the drugs stop their effects, and the disease can take a more dangerous form.

Cure From Brain Tuberculosis.

In addition to blood and X-rays, the removal of water from the spinal cord is very important. If there is a slight doubt, a specialist of mind should be consulted so that there is no need for an operation, etc.

It is often seen that if the patient gets relief from three to four months of treatment, then he does not complete the treatment. Treatment of this disease is necessary for one to one and a half years or else the disease is likely to recur.

Again, this disease is more dangerous than before and medicines do not affect. There are many reasons for not completing treatment, one of them is expensive medicines.

But it is unfair to think so because now every government dispensary and the hospital gets these free medicines. The second reason is that due to laziness, the patient skips the medicines.

Need For Operation In Brain Tuberculosis.

Initially, medicines are given to every patient. But if:

A. Unbearable headache.
B. Reduction in eye light.
C. Loss of speech or memory.
D. Effect of palpation in hands or feet.
E. Increase of water in the head.

Symptoms of tuberculosis are not reduced even after giving medicine. So the head specialist should be consulted immediately for the operation. I would like to tell my readers that Yadadash, colloquial, etc.

Actions that are unique to God’s human being. If it does not work properly then there will be no difference between humans and animals.


The brain does not regenerate when it is destroyed. If proper treatment of TB of the brain is done, more than 50 percent of brain diseases can be got rid of.

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