08 Bold Story of The Google
Bold Story of The Google

08 Bold Story of The Google

Here we will discuss the world’s largest search engine google.com and will also look at some important facts about The Bold Story Of The Google life journeys of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founder of The Google Corporation.

Google is an ideal search engine on the Internet that understands everything in the world searched by anyone on the Internet and then always shows the right thing to all its users.

“The ideal search engine will understand basically everything in the world and it will always give you the right thing. And we are far away from it. These lines are written by Larry Page. Founder of Google Corporation.”

Here we will discuss the bold story of google & its Google search engine in detail. Apart from this, we will also talk about how Google search engines have been developed. By the way, there are many search engines available on the Internet in this world.

But Google is the most popular among all these search engines, now it seems that without this search engine we cannot get the right data and information on the Internet. If we need any information or data, then we get that data very easily through the Google search engine.

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How Google Works

Number One Search Engine in the world – Bold Story of The Google

Google is an American Multinational Corporation Company. Which provides all types of products, information, websites data, and services related to the Internet. These include Internet searching, cloud computing, software, advertising technologies.

The headquarters of Google Corporation Company is located in California, USA. At that time there were thirty-three thousand seventy-seven employees working in the company.

More than a million servers in Google’s centers work continuously without stopping to accurately display information, management of all types of data around the world. And in Google Centers, more than one billion search requests are done every day.

Google Corporation Is The World’s Most Popular Website

We would never have imagined that Google would become such a search engine that would be able to provide the data and information of each website within a second. What did Google do to make it the most popular and busiest website in the world today? After all, what was the idea that made it the number one search engine in the world? We will discuss with you the foundations of the success of Google Corporation’s founders, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page.

Now Start – Bold Story of The Google

Now Start - Bold Story of The Google
Now Start – Bold Story of The Google

Both Are Always Interested In The Field Of Technology Since Childhood.

Her is the bold story of The Google and its founders Larry Page’s mother and father were professors of computer science at Michigan State University, so he had a natural interest in computers.

He started playing with computers at the age of six. Larry Page has said, “He realized when he was young that he could invent things.” So he started taking a genuine interest in the field of technology and business.

Around the age of 12, he was determined to build a big company. When Larry received his Ph.D. in Computer Science. It was then that he met Sergey Brin, which led to Larry’s dream of forming a company and changing the lives of both.

Important Ideas Of Sergey Brin & Larry Page To Build Up Google Foundation

One day Larry Page and Sergey Brin were talking about data searching on the Internet. He said that the common search engine searches thousands – millions of results, But the most interesting thing is that people often look at the first ten results on an Internet search.

While talking, he thought about creating such a search engine, which could provide his desired information to a person in the first ten results on the Internet. This idea was very important. Because of this idea, a worldwide multinational company like Google was established in this world.

As Sergey Brin has said, ‘He was sure that he could make a better search engine. It came to his mind the simple idea that not all pages on the Internet have equal importance. Some pages are more important. And some pages are not more important.

Some Facts Related To The Establishment Of Google Multinational Company

Larry Page was born in 1973 and Sergey Brin was born in 1973. He completed Ph.D. at Stanford University during studied he developed a search engine. All his time was spent in developing the search engine and there was no time to study.

Due to which there was a loss of their studies, so they wanted to sell it. He proposed to sell it to Excite Company CEO George Bell for $ 1 million, but he turned down the offer. And refused to buy it.

After this, he proposed this proposal to many big companies, but no company was ready to buy it. Finally, as a result, Sergey Brin and Larry Page had to establish the Google Foundation on 4 September 1998. At first, he wanted to name the foundation as Bacarb, but then he changed his mind. Because they thought that this could lead to the confusion of the massage parlor website.

Finally, he named his foundation Google. The name Google is derived from the word ‘Googol’. Which means that after a number of hundred is zero. The main reason for the company to be named Google is that through this search engine, they wanted to provide unlimited data and information on the Internet to people as per their wish.

The Founders Struggled To Develop A Google Multinational Company

When a new company or foundation is formed, many problems are faced initially. Because the founder does not know how much capital it will take, resources are lacking, employees are less, there is no experience at all, trust is low on their views, the trust of other people is also low. Etc. Many problems have to be faced.

The Google company initially had similar problems. At first, the Google search engine was run from a Stanford University website due to capital problems.

At that time the domain name of this company was “google.stanford.edu”. The company was later registered on 15 September 1997 with the name ‘Google’ domain.

The Google company was not started in a big office. It was launched in a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California. The Google company started with two computers, when Google company was formed it had only two computers. When the company grew, the number of computers and servers increased day by day as needed.

Some Important Turning Point Of The Google Multinational company

When Sergey Brin and Larry Page created a database of twenty-five million webpages, in August 1998, they met Sun Microsystems Co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim. Andy Bechtolsheim, upon hearing the thoughts and intentions of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, immediately gave them a cheque for a lac million dollars in the name of ‘Google Ink.’

At that time no one knew about the Google search engine. And it was not present. They went to the bank on 4 September 1998 to take payment through the cheque. After that Larry and Sergey set up a Google company and opened an account in the bank with this name. This was an important event in his life.

If they did not get that cheque, the founders might not have shown so much urgency in setting up the company. In this way, the cheque was a turning point for the Google company, because with this money the company started to work faster. The Google company grew when Google’s IPO came on 19 August 2004.

Here Is, Some Important Fact Years Of Success Of Google Foundation

The first version of Google was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin from a website of Stanford University in 1996. Both of them were Ph.D. students at Stanford University. First through Larry Page and Sergey Brin of this website started making their dreams and ideas successful. It is a bold story of google.

The biggest reason for starting work at this university was a lack of capital and resources. Later, as the Google company grew. Depending on the need, resources went on increasing. In 1997, Google made a registration under the name ‘Google.com’ domain.

Google was established on 04 September 1998. And it came to the world as a Google Corporation company. In the year 2000, Google started its website and literal advertising work for the first time.

After that in the year 2002, Google started news servicing to boost its website. So that more and more people can know Google. When Google started the work of news, the popularity of Google started increasing. And people started liking it.

The year 2004 was an important year for Google. Google was listed on the IOP name desk this year. After this, in the year 2005, Google started some other services which are named Google Map, Google, and Google Earth, etc. In 2006, Google’s publicity increased.

After which everyone in the world etc. came to know about the bold story of Google. Google search engine came into existence. In the same year, the name of Google was included in the Oxford English Dictionary. Apart from this, in the same year, Google also bought YouTube big company.

In the year 2007 Google started such a service, without which, today we cannot even run Android Mobile’s Play Store. The name of this service is email. Today, every Android user has an email created. In 2004, Google launched its own Chrome browser to access the Internet easily.

Previously, people had access to the Internet on the software of a computer, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. This is a bold story of google.

But ever since Google has created a Chrome browser. Since then it is easy to access the internet on this browser. And this browser also of Internet Exporal Advance Level. Google has given many functions in this browser. Such as an inbuilt calculator in the address bar of the Chrome browser, any files such as Adhoc, video, audio, picture viewer, etc.

If your computer does not have its drivers and software installed, then you can drag all these files through the Chrome browser to its address bar. You can open it easily. And can also play.

Apart from this, in the year 2010, Google has also launched its Android phone Nexus One in the market. In this way, Google provides many sari services to us. This Google is a bold story.


We need to learn from this bold story of google that if you want to achieve success, then whether it is business, social work, or any field, you should focus on it. Any business, it does not run without customers. Hence the focus of all companies is on their customers.

The Google multinational company has given its customers many facilities for searching the Internet and has taken special care of their desires from the beginning.

For this reason, there is no picture or advertisement on its homepage. They put fewer graphics on their website so that the results are quickly screened and people don’t have to wait. For this reason, advertisements on Google also do not have pictures.

With Google’s focus on customer convenience, it has now become the world’s most popular search engine. Google has never advertised on TV about its search engine or multinational company. Google also provides data on technology.

Google never used advertising or marketing firms to popularize its company. The truth is that Google did not even need it. This made the public happy, so people have made Google popular with their oral publicity. The bold story of google is amazing.

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