06 Bright Sunshine & Summer Diseases
Bright Sunshine & Summer Diseases

06 Bright Sunshine & Summer Diseases

Most Common Diseases Caused in Summer & Bright Sunshine

Summer Diseases & Bright Sunshine
Summer Diseases & Bright Sunshine

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In cold-climatic locations, the heat within the body is mainly operated by the skin through radiation and convection activities. When the temperature of the atmosphere is higher than the temperature of the body, then the permanent temperature of the body can be maintained to a great extent by evaporation of sweat at that time. In this action, the skin and lungs play the main role.

Solar Heating & Bright Sunshine

Summer Diseases & Bright Sunshine
Solar Heating & Bright Sunshine-min

Mainly the people with beautiful soft skin, green-blue eyes, and brown hair are more affected than the bright sun.

There are many causes of summer diseases. With the effect of strong sunlight, blue or red spots begin to appear on the skin shortly after it feels itchy and burning. Swelling occurs on these parts and the person also complains of headaches and nausea.

The main effect of affecting more part of the skin is on the action of evaporation of sweat. Consequently, the body temperature increases very much from the normal. The salt in the body, which we know by the name of “sodium chloride” decreases. By which the patient can reach the shock position.

Solar Keratosis

Staying longer in more bright sunshine places causes the atrophic patch in open areas of the body Staying longer in places with strong sunlight causes atrophic patches in open areas of the body. And many types of summer diseases arise. It is mainly found on the back of the hand, neck, and head. These rashes gradually turn into small rows of solar keratosis. Often the cancer cells develop.

This disease can be avoided by covering the skin with clothing, avoiding excessive sunlight, or using any kind of cream.

Ghamori & Puffiness due to Bright Sunshine in Summer Season.

People living in a warm environment are mostly victims of gambling. Drain of sweat due to heat now, which opens in the layer of the prickle cells of the outer skin. In which any kind of obstruction arises.

The sweat starts gathering in the outer skin. This causes small rashes in the skin. It has an itching and burning sensation. The skin around these two turns red. Both of them may have pus. These rash are more in mainly covered areas.

The person affected by the cavalcade soon after being in a cold environment or at the air-conditioned place, the obstruction of the drainage drains ends in one or two weeks and the person becomes normal.

Always avoid bright sunshine, wear loose clothes, and after bathing all the clothes should be rubbing and washing. Fat persons should pay attention to their weight. Do not take alcohol in any form.

Types of Summer diseases due to heatstroke & Lou or Flame Up

Due to excessive sun exposure in the summer season, excessive sweating leads to loss of water and salts in the body. Lack of water also reduces urine. As a result, the amount of urea increased in the blood.

Due to the lack of salts in the body, the headache starts to cramp in the stomach. The throat gets dry, so the patient becomes unconscious. If this condition is not immediately treated immediately, then the patient is in the position of Sunstroke (Lu).

In summer diseases different types of problems occurred in our body like the patient gets a high fever. Blood pressure is also reduced. And the heartbeat increases. Living in the sun for long, the circulatory system of the body can fail and the patient dies.

Home Cure from Summer Diseases

The main purpose of the treatment of Sunstroke (Lu) patients is to reduce high fever and complete the shortage of salts and water in the body quickly. First of all, keeping the patient in a cold environment, he should pour plenty of cold water on his head.

Sponge the body repeatedly with cold water and keep an ice bag on your head. On the bone of the reed, the cloth should be kept wet with cold water. It is more appropriate to wet the lips repeatedly than to give more cold water to the patient.

Mix glucose or electoral powder in water. It is also beneficial to rub the onion juice in the hands and feet and feeding the patient.

Homeopathic treatment has also proved to be great for avoiding this disease, but it is necessary to know that it is a serious problem that should be treated at the earliest and the right time.

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