05 Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy And Strong
Ways to keep your eyes healthy

05 Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy And Strong

Some Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy And Strong

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Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy And Strong, For instance, If the brightness is visible on the computer screen, then fix it first. Working in such a condition causes pressure on the eyes.

Prevention of Eye Diseases

Prevention of Eye Diseases
Prevention of Eye Diseases

When working on the screen, keep in mind that the letters should be clearly visible. Some types of shake sometimes get invisible and the eyes are pressurized.

If there is any discrepancy in seeing the screen, do eye tests.

Do not work in the eyes or do not work in an unhappy state.

Pregnant women should not work for longer periods of time. Foreign experts have experienced by the modern search. That pregnant women work on computers for a long time. It has an effect on their children.

Do not Work in Headache and Fever to keep Your Eyes healthy

Wash eyes with cold water from time to time to give relief to the eyes.

Avoid smoking, pan masala, and more tea.  Eat simple meals, fruit juice, green vegetables provide comfort to the body.  Alcohol and drugs have been found to be harmful.

Work by dressing properly while working on a computer. Working bare bodies has been found to be harmful.

Keeping the body should get complete comfort.  Those who do not pay attention to their sleep, they later become physical diseases.

Beware of Television

Beware of Television
Beware of Television

When watching television and video, the field should not be visible with the eye specialists.

Do not lie down and look for a long time.  The distance of 5 meters is reasonable for watching TV.

If riddles are shaken on the screen and changes in colors, then it would be appropriate that the engineers do not see the television until they recover.

If the eyes have redness, then relax.  Visiting the television in such a state causes eye disorders.

Pregnant women should be seen from a television distance and at least.  See also at least TV for a few months after having a baby

Ways to Keep your eyes healthy and strong, protect children from video games Seeing more of them affect children’s education, and sometimes kids are stubborn.

Do not watch television for some time in the state of headache and physical pain.

Ways of Caring the Eyes Healthy and Strong

It is compulsory to cry immediately after the baby is born. This opens the tears hole in the eye. The power of seeing together with both eyes develops in a total of 6 years.

There is no blood flow in the pupil and lens, so it is necessary to remain transparent.

The eyes have double blood flow.

The blood flow in the right eye is more and less in the eye so the left eye is more affected than the diseases.

Man’s vision is the highest.

Vitamin A deficiency becomes deflated especially in children.

The vision of the pupil is + 40 and the lens is +20, the overall vision strength is + 60.

The colors are identified by the angle and the light is identified by the road.

Sublimated light does not return a weak light.

The sight of the eye is not resurrected when the nerve is dry.

The sight of a healthy eye is 6/6 for distant and N / 6 for nearness.

After 40 years, all of the nearby glasses are required.

The operation of the cataract should be done only after cooking.

The lighting used in the building should not be seen.

The sun’s rays falling on the ice should not be seen, there is a danger of snow blindness.

Seeing the solar eclipse gives the risk of burning the veil of the eye.

Protect Your Eyes from Computer, TV, and Video Games also

The computer should sit in front and see. If the child’s mind does not mind if he does not feel like studying, then it is necessary to have a vision test done. It is a way to keep your eyes healthy and strong,

A complete transplant is not done in sight transplantation, the only implantation of the pupil is done.

It is better to have an operation in a hospital than in the camp.

Lysozyme is found in tears, which is a germ destroyer.

Light massage should also be done while washing the eyes.

The person should not touch the affected person when the eye is present.  Handkerchief and towels should not be used.

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