05 Virtual Private Network Amazing Facts
VPN Connection, Virtual Private Network Working, VPN Amazing Facts

05 Virtual Private Network Amazing Facts

Virtual Private Network Amazing Facts and Its Functions

Here we will discuss (VPN) Virtual Private Network in simple language. And we will also talk about what is a virtual private network, and why it is used, will also talk about it. We are the people who use internet service. They are either provided to us by a private organization or are provided by a government institution.

Nowadays there are many private organizations like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance JIO, and Idea, etc. and there are also some government organizations like B.S.N.L. and M.T.N.L., etc. which provide us internet service. All these organizations, through the IPS (Internet Service Provider), provide service to the users to access the Internet.

When a user searches information on any search engine like google.com or Bing, our request first goes to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) through our computer or mobile. This IPS (Internet Provider Server), works to send our request to the data service center of google.com.

Sometimes when we search for something on the Internet, IPS blockage our request. For instance, if we search any website like the latest job.com on the internet, this IPS does not allow our request to access the data service center. This process is called blockage.

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OpenVPN: Building and Integrating Virtual Private Networks

Similarly, A Virtual Private Network acts as a router. If you are running the Internet within many organizations like universities, colleges, banks, and private companies, then all those organizations intercept torrent sites with the help of Virtual Private Network and ISP (Internet Service Provider. This gives the organization the advantage that its data server information is secure. And cannot get out of the organization.

Similarly, the Government Organization has spoken to IPS (Internet Service Providers) to block many wrong websites, that they do not have to provide traffic if any request comes from an unknown website or domain name. That site has to be blocked at the same time. Through a Virtual Private Network, data can also be tracked outside a limited area and kept secure. This network acts as a tunnel between two or more than many organizations and companies etc.

The Work of Virtual Private Network

The Work of VPN

VPN is a network that is automatically created to secure data in colleges, universities, private organizations, etc. There are many websites in India which have been banned by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory of India) and the government of India.

Use of Virtual Private Network

Nowadays Virtual Private Networks are used to secure their data and information. Also to protect against hackers. But many people have started using it in illegal work. An encrypted connection is created with the help of a VPN.

That is, whatever activities you are doing on the Internet, it is kept private and secure. With the help of Virtual Private Networks, we hide and secure our IP (Internet Protocol) address. This is used to protect your own data from hackers. Nowadays hackers are also using Virtual Private Networks.

In simple language, we can understand that when an organization takes service of Virtual Private Network Amazing facts then a connection is made to that organization and VPN server. Which acts like a tunnel. Suppose that If you are a Virtual Private Network client and you search a good hotel on Google, then your request first goes to the virtual private network server.

The network connection that is made by you. The VPN sends your request to google.com or any search engine. After this, the data and information received from Google in virtual private networks. The Virtual Private Network Passes this information to its client.

In this way, we get the results. Nobody has been able to find out this information. And your data is saved from hackers and unknown activities. The Virtual Private Network Amazing Facts work in a similar way.

Suppose that the use of some websites has been banned in the country by the government for the common people. These websites can be accessed by hiding and changing their IP address and location through a taking Virtual Private Network. And no one has been able to find it. However, no person should access such websites that the government has banned. Accessing them is a punishable offense.

If you think that no one can track or find out you. So you think this wrong. The reason for this is that the government can also track Virtual Private Networks. Because The Virtual Private Networks also have their own IP address. Through which you can be tracked if you are doing any illegal work. This can possibly due to Virtual Private Network Amazing facts.

Virtual Private Networks are also used in their online data, website owners, and banking. All large companies use virtual private networks. That no one can steal their data. But The Virtual Private Network Amazing facts are also used by all professional hackers.

Android Application and Software Facts

Today, many Android applications and software are available for free to serve Virtual Private Networks for mobile and computers. But we want to suggest to you that, whatever applications and software are available for free service of Virtual Private Network.

They are not a hundred percent secure. These free applications and software can share your secret data and information to the third party. Due to which there is a risk of data theft. To use A Virtual Private Network Service, only paid license services that are genuine should be used.

Tracking From Unknown Network

You can be tracked through the Unknown Network. Sometimes our Internet Service Provider tries to track us. How are we accessing websites on the Internet? Because the ISP saves our IP address in its memory. Through which, IPS(Internet Service Provider) knows that we are using the Internet correctly or wrongly. Apart from this, the government can also track your internet activity.

Avoid Other On-known Open Source Wi-Fi Networks

Sometimes when some people turn on the Wi-Fi network of their mobile, computer, and laptop, then they see some open source network signal without a password in their device. Which, when connected, easily connect to their device. After this, users start accessing websites on the Internet. Then whether the website is related to banks, secret information, or any wrong website, they start running on their device very comfortably from unknown open-source networks. This is the big information on Internet working.

And they are very happy that they have got a Wi-Fi network to run the internet for free. They think that by saving their data, we will spend the unknown open-source data. But they do not know that with the help of this unknown open-source data network, any hackers can steal their data and lock all their secret passwords. You can also blackmail after that.

Or maybe an investigative agency is monitoring their data and information through this unknown open-source data Wi-Fi network. Therefore, we want to suggest to you that you should never connect any of your devices, whether it is a laptop or your mobile, to any unknown open-source Wi-Fi- network in the station, park, or around your home.

Here’s Best VPN Browser

TOR Browser : The Onoin Router

Here we are discussing about TOR Browser (The Onoin Router) If we are not aware then nothing is safe on the internet nowadays. When we search for a website on the Internet, our IP address reaches the server of that website. The IP address and information of our system also goes to the servers of those websites.

Here Is The Some TOR Browser Facts

TOR Browser

There is some such software that you can use to make your computer and mobile IP address hidden. And you can also hide the information of your computer. With the help of some networks and software, you can hide the IP address of your computer and laptop, such as The VPN (A Virtual Private Network) and the Tor browser (The Onion Router), etc.

Now we will talk about one of the best free and open-source software the name of that browser is TOR. This means the onion router. Using this software, you can hide your computer’s IP address and assign it to someone other’s IP address.

For instance, you have to open the YouTube website. So you go to Google and open the YouTube website. So by doing this, the IP address and information about our computer’s IP reach the YouTube server. But when you open the YouTube website from the Tor browser or open any website, the IP address and information of our computer do not reach them due to this Tor browser.

When we search any website on the Tor browser, our request does not go directly to the server of that website and it goes to the Tor browser server. And Tor Browser provides us with the data from further.

This browser stops and hidden our IP address on the same and with the help of its many servers, our IP address and information are displayed by changing the website. This is because the Tor browser works on multiple servers simultaneously. Which makes the information about our computer hidden. And our data remains safe.

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