05 Trouble Sleeping At Night | Insomnia
05 Trouble sleeping at night

05 Trouble Sleeping At Night | Insomnia

Trouble sleeping at night: Insomnia

Trouble sleeping at night cause of shortness of sleep is a dangerous disease. Due to poor sleep, many dangerous diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure can occur. Mostly insomnia is divided into three symptoms.

The first common symptom in which a person does not sleep properly. When a person lies down, there is a great delay in getting an hour or two of sleep or sleep.

There is another symptom in which sleep occurs but breaks down in between. And then even after waiting for several hours, one does not get sleep. The third symptom is that sleep breaks down automatically in the morning due to its migraine occurred.

Due to lack of sleep during the day or as soon as the sun comes out, pain starts in the head, irritation starts, attention is not paid to any kind of work. There is a problem with focusing. There can be many reasons for chronic insomnia.

Like any physical problem that has been going on for a long time. Such as pain in the joints of the body, the problem in the lungs, any heart problem, all these problems cause problems in sleep.

When a woman is pregnant then she also has sleep problems, there are many reasons, most of the women are thinking about their child during pregnancy and sometimes they get stressed.

This happens most often when a woman is pregnant for the first time. Different types of thoughts keep coming in his mind, as the months go by, her thoughts keep on growing. Due to which their sleep is reduced and sometimes this effect happens in their child which is dangerous.

Trouble sleeping at night: Excessive Gas a Sign of Insomnia

05 Trouble sleeping at night | Insomnia
Excessive gas a sign of insomnia

When the digestive function of the stomach does not work properly, then more gas is formed, due to which the stomach becomes bloated, sometimes vomiting also occurs, the person has a lot of trouble sleeping at night.

Apart from it some wrong medicines also play a good role in not sleeping. Such drugs should not be taken in the evening. Apart from this, the person’s own wrong routine also causes disruption in sleep. Like many people, it has become a habit that till two o’clock in the night, they work on computers or electronics equipment.

e reason is that even if the body is not tired at all, it still does not sleep. And where the mind of man never ceases or the mind is always moving, even then there is no sleep. The disease of sleeplessness is being seen more among the youth of today.

It develops in our bodies for many reasons. Such as taking more stress, understanding even the smallest problem as big, thinking about something or something all the time, consuming drugs, etc., body ache, nervousness, stomach pain, all the time in the head. Having pain etc. causes trouble sleeping at night.

Trouble sleeping at night: When you have too much anxiety cause of Insomnia

05 Trouble sleeping at night | Insomnia
Anxiety Cause of Insomnia…

Nowadays it has become a common disease. Among the people above forty years, it is found to be thirty percent. It has different types. Like some people do not sleep at all due to more anxiety. Some people come but the eye opens soon. And some people sleep a little bit.

The problem is that sleepiness is a disease, but people do not know about it. Some people have this disease for many years. But even then he does not go to the doctor. The biggest problem with this disease is depression. And it causes no sleep & trouble sleeping at night.

Apart from this, many people have primary insomnia, which means that the disease already occurs when the person is in puberty. Since then they do not sleep. In such a situation, the primary reason for not sleeping is not known. And many weeks and months pass by.

And when the patient is asked about the problem, he says that the problem is nothing but simply sleeplessness. These types of symptoms are also a lack of sleep. Which are dangerous.

Trouble sleeping at night: Sluggish Liver cause of Insomnia

05 Trouble sleeping at night | Insomnia
Sluggish liver cause Insomnia

When a person’s liver becomes sluggish, it also reduces his / her sleep, there are many reasons for liver failure due to which the main substance abuse is consumed. Many people who consume various types of intoxicants, such as alcohol, hashish, cannabis, and also smoke.

Such people also lose sleep. If these people do not get these things, then these people take a lot of stress. Due to which there is a complete decrease in sleep.

Apart from this, performance stimulation also reduces sleep. Like if a person has an exam or has a cricket or wants to go somewhere, he gets excited. Due to which tension develops, initially, it occurs normally, later it becomes a habit,

Due to which the brain starts to deteriorate and due to these reasons, sleep becomes sleepy. There is also a problem, the more the person runs after sleep or tries to sleep, the more sleep goes away. It is a dangerous disease. It is very important to treat it.

Trouble sleeping at night: Doing more mental work

05 Trouble sleeping at night | Insomnia
Doing More Mental Work

Doing more mental work causes more tension in the brain due to which there is no sleep, to avoid this, the rest of the five minutes should be done after half an hour. There are many reasons for sleeplessness.

For instance, If a person is not able to sleep, then he is entangled in himself. It has many types. Like in the first one does not get sleep for three consecutive nights.

The second one does not sleep for several weeks, it is called acute insomnia. And the third one does not sleep for several weeks to several months or for many years.

This is called chronic insomnia. Looking at these symptoms, it seems that it is a dangerous disease, it is dangerous because it is not even known for several days. Insomnia also reduces anxiety, sadness, and depression, forgetting things and remembering.

This concentration of meditation also ceases. There is no attention in any kind of work, even if it is entertainment. All the time to be stuck in the thoughts of waste, fussing, not talking to anyone, the habit of being alone with us, and not interested in any kind of social work like marriage, procession or religious work, things in mind lack of sleep is the main symptom of sleeplessness.

And some symptoms of sleeplessness also start due to wrong habits of the person himself. Such as prolonged consumption of the wrong medicines without consulting a doctor, eating excessively is all the wrong symptoms. Sometimes, due to lack of sleep, a person starts having seizures of insane breath, which also threatens his life. These wrong habits should never create a habit.

Trouble sleeping at night: Excess Consumption of Alcohol & Drugs

05 Trouble sleeping at night | Insomnia
excess consumption of alcohol & drugs

It is normal if you do not sleep initially. But when a routine takes the form. Then it becomes a dangerous disease. It also spoils the whole health. People who do not sleep at night. They lose their mental balance. Alcohol, intoxicants, hashish, etc. also disrupt sleep.

In such a situation one must wake up early in the morning to keep the mental balance right, and it should be sunk. By doing this, health is greatly improved. Too much alcohol and smoking play a good role in spoil sleepiness.

If a person eats food after drinking alcohol, then because of intoxication, forgets how much food should be taken. In such a situation, he eats excess food. Due to which its digestive process is disturbed. Because of which he does not sleep.

The smoke that goes inside the body due to smoking. It reacts with hemoglobin present in the blood. Due to which there is a lot of difficulty in breathing and the person does not even sleep.

Trouble sleeping at night: Excess Blood Pressure Symptoms of Insomnia

05 Trouble sleeping at night | Insomnia
Excess Of Blood Pressure Cause of Insomnia

It is very important to get complete sleep for a person to be healthy. This keeps the mind completely healthy. If a person gets enough sleep, he feels full throughout the day. In adults and children, growth hormones are released only during good sleep.

This makes their mind sharp. He is physically fit. But poor sleep has a very bad effect on physical and mental things. When sleep starts decreasing, a person’s behavior changes. He remains irritable. Nothing is working and neither does his mind feel.

His physical efficiency decreases. Confusion increases in small things. All these things also weaken the human’s short term and long term memory. Due to less sleep, a person feels low, angry at a talk, depression also increases; Its direct impact falls on his family.

There too everything goes wrong and the person does not even know why this change in behavior is happening. A person’s lack of sleep makes his Judgment Power Week. Due to which there is a risk of a travel accident.

A nap is natural due to lack of sleep and is out of control. Most road accidents are caused by blinking. Due to which our immune system also becomes weak. Diabetes due to lack of sleep increases the risk of chronic diseases like blood pressure, heart diseases.

Due to this, weight also increases. Some lactic hormones are released only during only the time of sleep, which gives signals to the brain to fill the stomach. Sleeping less does not release this hormone in sufficient amounts for providing signals to the brain.

Due to which the person overeats and his weight starts increasing and the biggest thing is that the lack of sleep is also visible on the face. The person looks unhealthy. Many such symptoms occur due to lack of sleep, a person should see a doctor immediately and treat it.


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