05 Thyroid Hormone & Disease
disease due to thyroid hormone

05 Thyroid Hormone & Disease

Thyroid hormone Disease, Which of the Following

Just one drop of thyroid hormone provides fuel to the various organs of the body for their functionality every day. Obviously, when the body has to do more work, it needs more hormones.

A very simple element, iodine, is required for this hormone, which is available mostly in our food and water in appropriate amounts.

The government has made it mandatory to sell iodine mixed salt to prevent diseases caused by iodine deficiency.

Disease – Which of the following

There are two types of diseases of this gland-diseases of the gland itself and diseases caused by thyroid hormone imbalance. But it should be clearly known that these two diseases are based on each other.

The main reason for this is that the amount of thyroid hormone produced depends on the amount of this hormone in the blood. To get sick of any gland means to either grow or become small.

There may also be another disease that includes the risk of tumors. The reason for the enlargement of the gland can be compared to the thick arm of a weight lifter.

This means that just as a lifter has to make the arm more powerful and inflate in order to lift more weight, similarly the thyroid gland swells when it has to do more work, that is, it becomes bigger.

The enlarged thyroid gland is what we call the goiter or snail. Due to the lack of iodine in the body, the gland does not make enough amount of hormones.

Iodine is not required in every vault. Iodine can also cause harm to the wrong patient and to the wrong patient, so a doctor should be consulted.

Other Causes of Thyroid Enlargement

Among other unusual causes of the thyroid, enlargement is tumors, which can be identified and treated only by an experienced doctor.

Diagnosis is very easy and can be done using a nuclear active method of radioactive iodine or other elements without any physical pain.

One of these methods is called the thyroid screening method, in which the entire picture of the gland is placed on paper, which reveals the abnormal state of the gland.

The thyroid gland can also cause cancerous disease. But many tumors of the thyroid gland are uncommon. Thyroid cancer is very easy to treat, and it is only cancer that can be cured.

When Does the Gland b=Become Small

Shortening of the gland is also an uncommon disease and it is mostly due to swelling of the gland due to any reason. This condition is called “thyroiditis”. Initially, due to swelling, the patient has severe pain in the gland with a high fever.

Gradually, when the inflammation subsides, a large part of the land has dried up, the thyroid hormone is deficient in the patient, but it can no longer enlarge the gland. Thyroid hormone has to be given to the patient for treatment.

Disease Caused by Thyroid Hormone

There are also two types of diseases caused by hormone imbalance, when the amount of hormones in the body is high or when that quantity decreases.

Excess of Hormones

This condition is called ‘thyrotoxicosis‘. Since the function of this hormone is to supply fuel to various parts of the body, its excess is produced due to excess fuel to the engine of the body.

In this disease, the patient cannot do much despite hard work. He feels restless and nervous, hands and feet are trembling, the body is hot, the pulse is fast. The body goes on becoming weak, etc. Diagnosis and treatment of this disease are easy.

It must have been clear by now that thyroid is a very important part of the body and can cause various diseases, but it is not beyond treatment.

A little patience, doctor’s sympathy, and proper care can make a thyroid patient healthy.

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