05 Things You Need to Do After Installing WP
Important Things You Need to Do After Installing WordPress Blog-whitechance.com

05 Things You Need to Do After Installing WP

Essential Things To Do After Installing WordPress Blog

Important Things You Need to Do After Installing WordPress Blog
Do After Installing WP, Important Things You Need to Do After Installing WordPress Blog

Hello Friends, If you have created your blog on WordPress. You have to do some useful settings after installing WordPress, Because using normal settings of WordPress can be quite a problem.

The new blogger does not seem to know about it, so he uses the default settings of WordPress so that he has to face considerable trouble.

In this article, I will tell you about what settings to install after installing WordPress. Which is necessary after setting up WordPress.

Because if you set up all the settings of your WordPress blog correctly, then your blog will be completely ready, then you can start blogging easily.

After Installing WordPress Delete the Default Admin

First, delete the default admin login and select a new user then delete the old default username.

Let’s understand in detail, after installing WordPress, there is a user name admin but to increase the security of the blog, it is important to delete the default login admin user name and create a new login user name and password. This is a very important step to ignore most New Blogger, but after installing WordPress first we should do the same thing.

Security of WordPress

It is very important to look at the security of WordPress, otherwise hacking for your WordPress blog hacker becomes a bit easier, so by removing or deleting the admin user by creating a new login user.

By clicking on the user setting and click on add new user and fill out your complete form and click on Save, then delete the admin user.

After Installing WordPress You Have to Set up blog’s title, tagline and time zone

Now the next step is to set up blogs, titles, taglines, and time zones.

This is also a very basic setting. Which many forget to set up many bloggers After setting these settings, your website or blog will look like a professional. The title and tagline settings are also required for SEO, and that same blog title is displayed in your Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines. To set this setting you have to click General in the settings. After that here you will have to set your blog’s title, tagline, and time. If you are Indian then select Kolkata and save the setting.

You, Will, Have To Change a Little bit in the Reading Settings, After Installing WordPress

Now you will have to change a little bit in the reading settings. For that go to settings and then click on the reading. Here you can select the page that you want to show on the front page. This is exactly how many posts to show on the block’s home page. Select that. According to me, you keep 5 or 6 posts. Keep the search engine visibility unchecked.

Necessary for setting up Permalink

Permalink is also necessary for setting up Permalink to go to settings as it is very relevant according to SEO. If you do not change your permalink then this can have a bad effect on the ranking of your blog or website. Professional bloggers believe that the default permalink of WordPress is not SEO friendly.

In this, there are post keywords after the address of the website, which is also very good to remember in reading and to SEO. Changing Parma Link is very easy, for this, click Settings then Permalink. Tick the post name.

setting the WordPress posts image

Now go to the media settings after that. By setting the WordPress posts image there you can better handle the images. WordPress creates many new image sizes by uploading the image you upload so that your blog page loads with the unnecessary file and slows down the speed of your site so you can set your media settings accordingly.

Because when you upload the image in the post content, the size in the default setting is set. Accordingly, the image appears in the post editor. And when zooming on that image, then the image quality of the image is poor, So it is better that you set the image size in all the settings so that whatever size of your image will be, the same will be open.

Install the caching plugin

Install the caching plugin because it makes fast loading of your blog The loading speed of the blog is a very important factor, it is very important to get a good ranking and to give a good experience to your friend.

It eliminates the waste of your website and makes the performance of your website great. There are many plugins on WordPress that you can use on the website.

Do After Installing WP blog use a plugin called “Yoast SEO”

If you are a blogger then you can never ignore SEO. Without it, you will not get ranking in the search engine. For this, you will need a plugin called “Yoast SEO” which is a powerful plugin. It helps to set up all the Basic and Advanced settings of your website. It has very good features so you need to stag YOAST SEO in your new WordPress blog. Install it and set it up properly.

Now a good theme is needed. Because your blog professional will only be able to install a good quality theme. So many free and premium themes are available on the internet. Choose any of the good themes you would like to install and install.

Use this plugin- Contact Form 7; Do After Installing WP

Now install the contact form because it is essential for your visitor. There is a plugin called Contact Form 7 which is very popular, you can manage it by creating multiple contact forms so that your visitor can contact you.


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