05 Symptoms of Migraine and Headache
Migraine headache

05 Symptoms of Migraine and Headache

Main Triggers For Migraine and Headache

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In Migraine and Headache disease, there is a pain in half of the head, Because of which the nausea starts, Symptoms of frequent vomiting, redness of eyes, etc. are seen. This disease is more common in women than from men. There are many causes of this disease like blood defects, excessive sex, indigestion, kidney disease, and chronic leprosy, etc. are the root causes of this disease.

Let the patient rest in the darkroom. Migraine or half head pain occurs in half of the brain. This pain in the brain is sometimes on the right side or sometimes on the left side. This pain can last from a few hours to two to three days or even a week.

This pain sometimes intensifies, sometimes it is slow, and sometimes there is no pain in the head at all. This pain is episodic. This means that it will and will never happen and sometimes not for several weeks or months. If a patient experiences this pain thrice or more in months, then he should see the doctor immediately.

When the blood circulation in the brain increases, then there is a pain like a rupture of the head, there are some patients who have pain in their head, then they feel nauseous. The pain of half a head also increases with traveling or coming in the sunlight. The patient should be protected from sunlight. The patient feels that no one should talk to him, he feels like lying in a dark room.

More physical effort. Doing it also causes headaches. Half of the head pain in women is a common disease, in most women, this pain is more during menstruation. When a period comes in women, they get a migraine. Starving for a long time is also one of the main reasons. Fasting for a long time increases the chances of this disease.

Lack of sleep or excessive sleep is also a major cause of headaches. A sudden change in the weather, such as rain, then sudden sunshine is also a big reason for the headache. This disease is also caused by putting more weight on the back or on the shoulder.

Because the veins of the back and shoulders remain connected to the brain. Initially, the pain is less and then gradually it becomes faster, etc. symptoms are found and migraine and headache problems occur…

Migraine and Headache- Blood defect

Migraine and Headache- Blood Disorders
migraine and headache- blood disorders

Blood disorder means blood disorder is a fatal disease. If it is not treated in time, it can be painful. A person gets skin disease due to blood disorder, a person suffering from this disease has an inferiority complex. To get rid of blood impurities, first of all, one should stop eating red chili, tea, pickle, use of oil in food, etc. Only then will any treatment be effective.

Due to blood defect or blood loss, various skin diseases occur like skin rash, pimples, ringworm, scabies, and itching. Itching, burning sensation in the skin, rashes, blood appears blue, the stomach is not clean. Cough and outbreak of air diseases are the symptoms.

Migraine and Headache- More Masturbation

Migraine and Headache- More masturbation
Half headache due to more Masturbation

A person who is addicted to masturbation never thinks that there is more to it than sexual intercourse. He does not even try to warn himself. The pleasure that comes from masturbation is available only for a few moments. But the anxiety of the mind and lack of enthusiasm persists for several days due to it.

Excessive masturbation causes excessive physical and mental fatigue in the body. Excessive masturbation consumes too much body power. Due to excessive sperm spending or wasting through it, there is a lack of calcium in the body, and pain starts in the waist.

Man’s memory power also starts to weaken because sperm has many essential chemicals that get out of the body due to excessive masturbation. A man who does masturbation does not mind doing the work of daily life because more it stimulation keeps the attention focused on coping all the time.

This habit causes many disorders in the body, such as pain in half the head, loss of appetite, gradually weakening of the body, loss of facial glow, ejaculation of semen during sexual intercourse, eradication of manhood. Let go etc. are dangerous symptoms.

Migraine and Headache- Indigestion

Migraine and Headache- Indigestion
Indigestion – Half Headache

Indigestion is the main reason for the use of more greasy food, sourness, pickles, eating food with excessive hot spices causes this disease. Taking food late at night is also the main cause of this disease. Due to this disease, the stomach of a person gets upset,

it is common to have a strong stomach and the food that they eat is not digested. Sometimes the food eaten comes back to the mouth and then goes back to the stomach. Gas is produced in the stomach. The stomach is seen from above. Sometimes there is pain and heaviness in the head.

When the stomach gas reaches the chest, it causes a lot of irritation due to which it becomes very nervous. Symptoms like indigestion are seen by eating more non-vegetarian food at night or by eating hot spices or by eating food which is digested too late.

Migraine and Headache- Renal disease

Migraine and Headache- Renal disease
Renal disease- Half headache

Renal or Kidney disease – Renal disease or kidneys work to get the dirt out of our body, in a way it acts as a filter in our body. When the level of sugar increases in diabetes or blood, kidney disease occurs. If it is not treated properly, then kidney disease is certain.

Another reason for this disease is a sudden increase in high blood pressure. Or even those people whose blade pressure is always high, they also get this disease. Sometimes the stones in the stomach become so small that they are not even known. When these stones gradually grow, we call them stones.

These stones cause an obstruction in the urinary tract. Due to which pain in the urinary tract sometimes these stones start coming out of the urinary tract. Due to this disease, the entire kidney becomes defective. Many symptoms & Migraine and Headache appear.

Migraine and Headache- Chronic leprosy

Migraine and Headache- Chronic leprosy increases
Chronic leprosy increases – Half Headache

Chronic leprosy is an infectious disease spread by a bacterium called Mycobacterium leprae. This disease usually worsens or affects the part of the eyes and respiratory tract on our skin. Its symptoms initially affect the skin of our body.

Skin color starts to change and skin spots and rashes start to form, this is the earliest symptom of this disease. It can occur in any part of the body, such as on the hands, feet, chest on the stomach, or even on the back.

The specialty of these skin spots or spots is that it remains numb. When these stains are read on the skin, neither one feels heat nor cold nor any kind of pain. Due to this disease, the nervous system of our body starts to malfunction.

And if it is not treated in time, the body also gets deformed. Symptoms of chronic leprosy start appearing in the body. With the onset of this disease, the person gets under mental stress due to which half of the head pain starts. The person’s nature becomes irritable. Etc. There are reasons of migraine and headaches.

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