05 Symptoms & Cure of Hydrocele in Testis
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05 Symptoms & Cure of Hydrocele in Testis

Symptoms of hydrocele | Its natural home treatment | Cure of hydrocele

There are many symptoms & cure for Hydrocele in testis. The testes have an important place in the reproductive organs. Which hangs just below the genitals of men. These two components of the same size as eggs are present in a sac, which is called the testicle. Mainly, they are two and a half centimeters wide and thick and up to four centimeters long.

There are symptoms of hydrocele in testis about one thousand thin and twisted tubes in each testis. Each tube is sixty to ninety centimeters long. These testes are clumps of those same tubes. And the semen of the male is formed in these tubes and from here it reaches the sperm.

In the symptoms of hydrocele in testis, when someone is hit or pressed, or due to diseases, defects, etc., due to the rise of water, blood, etc. in the testicles, they get enlarged and become bigger. This symptom is called testes growth.

In Ayurveda, many types of natural home remedies are available for the prevention of this disorder. In them, fasting, coating, fasting, taking medicine, etc. can benefit quickly. When the disease is aggravated, then there are many difficulties in overcoming it.

When symptoms of hydrocele in the testis that is why it cannot be ignored. According to Ayurveda, enraged defects, when received in the artery of the testicle duct, increase those cells, the same is called a growth or testicular growth. But according to allopathy, lymphatic from the ducts keep on collecting, due to which the testicle swells.

Excess unwanted enlargement h in testis is mainly considered to be of two types

Apart from blood in the first symptom and urine in the second, there are other reasons such as fattening, tumors, syphilis, caries, etc. are also called from this disease. During vomiting, bile, ovulation, phlegm can also come out.

Measures to remove aeolian

To remove testes growth, according to the sense of light, it is beneficial to drink balsamic liquid in the growth of testis. In this disease, if castor oil is mixed with cow’s milk and it is consumed, then within two months of use, ameliorative growth can be overcome. Or mix guggul in castor oil and then consume it with cow’s urine, aeolian growth will be destroyed.

Treatment of biliary colic – Cure of Hydrocele

Grind licorice, sandalwood, red lotus, indigo lotus, and poppy seeds, all in equal parts and grind it with milk and apply it on the bile – it is beneficial for bile growth. Due to this, there is quick benefit in colic in inflammation, etc. Along with this, it is also advisable to extract blood by junk.

Cure of Hydrocele during phlegm

Boiling Triphala and Trikuta should be mixed with Yavakshara and Sendha (salt) and drink it. Kapha’s growth is destroyed soon after its consumption. And it is beneficial in the treatment of suffering from phlegm growth. Applying bitter, hot, and hot liquids are definitely beneficial.

Other types of enlargement in testes

First of all, apply the above paste by fattening growth. In blood growth, removal of contaminated blood by leech and similar treatment of bile growth is beneficial. In urine increasing, the flowers of Palash should be warmed with oil and it should be suitably packed. Grind tamarind leaves and make a tablet of it, and it can also be stopped by heating and binding.

Symptoms of Hydrocele in Testis: Some other natural herbs.

Cure of Hydrocele, Some other natural herbs for beneficial of controlling hydrocele.
Cure of Hydrocele- Some other natural herbs.

Boil the flowers of Dhaka with water. When it boils a lot then take it off and refrigerate. By increasing its sweetness, the growth of the testes and the research and prong produced in it is easily eradicated.

If there is any kind of injury to the testis, if there are swelling and pain in them, then by applying ghee on the fresh leaves of tobacco, heat it lightly and bind it on the testicles, it reduces inflammation and pain in the testes soon. And the patient gets to rest.

Take raw papaya, peel it from the top, and remove the seeds from the inside and throw it away. Tie the longitudinally over it by placing or placing the enlarged testicles in this papaya. By using this method, you will soon get benefit from disorders of growth and inflammation.

To remove testes growth and its prefix, make fine power by taking dry ginger, kundalas, tobacco, mustangs, amba turmeric, poppy Doda, vach and vatsanag all in equal parts and about half a gram of macoya juice with a few big tablets Make it Grind this tablet with water and apply it on the ovaries and compress it with light hot water for a while. This reduces testicular growth.

Kundru, Lodh, Alum, Gandha, Beroja, and Guggul should all be taken in equal parts and ground with water and applied. All types of growth in testes are destroyed by this experiment too.

Pure mercury, pure brindle, pure saffron, dry gourd, black pepper, small peepal, myrrh, baheda amla, chavya, chitraka, kachur, patha, the origin of peepal, vividang, Vidhira, vach, Hauber cedaroo, cardamom b, all five salts, Bang Bhasma, Iron Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, Bronze Bhasma, Shankh Bhasma, and Kauri Bhasma, take all these substances in equal parts.

Crush all the ingredients and filter with a cloth. After filtering, mix the saffron and salt in it separately. After that, all the rituals should be mixed. Mix the mercury-gandhak with kajjali, then make the boiling of myrobalan and collect all these liquids and make them boiling. After this, make two hundred fifty – two hundred and fifty-milligram tablets by drying it and drying it and keep it safe.

Quantity – One to three tablets should be given after seeing the strength of the patient. Using it in the morning and evening with the decoction of Triphala will be more beneficial. If you can not boil Triphala, then you can take it with fresh water. Extraordinary uncontrolled growth in the testes is also overcome by its use.

Some instructions to stop the growth of testis

Symptoms of hydrocele in testis more food, more fried food, more labor, stool, urine, and semen stop movement, curd, urad, sweets, staple or food, s3x, cycle riding, etc. should not be taken. is.

Adherence to Brahmacharya, intake of easily digested foods, wheat, jowar, old rice, fresh whey, cow’s milk, green vegetables, etc. are more beneficial in stopping the growth of testes


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