05 Skin Common Problems – Basic Deal With
Different skin diseases & symptoms

05 Skin Common Problems – Basic Deal With

Today we will talk about some diseases related to skin common problems. And we will also discuss some of its causes and symptoms. Skin problems related to diseases are mostly due to wrong eating and living in dirty places.

If our food is very good and nutritious, then our skin starts glowing. And if our food and drink are bad then our skin deteriorates.

When there is natural moisture in the skin, it feels soft and smooth to see and touch. But when the natural moisture in it is gone, its glow also disappears. On touching the skin, it appears hard and dry.

Dirt has more effect on our skin. Particles of dirt stick to our skin with sweat and make the skin tight and rough. Sometimes skin irritation occurs due to these particles of dirt.

Apart from this, our skin also deteriorates due to smoke. Smoke contains many harmful substances. It also contains led which makes it difficult for us to breathe along with the skin.

Nowadays people are using chemicals to grow every vegetable. Eating this chemical vegetable also worsens the skin. And the skin becomes prone to many types of skin problems diseases like allergies, skin diseases, itching, ringworm, scabies, and eczema, etc.

Cause Of The Eczema Skin Common Problems

When the temperature inside our body becomes very high, its effects sometimes appear on our skin. As skin rashes occur. The eczema becomes, small grains start appearing, etc. People who use excess sour things in the use of food. Eats a lot of spicy food. Eat more tea, snacks, more lentils, drink more coffee at night. Excessive eating of all these things is the main cause of diseases like eczema skin problems.

Eating all these things in excess increases the level of bile in our bodies. It combines with bile Vaat and cough to produce diseases like eczema and skin problems. The main reason for eczema is the excessive amount of bile in the body.

Symptoms of Eczema

Eczema causes a skin rash. A small rash appears on the skin. The skin turns red. Skin irritation. Itching also occurs. The bile like water starts coming out from the skin by scratching. These types of symptoms appear. These symptoms are caused by a malfunction in the bile.

Some Skin Common Problems During Rainy Seasons

Skin Common Problems

Skin common problems occur mostly during the rainy season. Many types of bacteria and viruses are born in this season due to the rotting and melting of things during the rainy season.

When our skin is deficient in Vitamin-C, there is some skin common problems occur. During the monsoon season, there is moisture in the atmosphere. Due to which the risk of skin infection increases from ten to twelve percent.

There are some diseases that occur only during summer and rainy seasons. Their names are as following diseases like jaundice, diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, and dehydration. All these diseases are caused by drinking dirty water. During rainy days, the eyes become swollen due to moisture in the weather. There are rashes near the eyes.

In this season, many types of skin common problems are seen due to moisture, such as fungus, pimples, shingles, scabies, boils, and pimples, etc. Sometimes skin allergies also occur. It is also a skin common problems. When a person’s immune system is weakened, then the infection in his skin becomes quick.

Causes Of Charm Infection

There are the following reasons for skin disease. This is also a major problem of skin common problems. Staying too long in the sun or walking for too long can cause skin disease.

The reason for this is that now the pollution has become very much due to which the ozone layer has been damaged, due to which the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun fall directly on our skin and it gets infected. Some people have very sensitive skin, infection is very quick in those people and there is a risk of skin disease.

Skin diseases are caused by eating the wrong medicines. Skin diseases in women may be due to disturbances in their menstruation. Skin diseases can also occur due to a malfunction in the blood. In summer, nylon clothing can cause skin infections and skin diseases. Infected dust can cause skin disease from falling on the skin.

Eating too much-fried food can also cause this disease. When someone tries to stop urination and vomiting for too long, it can also cause of skin problems. This causes disorder in the body. Due to which skin diseases can also occur. One should not exercise immediately after having food, by doing so, this disease can also be caused.

Causes Of Fungal Infection

The main cause of fungal infection is a malfunction in the bile. Fungal infections occur when the toxin level starts increasing in a person’s body. Apart from this, there are also skin related infections. Earlier this fungal was easily cured by eating some medicines.

But now it is not easily cured. Even if it is cured, it happens again or again. Fungal infection occurs in the upper part of the skin common problems, it occurs in the skin moist area of a person’s body.

If the hygiene of our skin is not good then fungal occurs quickly. Fungal infections occur at some part of a person’s body such as the dump area of ​​our body, wet surface, humidity, moisturizer, closed area, etc. The fungal grows quickly at these places. There are other reasons for this infection. Excessive sweating in the body and not drying it for long, wearing wet clothes for a long time also lead to fungal infection. These are all creat skin common problems.

Fungal Infection is skin common problems infectious infection. Wearing clothes of an infectious person, touching also causes infection, touching things by the infectious person, contact with the skin causes fungal infection from one person to another.

One reason for this is the beauty parlor and salon. There is a use of each other’s towels. If a person infected with a fungal has used it, then many people may develop a fungal infection with that towel. Etc. There are reasons.

Causes Of Allergic

Allergic is a serious disease of skin common problems. When our body is not suitable for anything or for any season. Then there is an allergic problem in our body. The effect of which is seen on our skin. Allergies can occur anytime from any substance in our body, due to changes in weather and intake of wrong medicines. Sometimes the patient may die in this.

There are many types of skin common problems allergies. Such as shingles, scabies, boils, pimples, redness of the skin, fungal infections and eczema, genetic allergies, congenital allergies, etc. But most people refer to all of them by the name Allergic. It has become a common language. Allergic disease is also caused by domestic animal bites, scratches of their toes.

Dust is also allergic to skin exposure to harmful substances. Sometimes the adverse effect of beauty items like power, cream, etc happens on our body due to which it is allergic. Many types of rains, insects fly, their bites also cause allergies. Blisters occur on the skin. They also cause infection. Moe Eating of English medicines also causes of allergies infection.

Allergies can have any effect on any organ in our body like nose, ear, neck, face, hand, foot, back, chest, waist, wrist, thigh, elbow, genitals and also occur throughout the body simultaneously.

Symptoms Of Allergic

When there is an allergy in the nose, the nose flows frequently, it sneezes frequently, blood comes out from the nose and there is also a burning sensation in the nose, the nose becomes red. Symptoms of allergic reactions in the eyes often cause tears. Eye irritation. There are symptoms like itching in the eyelids.

Apart from this, sometimes when the allergy becomes more, the person’s breathing system fails. Due to which breath related diseases like asthma etc. occur. Sometimes, when there is more allergy on the skin, bile starts coming out from the skin. Many people also get allergic to eating hot things. Etc. symptoms are found.

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