05 Signs Bleeding Piles | Flatulent Piles
Piles causes, Piles symptoms, Bleeding piles

05 Signs Bleeding Piles | Flatulent Piles

Symptoms and Reason of Flatulent Piles / Bleeding Piles

(Bleeding Piles, Piles causes, Piles symptoms, Piles bleeding, Hemorrhoids bleeding a lot)

Bleeding Piles: Symptoms

Bleeding Piles
Signs Bleeding Piles | Flatulent Piles

Warts are released inside or outside the place of the anus which is wilted, solid, hard dry, and different types of warts, headaches, pain in the waist, thighs, and testes.

Sometimes severe pain in warts, Constipation, air moves in the stomach, Indigestion, pain while getting up in the evening.

The face and entire body become pale and pale, The hunger is gone. The patient becomes weak day by day and the skin, nose, mouth, and eyes turn black.


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Bleeding Piles: Reason

Chronic constipation, drinking alcohol, Indulging in indulgence luxury, living a life of luxury, stay in one place for a long time, and to hold the stomach air for without any reason, due to being badly busy in work, not having to go to the latrine on time, red chilly, hot spices, consuming a high quantity of pickle and mustard oil, eat more meat, etc (Junky food)


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