05 Secure OS | Ultimate Linux Security Tools
Secure OS

05 Secure OS | Ultimate Linux Security Tools

Top Secure Os | Here is Linux Security Tools of The World

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Importance of Operating System Security | Facts About Secure OS Linux Security Tools

Importance of Operating System Security & The Debian Operating System Definition

There are many types of Secure OS (Linux Security Tools) hacking Debian operating systems are available in the world. All hackers are used to different types of Secure OS (Linux Security Tools) Systems for stealing the data of our, government offices and banking sectors. With the help of the Debian Operating System (Linux Security Tools), During the day or night, anytime they try to get more information for stealing the important information about us or related to our banks, Identity Card, etc.

The Facts of Debian Operating System and Linux Security Tools

Some Secure OS Based on Debian Operating System

5 – BackBox (https://backbox.org)

Here is a secure operating system definition, this Debian operating system has maximum security. This secure os system is only for the information & not for use. many people used the backbox. But I used only the “Kali Linux” base on the Debian operating system. If you want to learn more about the backbox you will have to download for your personal computer.

After using you will be able to more about it. Apart from it you can learn more or execute about hacking from it. But I want to suggest you, never implement this inside your habit. BackBox should use only for learning purposes, not for professional’s work. You can easily download backbox secure os because it is open-source software.

4-Backtrack (https://backtrack-linux.org)

I also used this Debian operating system. According to my experience, it is very well. It is also an open-source Secure OS and Linux security Tools or software. You can download it from the above-given link. This software is a very good operating system and also hacking can be done too.

This Software is great for security testing. Through USB drive you can also directly run it by booted drive. There are lots of tools that are available in the backtrack. Using it you feel more comfortable working with it. It is important to learn about more commands for systems, or how to run on it.

3-BlackArch Linux (https://blackarch.org)

Importance of Operating System Security

This is also an open-source Linux security tools software. It can be also used for security testing. In this software, you get more than (1600) One thousand & six hundred tolls. In this software, it is a huge collection of Secure OS and all these tools are enough for you to learning or experiment.

A lot of tools are not available in other open-source software. You can easily download the BlackArch open-source operating system from the above-given link. With the help of it, you can become a good white hacker by learning from it. This is a very good direction for the beginners and It is also good for the advanced users. The size of this Secure OS is very large. Before download, you should check the size of it.

2-Parrot Security (https://parrotsec.org)

Secure OS, Importance of Operating System Security

This Software is very good. I have also used it. There is no need to download any other software in it. The special thing in this software, many easy or simple software are already equipped with it. It is also open-source software. It can be easily downloaded. This is the more used operating system in the world. According to my knowledge, you must try it.

1-Kali Linux (https://kali.org)

Secure OS, Importance of Operating System Security

Everyone likes this software. This software is very popular over the world. I also use it and like it. There is no doubt about it. The special thing about is that its interface is also very good. With the help of this software, hacking can be learned in an easy way. One of the operating systems it is found best. Many types of hacking tools are available in this software. Kali Linux can be download easily. It is the more used software in the world. You must try it.


This was the secure operating system definition. All these operating systems are being used by hackers and developers. But if you want to know more about these, then you will have to download all. After downloading you can learn more information about these.

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Warning Importance of Operating System Security

The links of downloading are giving in every heading. But use only these software to learn purpose. Don’t use it for the wrong purpose. The misuse of these operating systems can be harmful to you. If you use this software for harmful purposes than you can be identified for convicted under cybercrime. Use only educational purposes and learning purposes.

Secure Operating System Definition | Importance of Operating System Security

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