05 Hysteria Symptoms With Causes
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05 Hysteria Symptoms With Causes

Hysteria Symptoms & Causes

Hysteria symptoms – This disease mostly occurs in fragile, weak, or urban women. Mostly this disease is found more in women between the age of twelve to forty years.

The following symptoms of this disease are such as stiffness of hands, feet, and body, trembling, sore throats, vomiting, nausea, seizures, sometimes women suffering from this disease cry very loudly and laugh and cry.

Women feel as if a spiral appears from the uterus and ascends towards the head. Then faint all of a sudden. When the attack occurs, it lasts for a few minutes or hours, after which epilepsy ends automatically.

Foam appears in the mouth during epileptic seizures, but there is no foam in hysteria. During epileptic seizures, the face turns blue. But on this tour, the face epileptic red. If the woman is unmarried, then she should get married. This disease occurs to rich, fragile, and comfortable people.

Hysteria disease is a serious psychiatric. If the disease is not treated at the right time, it can worsen the patient’s condition. This disease is a kind of mania. The patient suffering from this disease is very much worried. When hysteria strikes or attacks, it is as if the patient has been paralyzed.

But this only happens for a short time. Most hysteria symptoms remain active for a short time. It causes swelling in the neck. A person’s endurance becomes weak. In the earliest signs of hysteria, the patient suddenly starts sweating. And there is a lot of nervousness. The patient comes to know that he is going to have strikes or an attack of hysteria.

The patient starts feeling like heaviness in his head. Trouble breathing. The heartbeat becomes very fast. Thirst also starts. The patient starts giving his teeth very fast with his own teeth. There is darkness in front of the eyes. The entire body becomes relaxed. There is no movement in the body.

The patient feels as if an airball has formed in the stomach and it is pulling the breath in its asterisk. Many of these types of symptoms are caused by hysteria. If these symptoms occur, again and again, the patient suffers from hysteria disease. In this disease, the patient has too many problems with anxiety.

Origin of hysteria symptoms in the brain due to psychological disorders

Hysteria disease can also be caused by a psychological disorder in the brain. This psychological disorder occurs due to injury to the head or too much thinking, stress, puzzle, anxiety, etc. There are some unnatural reasons for this, such as working excessively on the computer for too long, working on the laptop, or running the mobile for too long while sleeping, etc.

Things play an important role in causing diseases like hysteria. There are Serotonin levels in the brain when it more increases or decreases due to some reason, even then there is a risk of hysteria disease.

This disease is also a cause of the neurological disorder. In this symptom, like a person is more attached to something or loves a lot like the mother, brother, sister, wife, etc., whenever these things get away from the person or someone has died, such incidents happen in hurt a create a lot of tension, depression, and anxiety, etc on her mind.

Due to which he goes into a lot of depression, thus creating an atmosphere of anxiety. All these events play a big role in giving birth to dangerous diseases like hysteria. The effect of this disease occurs early in most women and it is found more in weaker women.

During the disease, a woman has seizures like epilepsy. She gets upset about hearing about an accident or incident. Hysteria disease is initially normal but later becomes critical.

How to know if a person is suffering from the symptoms of hysteria disease or not

Hysteria occurs only for a short time after which the patient becomes normal. But when this happens, again and again, the patient should see the doctor immediately. A person suffering from this disease should never take the medicine on his own. Consumption of the wrong medicines can cause deformity of the body. As the weight suddenly increases and decreases. He is not able to sleep properly. There are complaints of constipation.

Some home solutions to prevent hysteria symptoms

05 Hysteria Symptoms With Causes
Hysteria treatment home remedies

Do not let the patient of hysteria go in the atmosphere of noise, fight, crowd, dirty, etc. Always keep him in a cool environment. Do not give fried food to the patient at all. Feed plain food like oatmeal, moong gram, khichdi, etc.

Massage his body thoroughly at least twice a day. Hysteria disease can be reduced with the help of some home remedies. And the patient gets to rest. Just like the patient should exercise daily, should avoid some wrong food and drink, the food should not be eaten at all if the disease is major, the patient should be taken care of, the patient should not be sent anywhere alone.

We should never angry with a patient of hysteria. Feed honey and raisin to the patient, he will feel relieved. The patient should consume a little more ghee. Through all these diseases can be controlled.

The most important thing is that the patient should always live in an environment that is completely free from stress, there should not be any kind of puzzle, stress, tension, anxiety. The incidents, accident, or any such thing which the patient gets nervous about hearing, should never talk about such things in front of him.

When the patient is suffering from any kind of hysteria or epilepsy, make a solution by adding a little sugar to the water to normalize it, after that, give the patient a little slowly or a little glucose water. By doing this, the patient gets relief and can come to a normal position. The doctor should be consulted immediately if the problem increases.


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