05 High Blood Pressure Causes
High Blood Pressure Causes

05 High Blood Pressure Causes

Causes of High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure causes mean hypertension in medical science. It is omnipresent that unless an object is pressurized, it does not move forward or backward.

There is a need to pressurize the blood in the body to reach various organs, that is, pumping and this work are done by the human heart.

The high blood pressure that the heart exerts to send blood to large arteries produces pressure in them. If the arteries are narrow, then the heart has to exert more pressure to push blood in them, because it has to push the blood inside it at a greater pressure.

If the heart does not work, then it fails and the pressure falls on the lungs. Which starts to stop breathing.

The maximum high blood pressure at the time of each heartbeat is called systolic and the minimum pressure at the time between the memory beats when the heart stops is called diastolic pressure.

We write it this way 120/60. It has 120 systolic and 60 diastolic pressure. Increased diastolic pressure has a more dangerous and prolonged effect than increased systolic pressure.

Blood pressure increases with the age of man, that is, blood pressure which is unusual for a man of 20 years but is considered normal for a man of 60 years. High Blood pressure is lower than normal at rest in players.

High Blood Pressure Causes: Normal blood pressure limit

Low blood pressure

Up to 18 years- 90/60

Up to 20 years- 140/90 to 95/55

Up to 50 years- 130/95

Up to 75 years- 170/105

High Blood Pressure Causes

Up to 20 years- 140/95

Up to 50 years- 160/100

Up to 75 years- 170/110

Causes of High Blood Pressure

  1. Generation to generation trends
  2. Obesity
  3. Stress or anxiety
  4. Smoking- High Blood pressure slightly increases while smoking cigarettes. For frequent drinkers, the nicotine present in tobacco releases adrenaline and the narcotic adrenaline hormone from the adrenal glands. The effect of which increases blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Causes: Hypertension in women

Hypertension is a frequent occurrence in women who take the contraceptive pill. These birth control pills contain a hormone called estrogen.

In which the body has the characteristic of preventing symptoms and water. As a result, the blood volume increases. Due to an increase in blood, blood pressure increases. It grows slowly over the years.

High Blood Pressure Causes & Symptoms

The first symptom of high blood pressure is a pain in the back of the head and neck while sleeping. It ends as it is morning.

Sometimes, high blood pressure causes headaches, dizziness, fatigue.

Patients also complain of palpitations. Sometimes the light of the eye also decreases.

The heart has to do extra work due to high blood pressure. Due to which angina pectoris becomes heart colic. In this, the patient feels more restlessness and pain in the middle part of the chest.

Kidney damage can also occur due to extremely high blood pressure. The patient has to go for urine several times during the night.

Over a while, fat or fat clots begin to accumulate in the large blood vessels of the hypertensive patients. A blood clot causes blockage in the blood vessel. It is called a thrombus.

If this blood particle gets stuck in the pipe leading to the brain, then the patient will start to faint due to this. Sometimes a part of the body becomes incomplete and there is difficulty in speaking.

High Blood Pressure Causes: Home Cure of Hpertension

  1. Reducing mental stress and worries.
  2. Consume less food, more fat, and more calorie foods.
  3. Extreme salt should not be taken with excessive salt. It can be used gradually in small amounts.
  4. High blood pressure patients must stop smoking.
  5. Exercising regularly is a very important step, but exercise should be done so long that there is no tiredness and no breathing.
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