05 Gonorrhea Symptoms | Strangury Cure

05 Gonorrhea Symptoms | Strangury Cure

Gonorrhea (Strangury) Symptoms | Cure Urinary disorder

This disease is commonly called gonorrhea. In the language of allopathic, it is also called gonorrhea disease. The symptoms gonorrhea described in Ayurvedic texts by the name of Urinalysis are similar to those of gonorrhea. Some scholars consider this to be a distinction of the case. And some call this disease a disorder or prefix of syphilis.

Gonorrhea symptoms are also considered this disease. But some people say that gonorrhea is different. We will not fall into this controversy and will briefly highlight the eight types of Ayurvedic Urine.

Gonorrhea Symptoms:

Type of diuretic (Strangury) The diuretic is considered to be of eight types.

1- Aeration, 2-Push, 3-Constipation, 4- Three disorders (different balance of elements in our body), 5- Ashmari, 4- Malavarodha, 4- Urine and alkaline, and 4- Semen discharge

In the auric urinary tract, there is a heaviness in the urinary and bladder, itching, and urine whitening. Three disorders can have mixed symptoms of all the three doshas, and the pain is also high. Redness and urine color are yellow on the urinary tract. All these symptoms may be of gonorrhea.

Constipation is a heaviness in urinary and bladder in the urinary tract, and pain is also high. In a disease containing calculus, the urine comes out patiently, in two rows, and with pain.

In menstruation, the stool of stools in the rectum and their pain, etc. also have an effect on the urinary tract. Along with pain in the urine, stool smells also.

There is more pain at the time of the release of urine due to shock in the sense organs of urine, or due to shock or urinary tract obstruction. In the eighth type, which forcefully prevents the sperm wastage, sperm are dried and stuck in the urinalysis. Due to this, there is more trouble while urinating.

Ayurveda Holds That

नालस्यमूले मण्येवा कलवाये शनैः शनैः।
कणशश्चेत स्रवेन्मूत्रं मूत्रकृष्ठं तदुष्यते॥

That is, at the root of the urethra, when the urine is heard slowly, intermittently, in the middle or in the anterior part, the disease is called the urine.

Gonorrhea is also a contagious disease. If men or women suffering from gonorrhea are in intercourse. Then one’s disease can be transmitted to the other. Due to this, there is also gonorrhea present in the anal center. If men or women suffering from gonorrhea are in intercourse.

Then one’s disease can be transmitted to the other. Due to this, any disorder or worms present in the senses of the anus can cause infection from one organ to another. In the view of allopathy, this disease is caused by the entry of a small germ called gonorrhea.

This disease can happen to both men and women. In women, this disease attacks the germs in the womb through their vagina.

Urinalysis or gonorrhea can also not be considered as syphilis. Syphilis and gonorrhea can be so similar that syphilis damage and wounds occur on the skin By the way, it is possible that gonorrhea or urine can be originated from the discharge.

Because the moment the ejaculation is intensified, the man becomes conscious and tries to stop the semen inside. The stinging semen then traumatizes the urinary tube and creates many wounds. The same reason is also evident in the eighth distinction of urine. of the senses, and gradually deepen, whereas gonorrhea causes lesions within the senses.

We do not want to get into the controversy that urinalysis, gonorrhea, are different names of the same disease, or that the disease is different. Because according to Ayurvedic medical practice, the remedies that are prescribed for the prevention of urine.

They prove equally effective on the symptoms of gonorrhea etc. Therefore, home treatment related to these diseases is presented here.

Gonorrhea Symptoms:

Home treatment of diuretic, gonorrhea

In the first, the patient’s body should be purified. For that, four teaspoons of Adi oil (castor oil) should be mixed with milk. This causes sewage treatment easily.

Four to six grams of fennel should be taken with milk mixed with equal parts in small myrobalan. If this experiment is done while sleeping at night, it is more beneficial.

Taking dry grapes (munakka) with ten to fifteen pieces of milk is also beneficial. But it does not benefit people with tough cells.

Consuming ten to twelve grams of gulkand along with milk gives soft hair to the desired benefits. But this tablet is very beneficial for those with tough leprosy, take twenty grams of casserole and filter the big myrobalan and add four grams of pure jamalgota (Croton tiglium, known as purging croton) to it. Then make gram proof tablets by smearing milk of euphorbia.

Quantity – The patient should be given one to two tablets with freshwater and as per requirement. Constipation is cured by its use and is destroyed. Chaotic and colic are peaceful. It is also useful in anal fistula (bhagandar) etc. Along with rectal hygiene, the bladder also begins to be affected by favorably. Therefore it is beneficial in gonorrhea too.

Gonorrhea Symptoms: Various useful home remedies for gonorrhea

Sieve three grams of cold sugar, four grams of bunches, five grams of pomegranate, one gram of red sandalwood, one spoon of sandalwood oil all after litter, they should be consumed with cold water mixed with sandal oil. This is a quantity, similarly, other quantities should be used. This quantity can also be modulated according to the patient’s strength.

The urine comes in excess due to its intake, which opens the urinary tube if it is closed. And gonorrhea of gonorrhea also does not re-enter.

Fried acacia lap with cow’s ghee, and with mochras ten-ten grams, pure Shilajit Bhatt and six Sat giloy each, Roomy mustang, small cardamom seeds, Dynasty Lochan and Vang Bhasma three-three grams, Take the seeds of tamarind, big bunches and fifteen grams of cold sugar and grind them all.

Quantity – Two or three grams of this powder with milkshakes(Lassi) of milk should be consumed in the morning and evening. It is beneficial in gonorrhea. Also in gonorrhea, sperm secretion with urine, thinning of sperm, etc. is also beneficial.

Coat cold sugar twenty-four grams of barley and heat it with eight times water and filter it out with fire while remaining twenty-five percent, When this water becomes cold, add ten drops of real sandalwood oil in it and drink it mixed. This is a quantity, use it three times a day.

Taking four to five or more days continuously, eliminating blockage, irritation, wounds, etc. in the urine, the patient gets relief from gonorrhea. Cold sugar is also useful in urination or other related diseases.

Take both twelve grams of cucumber seeds and white lotus petals, two grams each of white cumin, and thirty-five grams of sugar. Drink everyone with water like cold on the cob. Five to seven days’ intake of gonorrhea, gonorrhea, or urinalysis is sufficient.

This solution is also beneficial in the case of men and female leucorrhoea. It has a favorable effect on the urinary institution. Due to which, the process of purification and treatment of diseases goes on automatically.

Mix four spoonfuls of the new pestle of beans and half a teaspoon of sugar candy and drink it daily in the morning and evening. It also has a favorable effect. It is also beneficial in gonorrhea and its other prefixes. It also has the properties of cleansing urine and eliminating irritation. With this yoga, Semal’s symphony benefits more than Swara’s pitcher

Take forty grams of cold sugar, ten grams of alabaster, and six grams of kalmi sora, alum and ocher two-two grams, and normal edible camphor with five hundred milligrams, grind them and filter them with a cloth and mix them separately.

Quantity – One and a half to two grams, with cold milk of cow, should be taken three or four times a day. Eating rice pudding made of rice is more beneficial. There should be old and good quality basmati known for Kheer. This brings more urine and the urine is cleared. Swelling usually ends within a week. It can also be used for more days if necessary.

Take fifteen to fifteen grams of Viroja and Kalmi Shora and make milligram powder and put twenty to thirty milliliters of sandalwood oil in it and mix it properly.

Quantity – Take one to two grams of the solution with cold water. Due to this, gonorrhea disease is destroyed quickly.

Take twenty grams of native camphor and ten grams of juice camphor and keep them separate two cups and burn the jerry with a grinder machine by giving a fire of berry wood for one hour. If the Jauhar of Rasakarpur does not fly, then mix it again with camphor and then blow Jauhar by the same method. This time the barrier to fly Jauhar will not be present.

Quantity – Take this Jauhar for two to four rice-filled both morning and evening with butter or cream. A higher intake of ghee and butter is necessary. It is soon beneficial in gonorrhea.

Diuretic Destructor

Collect gokrkh juice or kuyath coriander, kuyath mint juice, sandalwood extract and fine sura sixty-six milliliters, ten milliliters of sandal oil, and keep them in a bottle and put a strong lid on it. It should be used after one week.

Insert the specified kathons with the remainder of the half using the kuyath method. If the extract of sandalwood is not available even after heating, then mix it with the Kyaath method. And other oils should be purchased by mixing them with the market. This oil should be good edible.

Quantity – This can be taken by mixing one teaspoon four times cold water three to four times a day. According to the disease and the power of the patient, the amount of medicine can be increased or decreased. All types of diuretics, gonorrhea, semen defects, etc. are destroyed quickly by its use. It is beneficial in urination, urination, diuresis.

Gonorrhea capsule

Take twenty grams of frankincense powder and filtered powder and mix it in such a santalum oil in such a way that it takes a form like avaleh. Keep it in a vial and fill 500 to 500 milligrams in capsules.

Quantity – Two to three capsules should be consumed with raw milk in the morning and evening. If necessary, it can be increased further in the afternoon. Its use kills gonorrhea and all its prefixes.
Effective powder in gonorrhea.

Soft sugar, gold ocher, Small cardamom seeds, White alum, white sandalwood, Migraines of cucumber seeds, Satro of Viroja, Grind ten grams each with ten grams of Kalmi Sora, frankincense, cauria and Hajrul, and one hundred grams of sugar candy, sieve and make powder.

Quantity – Three grams, three times a day with milk milkshakes (Lassi) should be consumed. All kinds of gonorrhea arise from them, the burning effect is seen in diseases like burning, pain, and drop out of urine. It is also possible to get benefits in pomegranate.

Trivikram oil on gonorrhea

Take three percent of pure sugar oil, sandalwood oil, and four percent part of pure oil of Viroja oil in a bottle, put all the three oils in a bottle, grind it and put a strong lid on it. If the camphor is not sore, keeping the vial in the sun will melt it.

Quantity – By mixing ten to fifteen drops of this mixture in raw milk of fifty to sixty milliliters of cow, it should be consumed in the morning and evening. This removes all types of diuretics and their prefixes.

Simple treatment on gonorrhea

Take eight large big bunches, two grams of alum, golden garlic, small cardamom seeds, and four grams of vanchalochan, keep all of the ground and filter.

Dose – Take one to three grams of milk with milkshakes (Lassi) or freshwater, all types of diuretic disorders are removed. It should be used two or three times a day.

Simple medicine on gonorrhea

Combining both five drops of sandal’s best oil (Mysore Sandal) and seven drops of beroza oil, Keep it in Betashe, and after eating it drink raw or retained milk. It will definitely benefit in gonorrhea.

Electuary on Urine Chamber

Take a hundred grams of junk with the root of Kush, Kansa, Varuna bark, black reed, poppy Doda, and reindeer and soak it in sixteen liters of water at night and heat the rest of the pot by lighting it early in the morning.

When the remaining two liters of water is left, then after filtering and mixing two kilograms of sugar, do two types of sugar syrup. Thereafter, mix and filter the following substances in this syrup.

Seeds of ointments, amla, bay leaf, cinnamon, small cardamom, Poppy Doda, Nagakeshar, Petha Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, Vansalochan, Priyang – Pushp, Pure Shilajit and Sat Giloy with six grams each. All of these powders become syrupy after mixing them properly in sugar syrup.

Amount – Five grams to ten grams should be consumed thrice a day with fresh water. By this, all types of urinals and their sufferings are removed. There are quick benefits in pomegranate, puameh, swelling in the penis, semen discharge, stroke, etc. It is also effective in removing stones. Chhati or Vranadi produced in the ureter gets to benefit in some time.

Other simple uses in urine tract

Grind the cold sugar, large cardamom seeds, alabaster, kalmi salt, turmeric, and viroja all in equal portions and sieve them with a cloth and keep them in a vial.

Quantity – Consuming three to six grams of milk with milkshakes(Lassi) thrice a day removes all

Types of Gonorrhea (Urinalysis and appendicitis powder)

Otherwise, bark, mint gum, mango kernels, old, virji, poppy, the root of pavad, indriyav, big myrtle, lodh, prunes, madhuca flower, berries kernels, banyan coral, peepal coils, painter Grind the neem charcoal and pure Bhallatak in equal parts and filter it with a cloth and fill it in bottles and keep it safe.

Amount – Two to four grams should be mixed with honey, morning and evening. It removes urine and its prefixes. It is also a useless drug for urinary stones and works more than expected in diabetes.

Urinary Tract

Grind fine fine flour with fifty grams, fifty grams of small cardamom seeds, thirty grams of pure asafetida, and grind them in guarpathe. Two hundred and fifty grams of Guarpathe juice should be consumed in the solution. Then make strawberry proof pills.

Quantity – One to two tablets, consumed three times a day with fresh water, will destroy the mutrakach (gonorrhea) soon. If blood or urine comes with urine, fullers earth should be filtered and consumed with it.

Old gonorrhea is also destroyed by smoking in the urine

Grind ten grams of anarkara, mazufal, chowkia suhaga, pure higul, mainfal, neem gum, and celery khorasani in a quantity of ten grams each and grind it with water and dry it by making four to five grams of ticks.

Usage- Drink this tablet in place of tobacco in a chillum. In this way, smoking also destroys many years old gonorrhea.


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