05 Causes of Syphilis | It’s Home Treatment
Symptoms and Causes of Syphilis Causes of Syphilis Symptoms of Syphilis Syphilis and it's home treatment

05 Causes of Syphilis | It’s Home Treatment

Symptoms, Causes of Syphilis With Home Treatment of Syphilis

There are many symptoms and causes of syphilis is a disease that results from excessive sexual intercourse. Syphilis has many differences, it is also caused by three types of disorders such as blood pathology. Thus syphilis is of five types. Charaka has also called this disease by the name of Flag. They have given many names mainly to this disease like gout, bile, constipation, blood, and typhoid.

The name of the syphilis disease with similar symptoms is described in Bhavaprakash. Some scholars are of the opinion that the name of syphilis is also due to the fact that Firangi used to be British. And this disease has also arisen in the country itself. In English the disease is called syphilis and hardshankar. In the Greek language, it has been called updansh. Common people also know it as summer. all are the causes of syphilis

Sushruta has given many reasons for this: more sexual intercourse, more Brahmacharya observance, a woman whose vagina has a lot of internal follicles, a woman with a narrow or wide vagina, a woman with malice, Sannyasini or Brahmacharini, It can be caused by sexual intercourse with a woman with a contaminated vagina or with a deformed vagina.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons as well, such as fingernails, rash, s3x with animals, due to masturbation, gay s3x, reverse s3x, cleansing of body parts after s3x with contaminated water, etc. Many reasons for this disease Are disease-causing syphilis. All these are helpful in the origin of inflammation.

Symptoms & Causes of Syphilis

In this disease Causes of Syphilis, there is an excess of organ decay and deodorant in it. The disease starts with itching, then boils and puffs are filled with water, and blister becomes. After that, blisters take the form of a deadly disease. These blisters spread all around. And their components start falling.

This disease occurs both to men and women. Vaginal labia or upper part, clitoris, passage of vagina, and some also worsen uterus. The yellow-colored gash also puffs up with blood. And the blood becomes bad and poisonous, blisters and wounds also occur at the place where it is applied. The disease progresses and spreads very quickly. Therefore, it should not be delayed in its treatment.

Causes of Syphilis: Currently AIDS is a harmful disease

Causes of Syphilis - Currently AIDS is a harmful disease
Currently, AIDS is a harmful disease

It can also be a more intense and deformed form of syphilis. It is believed that no effective medicine for AIDS have been made so far. But in our opinion, Ayurveda has left nothing in the discussion of human diseases and causes of syphilis. Nothing is left of the ancient sages. If efforts and research are done for this, then you will definitely get success.

At present, the treatment of syphilis is given here. The first presents common ways to avoid it. Just as syphilis is a contagious disease that also occurs due to touching, therefore, men should remain separate from women or women from men. Therefore it is necessary that men and women suffering from this disease should stay away from a mutual contact.

A healthy man or woman should be very careful in this matter. If there is anyone of the husband and wife suffering from it, then they should stay away from each other, the family is beneficial for the benefit and public interest. One should not kiss each other.

Do not even touch the clothes of syphilis patients, do not wipe your mouth and hands, etc. with the handkerchief, etc. used by them. Food and water etc. should not be consumed in syphilis. This means that such patients, who are suffering from syphilis, should not eat, sleep, touch, communicate with them, and should avoid it.

Causes of Syphilis: Use and principles of domestic medicine with home treatment

Causes of Syphilis-Use and principles of domestic medicine with home treatment
Use and principles of domestic medicine with home treatment

Syphilis is very important to keep the patient’s body clean and tidy. Without purification through deeds like lubrication, sweating, vomiting, much thought, medicine does not produce the desired results. But all these tasks should be done by looking at the strength of the patient. When the body is purified, it should be given cold, sedative, insecticidal, and blood pressure medicines.

Common Home Remedies

Causes of Syphilis-common home remedies_www.whitechance.com
common home remedies_www.whitechance.com

After filtering chop sugar, take one and a one-half gram of powder, mix it with honey, and lick it. It is also beneficial to use extracts with Uswa.

Ashes of pard are very effective in ending syphilis. It should be consumed in such a way that it does not stick to the teeth. Because its effect can weaken the teeth. To avoid that condition, consume one milligram of mercury in a raisin and swallow it. But it is possible that the patient may have vomiting. They should be stopped with drugs that suppress them.

Take twelve grams of Yashd Bhasma, three grams of pure Hirakis, one gram of pure Shilajit and half a gram of pure Neelathotha and mix it in the same mixture and mix it in water and keep the tablets like gram while milling it.

Amount – Take one tablet in the morning and evening with cow’s ghee. Mostly, the patient gets benefits within two weeks. It can also be eaten for more days if necessary. The patient should eat ghee in pulses and rice khichdi in food. Eating gram bread can be beneficial.

Collect the peel of Reetha by grinding twenty grams, Kalmi Chopra, and white catechu ten-ten grams and make small tablets after quenching in the juice of Guarpata for three hours. Dry and keep them in a vial.

Amount – Take one tablet each morning and evening with fresh water. If a new syphilis disease occurs, it is overcome by four to five weeks of intake. However, in the case of chronic disease, one should continue to use the medicine patiently for ten to twelve weeks. Because of this, there is no possibility of any reaction.

Take pure white Sankhya, pure dalachikana, juice camphor, and pure hingul, all three or three grams and mix it in the milk of Aak milk 24 hours a day and then remove it from the grinder.

Quantity-ten milligrams should be consumed every third day after placing it on the tablet of flour. In this disease, eating gram roti with ghee is beneficial. And ghee should be consumed more. Oil, chili, sourness, and sexual intercourse should be avoided.

Causes of Syphilis: Extremely effective natural medicine on syphilis

White sandalwood, cloves, mace, saffron, juice camphor, and sugar candy all take an equal portion. Pour the sandalwood, cloves, and mace in a mortar, then mix saffron, juice, and one by one.

Finally, grind the sugar candy fine and mix it with saffron water and make tablets like moong dal and wrap it in cow’s ghee for two to four tablets and swallow it. Do not let it stick to the teeth. If this medicine is taken twice in the morning and evening, then it is beneficial in a few weeks.

Home medicine for the prevention of syphilis disease

Pure mercury, Add pure Neelathotha, pure lentil lard, Ras Karpur, and Varki Hartal fifty-five grams and pure Hingul twenty grams to everyone and adds them in enough quantity.

And then, after continuously sprinkling twenty-four hours in the juice of guarpata (Aloe vera), make one gram tablet at the end and dry them in the shade. After that, give a slow fire of plum wood for twelve hours and keep it safe by blowing Jauhar with a spoon.

Quantity – ten milligrams of this medicine in cow’s ghee or butter pill and swallow it. Keep in mind that this medicine should not be applied in the teeth. This medicine should be consumed only once per day.

It is necessary to consume butter and ghee more. Syphilis is removed by taking it for three days. You can also consume more days if necessary. This medicine is beneficial in all syphilis, erysipelas, abscesses, toxins, etc.

Symptoms to eliminate syphilis

Fragrant, a karakia, native celery, celery khursani, parsley, white musli, vyavidang, pure bhalaatak (Bhilava) and pure parda ten to ten grams, old jaggery sweetened by sweetening a hundred grams and filtering them with a cloth and putting the parda right in Bhrigaraja juice Spoiled in a manner and make them unconscious.

Correct the Bhilave (Bhallatak) also, then mix them all together and put them in the mortar with old jaggery and grind it continuously for four to five days. If jaggery (sweet) is very happy and does not get mixed, then take a little water and splash it and soften it. In this way, if there is enough mat, make small tablets, and keep them safe.

Quantity – Once a day, wrap one tablet with ghee or in a layer of butter or cream and swallow it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Make sure that it does not touch the teeth. Use this medicine only for a maximum of three weeks. It can cause mouth ulcers or resection etc. (Mouth). Gums can swell. Neem leaves, strawberry bark, turmeric, and vinolo should be gargle with mouth when it comes to bad mouth test.

Another beneficial recipe on syphilis

Dal sleek keep six grams, twelve eggs with lentils smooth the fireplace in the egg and wrap dough on top of urad dal, coal.

When the flour turns red, then cool it by removing it from the fire and remove the pulses from it. After this, keep the same lentils smooth in the second egg, wrap the flour of urad dal again and keep it in the fire. Similarly, one should cook pulses and chickpeas one by one in all the twelve eggs. Then mix celery, celery native, khorasani, and parsley with twelve to twelve grams and mix enough with honey to make gram-like tablets.

Quantity – One pill should be swallowed in the morning and evening without eating anything. If the disease has increased a lot, then in the evening, one tablet can be given to the patient. But the second pill should be given only after seeing the ability of the patient. One can get rid of the disease in only one week of use.

Syphilis medicine – Copper Sulphate, icing inflated, Chhoti Harad, and Kabuli Harad, all four-ten grams and forty grams of Karpad (Kauri) consumed.

Dose – One to four tablets of freshwater with morning and evening for a week, syphilis disease is destroyed. This medicine does not require swallowing. But vomiting can be caused by the effect of Copper Sulphate. If this is the case, consuming lemon juice in any way is beneficial.

Symptoms to eliminate syphilis Tripura Bhairav Ras

Pure mercury, pure brindle, pure hingul, pure juice, camphor fifty-fifty grams, alum twenty-five grams, and five grams of salmon. First Parda – Kajjali of Gandhak and then one by one all the liquids are sufficiently spilled, finely filled like Kajjali, fill in the Triti vial, and put it in a pot of mud and fire for two days.

In fact, making medicine in this way is not possible for people with general knowledge, it should be made by an experienced medical practitioner only. In this, after the fumes of the sulfur, the face of the vial is closed properly and a strong fire is to be given for twenty-four hours.

Quantity – from milligram to 250 mg, should be consumed with ghee in the morning and evening. This drug can be really beneficial for syphilis.

In this Disease, smoking in syphilis can be maximum helpful.

Pure ginger, puffed icing, Akara, and Majufal, take four to five grams and make four tablets, that is, in four doses. Take one quantity of these in chillum at night and take it at an interval of three hours. This causes vomiting, ecstasy. Even then the patient should not sleep at night,

He should spend time while walking. He should not even sit, because it is prone to arthritis. Get up early in the morning and take a bath with cold water. And eat wheat bread and moong dal and go to sleep.

This experiment only shows miracles in one night. From the second day onwards, ulcers start filling up. If there is swelling in that place, it should be washed with Triphala. Three-four people are required that night to take care of the patient. But it is not tested by us.

Simple, inexpensive, uncommon home treatment on syphilis

Take three hundred grams of macoy leaves, dry grapes and sugar, fifty grams, and old jaggery hundred grams. After drying the leaves of Makoy, make it power, filter it with a cloth, and use it.

Finely grind the sugar candy and mix it in the powder. Remove the seeds of Munaka(grapes) and throw them and mix them with jaggery. That is, jaggery should be added to the raisins by adding a little bit and after mixing that powder again for five to six hours, everyone should get the disease one by one. Then small tablets should be made.

Quantity – Two to four tablets should be taken daily, syphilis disease is destroyed by taking these tablets for two weeks. Medication- During intake, the patient should consume more and more ghee.

Ideas- Barley, paddy, cow’s ghee, wheat-gram bread, green vegetables, etc. are beneficial. Moong Dal has proved to be beneficial for many patients. Oil, chilli, sourness, hot food, fast digestible food, spicy food should not be eaten.

Masturbation should not be done at all. Intake in solitude is appropriate. But touch should be avoided In this disease, some medicines are low, such as ghee, butter or cream, etc. should be swallowed. Take care that it does not stick in the teeth, otherwise the teeth may be damaged.

Syphilis desiccation, oil, and coating syphilis is beneficial for the patient in the male’s vagina. It is very beneficial in syphilis disease, inflammation, and wounds, etc. Make a decoction of peepal, banyan, sycamore, peelkhun, and bark of vet by taking equal parts and wash the vagina with it.

Syphilis is beneficial for patient’s genitals. With the leaves of Jayanti, Jasmine, Amlatash, Aak and Kaner, everyone should boil them in hot water and wash the body parts with that water. This will benefit.

Nimbdi decoction

Neem, arjuna, peepal, kadamb, vat, berries, shawls, sycophants, and vents all have their bark washed off the vagina with equal parts of the boiling. Syphilis insects are destroyed quickly by this.

Yavasakadi Kwath

Jawasa, Cirrus, Arjuna, Vijayasar, Neem, Palash tree bark and Amla, catechu, and mushakarni, all take equal parts and make them clean the parts of the attendant organs, then there is quick benefit in syphilis wounds, inflammation, etc. This yoga of ‘Gad Nigra Granth’ is very useful.

After the ablution, all these should be proved to be oil and should be kept silent on the genitals. The decoction of Triphala is very useful in destroying syphilis. This should wash the genitals. Or the juice of Shringraj leaves is also more useful and beneficial for ablution.

Thereafter, applying ink made from Sharangadhar Samhitokt Triphala helps in quickly destroying the wound caused by syphilis. Its method is to put the powder of Triphala in an iron cauldron and offer it on fire and let it cook until it becomes burning like coal.

Then take it down and mortar it in the milk and mix it with honey and apply it on the vagina. This paste of Triphala ink is beneficial soon. copper Sulphate, gold ocher, Lodh, cardamom seeds, mainsil, hartal, rasaut, puffed kassis, alum, and rock salt should be finely ground and applied.

More benefits can be achieved in syphilis by applying yellow sandalwood paste. Works well on hives, wounds, inflammation. In this, Gopi Chandan, which is sold by the same name in the market, and Tutiya, both the equal parts grinding and mixing of the equal amount of Gandhak-Parda make a good paste.

Jambadi oil-In this method berries, cane, amla and karanja leaves of these four and cardamom, atis, mango kernels, Mulahthi, Priyangu, Laksh Agar, Loch, Lal Chandan and Nisodh should be taken in equal parts.

Mix them and grind it in the goat’s urine and make a kalk and after adding four times sesame oil, mix them properly. Silence of this oil on the genitals is very beneficial in all the wounds, research, pimples, etc. of syphilis.

Jaityadi Oil-According to Gadnigraha, taking jasmine leaves, Haridra, Duddhi, Indrayana root, and liquor equal parts and applying oil after boiling it, the disease of men is cured. That is, its application provides quick relief in syphilis.

A paste of mocharas etc. helps in curing syphilis. It should be mixed with water, taking burnt betel nut, bark of berry tree and aloe vera in equal parts. Drink one to two grams of this mixture with milk, there is a quick suppression of syphilis wounds and heat.

Bhunimbadi Ghee

According to Vangsen, there are some methods to eliminate syphilis, mix neem bark, Hara Behera, Amla, Patolpatra, Karanja, Jasmine leaves, Amla leaves, Vijayasara and catechu with equal portions and mix it with water and Then make it boiling.

Make this ghee by mixing four parts of cow ghee with fourteen parts. That is, together with cow’s ghee in the boil, cook on a slow fire and remove only if the ghee remains. Applying this ghee and eating it also removes dangerous diseases like syphilis.

Great pleasure

This method of Vaidya’s secret, is effective to destroy the insects, etc. of syphilis disease. In this, hingul and mainsail are taken one by one and twelve parts of barley flour are dissolved with water and smoked by making seven tablets equal to the ber kernels.

This means that a tablet made and dried in this way should be smoked in the place of the syphilis and wound of the syphilis by placing it on burning coal of plum wood.

Do this work sitting in such a place, Where there is no wind. In this way, the work of smoking the genitals can be done for seven days as per the requirement. During this treatment, one should not eat salt for seven to fourteen days.

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