05 Causes of Epilepsy In Adults | Seizures

05 Causes of Epilepsy In Adults | Seizures

Diseases that Cause Seizures Epilepsy

Today, we discuss the causes of epilepsy in adults.  Epilepsy is a type of dangerous disease, its second name for the disease is seizures, but it is a disease in which the disease occurs due to accidental obstruction or deformity of electrical activity in the brain. Due to this, occasional seizures also occur.

Due to which the person may also have paralysis or paralysis. Nevertheless, it can happen due to many reasons such as sudden paralysis, brain infection, tides or infection, head injury, sudden decrease in blood sugar, brain tumor, etc.

Sometimes this disease also occurs due to genetic disease arising in the baby during pregnancy. And epilepsy is also caused by a genetic cause. One of the main reasons for this is that the disease can also be caused by obstruction of electrical activity in the brain.

A person affected by epilepsy returns to his consciousness. And it feels that due to seizures in reality there is lack of awareness for a short time or meditation can be cannabis or body cramps. He is out of control when an epileptic attack occurs. And it cannot be controlled. If the person having seizures is controlled at the time of seizures, then he can get excited.

There are people who control seizures. That person can harm another person. Epilepsy is not an end-to-end disease, it can also be cured in between, epilepsy can be treated for 3 to 5 years. Epilepsy does not spread from one person to another.

It is not an infectious disease. During an attack, a person can die from accidental accidents such as falling from the roof, etc. Epilepsy has many symptoms and causes. Such as paralysis, brain infection, injury to the head, blood sugar, and brain tumor, etc.

Causes of epilepsy in adults: Epilepsy check

There is now a very comprehensive system available in the medical field to find out the cause of epilepsy so that we can easily find out the cause of epilepsy like EEG CT scan, MRI, and some blood tests and now its treatment possible.

Causes of epilepsy in adults: Paralysis

Causes of epilepsy in adults

Paralysis is a dangerous disease that we know as a stroke. Paralysis is a disease that happens suddenly and there is no time. And because of this, half of the body is paralyzed. Many times paralysis is also possible And even if treatment of the patient is started immediately, it can prove to be effective.

If treatment is delayed, then it can be paralytic and it can also kill a patient. There are some ways to identify paralysis such as a person suddenly has a very severe headache. There is another reason for this and very severe pain like a head burst.

This is an important cause of paralysis. You are going to be paralyzed A person who is paralyzed suddenly starts to blur, half of the body to the right or left suddenly becomes weak and stops working after some time.

One reason for paralysis is that when a person is talking to someone, it hurts the person to talk while looking and if words are not understood then it can also be a reason for paralysis.

Causes of epilepsy in adults: Brain infection

Causes of epilepsy in adults
Brain infection

There may be many reasons for infection in the brain, such as brain injury or brain collision with an object. The structures in the brain are deformed due to injury and they begin to break Due to which she stops working, due to which the brain does not work properly and it becomes uncontrolled and when the mind is uncontrolled, the balance of the whole body starts to deteriorate.

Many types of diseases occur in a person’s body, such as paralysis, seizures, not working half of the body, this part can be left or right. The person’s memory power is gone. And sometimes the person also dies.

Causes of epilepsy in adults: Brain injury

Causes of epilepsy in adults
Brain injury

When the brain gets injected for some reason. For example, a brain injury or a major brain injury can damage the entire brain. Many disorders arise due to injury in the brain, such as severe pain in the head, vomiting frequently.

When there is an infection in the brain, it causes weakness in the hands and feet and also causes dizziness. Sometimes a person gets seizures due to injury in the brain. When such symptoms are seen, then it should be understood that all this can also happen due to injury inside or outside the brain.

The brain is the most important part of the human body. During the injury in the brain, the whole body activity gets impaired. The person’s eyesight can also go. The person can also be mad. The person does not recognize anyone. Even half of his body stops working. Brain injuries cause accidental accidents with humans. Etc. are symptoms.

Causes of epilepsy in adults: Reduced blood sugar

Causes of epilepsy in adults
Reduced blood sugar

Diabetes patients have symptoms of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia such that when the level of sugar is reduced to less than 70 mg in the body, it becomes low blood sugar. In such a situation, the person starts getting very nervous, the heartbeat suddenly becomes faster.

The person starts sweating even while sitting in the air conditioner room. Weakness becomes dark in front of the eyes. Many symptoms of this type are seen. If the patient does not eat anything soon, the risk of a person becoming unconscious also increases due to low blood pressure.

There are several reasons for low blood pressure. The main reason for this is that you do not eat food on time or sometimes exercise excessively or sometimes take the wrong medicines. Low blood sugar causes mental stress in a person.

And his thinking power is reduced which causes him to become agitated and heat in his mind. He soon begins to feel nervous after seeing an event, there are many symptoms. All these symptoms have a profound effect on the brain, in which the chances of paralysis of the person are greatly increased.

Causes of epilepsy in adults: Brain tumor

Causes of epilepsy in adults
Brain tumor

The brain tumor is a fatal disease. When brain cells start to grow uncontrollably due to any reason or if they accumulate at one place in the brain, then there may be a risk of a brain tumor. It is of many types. In this, the person reads the tour. Gradually body cramps start in it. And there is a constant pain in the head.

Head pain can also be of two types One has severe pain and sometimes a little pain. There is also a symptom that vomiting occurs during headaches. Many parts of the body stop functioning in brain tumors. Such as seeing, hearing, speaking, etc. are all controlled by the brain.

One side of the patient becomes weak in the brain tumor. For example, half face, one shoulder, one hand, legs, etc., weaken and stop working, even the fist is not able to close properly. Gradually it takes the form of paralysis.

When the brain cells are uncontrolled, its symptoms depend on the size or position of the spinal cord and the rate of growth. In The brain tumor, many cells rounded an umbrella term. In which there are many types of tumors When there is a pain in the head, the patient feels vomiting, if he vomits, he gets relief.

Brain tumors can be detected easily through MRI. Apart from this, by mapping, you can also know which part of the brain the tumor is. These symptoms and causes of epilepsy in adults should never be ignored and the doctor should be treated immediately by showing them.


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