05 Causes of Coughing Up Bloody Mucus
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05 Causes of Coughing Up Bloody Mucus

Today we will discuss why come Bloody Mucus .!

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Many people complain of bleeding from the mouth. Differences in them are very important because blood can also come from various diseases of the cavity. Some patients, I get blood collected from the nose on the blood throat.

By which the patient spit out of the mouth, the cavity, nose, and throat of the patients are properly examined.

Complaints of bleeding may occur from anywhere and even if the bleeding occurs in a small quantity, the reason for this can be found as soon as it is possible.

Many patients understand this by eating jaggery or by eating a hot item or eating hot medicines. Coughing in cough means that blood is coming from the lungs or from the respiratory tube.

The color of blood drawn in cough is red and foam or mucus can be found in it. It can be a little bit of quantity or too much, which can lead to the death of the patient.

The nature of such blood is alkaline. The main reason for coughing in the cough is as follows.

Bloody Mucus: Lung TB

Cough is considered the leading cause of blood flow. It is necessary to know that this can be the first sign of lunges TB.

TB of the lungs is an infectious disease that bacteria can make patients patient by coughing when they reach the healthy person’s lungs on the cough.

Children are quickly affected by this disease. While curing TB patients, keep capsules on your mouth while you cough and do not tell the children with you.

Other symptoms include long-term fever, loss of appetite, loss of weight and prolonged coughing, etc.

The patient gets nervous after more cough causes cough and the woman begins to move faster. By which blood pressure is reduced and the patient starts sweating.

In such a situation, the patient should be rested and admitted to the hospital, so that women and blood pressure can be measured from time to time and immediate measures can be taken to prevent bleeding.

Blood transfusion of a healthy person may also be required and medicines that destroy or deactivate TV bacteria such as isonex, rifampicin, pyrazinamide, streptomycin, ethambutol, etc. are also required to be used by the doctor’s advice.

Keep in mind that in spite of the blood stops, continue treatment of the TV according to the doctor’s advice. Because medicines have to be taken for a certain period.

Bloody Mucus: Bronchiectasis

In this disease, one part of the respiratory tract widens and creates a “cavity”. In whose wall the bacteria cause inflammation, and do not place the blood of the place that breaks, then the patient can kill the person when he cures.

Such patients usually complain of smelly mucus, coughing, and fever for too many months or months. Those who may occasionally have cough blood can come

By examining mucus, by detecting bacteria and by detecting them, it is treated.

Occasionally the operation may be needed in this disease. You can take medicines by consulting the doctor.

Bloody Mucus: Bleed in the lungs

The bacteria create abscess by causing pus in the lungs. Then the patient starts to complain of fever, cough, and mucus.

Mucus comes in a very high amount and is stinking. Such a patient may also get blood in the cough.

Bloody Mucus: Lung Cancer

The effect of lung cancer The first symptom can be coughing only in cough.

This disease mostly happens to cigarettes, beedi drinkers. Cigarette smoking can be avoided by liver cancer.

A chest X-ray, biopsy, and mucus check are essential.

Apart from bleeding, symptoms include pain in the chest, cough, heaviness of the sound, swelling on the neck, and lymph glands growing, etc.

For successful treatment, it is necessary that the disease should be detected in a very early direction. Otherwise, spreading diseases in the liver and brain, etc., produces various complications, very soon.

Bloody Mucus: Embolism

When blood is accumulated in the veins of the leg, its fragment can be stopped by heart and trapped in the pulmonary artery and it can stop the effects of blood suddenly.

This causes symptoms of pain in the chest, bloody mucus in the cough.

This is often done in patients who are lying in the bed for many days without taking a walk, such as after some major operation or after a heart attack.

Therefore, to avoid this situation, such patients are advised from the beginning, that they should keep pace with their feet lying down on the bed. Thereby, the blood veins of the feet do not get enough blood.

Blood in cough from heart disease also.

As a result of “Rheumatic heart disease” in children or in young age, when the Volvo between the left chambers of the heart becomes narrower, due to excessive blood pressure, the rupture of lung blood vessels causes the patient to get coughing in the cough. is.

Therefore, cardiovascular screening of patients who complain of coughing is also essential. Due to proper diagnosis and proper treatment for the patient’s blood flow.

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