05 Causes of Blood Clotting In Brain & Risks
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05 Causes of Blood Clotting In Brain & Risks

Causes of Blood clotting in the arteries of the brain

There are several causes of blood clotting in the arteries of the brain, for instance, cerebral thrombosis syphilis, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, chronic cardio myelitis, chronic wounds, neoplasm of the heart, malfunction, obstetric disorders, and stomach tumors cause blood clotting. The arteries of the brain. And inhibits arterial passage and blood circulation.

This blockage mostly occurs on the left side of the brain. Blood clotting form or freeze in the artery of the brain due to which the person becomes unconscious, the pulse of the left part stops moving. This disease mostly occurs in women. The disease is sudden and causes intense pain, a person feels as if someone has had an attack.

When a blood clot accumulates in the brain, up to ninety percent of the brain becomes at risk of stroke. There are many reasons for blood coagulation in the brain. There are external reasons for this and some internal ones are external causes such as injury to the brain, collision with the brain, accident, etc.

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Sometimes, in these cases, due to injury, more blood comes out of the brain, the power of thinking is gone, the person goes into a coma. All these are external causes of brain stroke. But there are many internal causes of brain stroke due to which the blood clot accumulates in the brain and the person becomes a victim of paralysis.

If a person’s cholesterol is too high or diabetes is too high, then in this stage their blood starts to concentric, which increases the risk of blood clotting. Due to this, sometimes a blood clot is formed. This blood clot can form in any part of the body. Gradually, when this blood clot reaches the brain, it damages the brain. Due to this, sometimes a blood clot is formed.

This blood clot can form in any part of the body. Gradually, when this blood clot reaches in the brain, it damages the brain. It becomes a problem when blood accumulates or freeze in any part of the body. This problem arises due to the freezing of blood in the body. If a blood clot is formed in any part of the body like in hands, feet, or in the intestines, then the person comes to know about it.

There are several symptoms of blood clots in the hands and feet. When a blood clot accumulates in the hands or feet, the place becomes numb, the hands and feet become cold and become very soft as if they have no life, and the front part of that place works. shuts off.

Shortly, the color of hands and feet starts to darken. In such a situation, the person has nervousness, due to which sometimes vomiting also occurs, nausea, all these symptoms of blood clots are seen from outside.

But when a blood clot forms in the heart and stops at the same place, then the person suffers a heart attack. A person may die after a heart attack two to three times. Blood clots are also formed in two ways, one in any part of the body and the other in the brain itself.

Due to the formation of blood clots in the brain, blood circulation stops in the arteries, tissues, cells inside the brain. And the veins that carry blood inside the brain become dry due to which that part of the brain stops working.

And the brain starts distorting. Many symptoms occur after the blood coagulates in the brain. There are many small particles in the brain that need oxygen but due to the freezing of blood, they cannot get oxygen and also do not get nutrition. Missing the essential elements causes brain damage.

When the brain stops working, then the person gets paralysis and half of his body stops working. Also, the arms and legs on one side also stop working.

Effects Of The Blood Clotting On The Brain

The blood clot inside the brain if corrected in four to five hours. So the person can feel well within a month. And his hands and feet start working. But if the blood clot takes five hours or more to recover, then the person may take more than one month to recover. He recovers but his hands and feet do not work or any movement.

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There is no movement of any kind in half of the body. The cells, arteries, and tissues in our brain are destroyed due to the formation of blood clots. And even after the blood clots are over, these particles are not correct. To prevent the blood from freezing, nowadays doctors give medicine to the patient for blood-dilution.

Brain Stroke Or Causes of Blood Clotting

This is also due to the formation of blood clotting in the brain or any other part of the body. But the biggest cause of brain stroke is blood coagulation in the brain. If someone’s brain has this type of problem for six consecutive months, then it becomes a little difficult to recover the brain. The reason is that small cells in the brain start dying. And they do not survive again due to causes of blood clotting. A heart attack also occurs in this type of process.

Brain Hambridge Causes

The biggest reason for brain Hambridge is the rupture of the arteries of the brain. Due to which there is bleeding in the brain. And blood gets collected in it. The collection of this blood has harmful effects on the brain.

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A blood clot is formed when the first blood is collected. And secondly, due to the accumulation of blood, there is a lot of pressure inside the brain, due to which the arteries become fat. And the essential elements do not reach the mind.

Cure From Blood clotting

If someone is going to have a brain stroke, he gets to know about it by consulting a doctor and check through a C-T scan, MRI. Brain stroke and blood clotting problems have become common nowadays.

A healthy diet should be taken if you want to avoid brain stroke. Exercise should be done daily. Must walk daily. If you are taking any type of alcohol, then it should be stopped immediately, stroke in the brain is more for those who are addicted to drugs, etc.

Apart from this, there are many things to give birth to this disease, drinks, etc. are intoxicants like charas, hemp, cannabis, opium, heroin. If you want to avoid this disease, then the consumption of these things should be stopped immediately. This can help to reduce dangerous diseases like blood clotting, brain Hambridge and brain stroke to a great extent.

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