05 Cause of Dizziness | Vertigo Problems
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05 Cause of Dizziness | Vertigo Problems

Cause of dizziness & Vertigo Problems

There is much cause of dizziness when there are some changes in the brain due to which the person starts feeling dizziness, it seems that he is about to fall. And this problem has become very common. Gradually this problem starts increasing. Vertigo problems & dizziness both are common diseases. Why does this happen?

It is very important to understand the cause of dizziness and how it happens. There are many symptoms and causes of dizziness. For example, when the level of fluid inside the ear becomes more or less high, it causes dizziness. As the age increases, after fifty to fifty-five or sixty years, the evidence of dizziness gradually increases.

Because the number of fluids in the ear is reduced or worsens, then this problem starts. It can happen in any man and woman. The most important cause of dizziness is depression, Somatic complaints, anxiety, tension, stress, there is much cause of dizziness that make a person dizzy.

One of the reasons for this is Benign Positional Paroxysmal vertigo is also very important. Meniere’s disease also causes dizziness. Sometimes eating wrong medicines also leads to dizziness. Some reasons like addiction, alcohol, smoking, tobacco are many things which cause dizziness due to excessive intake.

Cause of Dizziness: Fluid in the ear

Cause of dizziness
Less fluid in the ear

When the level of fluids in the inner part of the ear is significantly reduced, then the patient or a normal person also suddenly feels dizziness. The ears have a very wide relation with the brain. The ear has two functions. One of them is listening and the other is keeping the balance of the body right.

All that a person can hear is through one part of the ear. If a person is walking or standing and if the balance of the body is right it is also controlled by a function of the ear. The ear is divided into three parts.

The outer part of one ear which we can see in the middle part of the two ears which has a hole that goes inside the ear and is attached to the curtain. After this comes the inner part of the ear. In listening to the voice, these three functions function properly in this, for balance, the inner part of the ear which is connected to the brain can damage due to cause of dizziness.

If there are any problems in the ear, such as ear injury, ear curtain, etc., then the person may become deaf, the person starts feeling dizziness, sometimes read seizures. Initial symptoms are seen.

Cause of Dizziness: Depression

Cause of dizziness

Depression is a common disease. There are many important reasons for this. The main reason for this is that the mind remains depressed. General sadness ends if something good happens on its own. But the sadness of depression is such that whether it is a festival or a Holi or a Diwali or a wedding or a ceremony, the mind is always depressed.

Gradually this depression turns into depression and takes the form of severe disease. Another reason for sadness is that a person’s interest in things is gone. It does not feel like in any work, whether it is his job, or studies, or his relatives, he does not feel like doing any work, at times it seems that the happiness in life is over.

The third symptom is also a feeling of guilt. People feel very much dizzy in depression. For small things, the patients consider themselves guilty. They keep cursing themselves. The third symptom is also a feeling of guilt. People feel very much dizzy in depression.

For small things, the patients consider themselves guilty. They keep cursing themselves. The fourth symptom is due to physical weakness, there is a continuous lack of energy in the body, and it seems that there is no life in the body. Always feel tired.

The fifth symptom is the loss of thinking ability and when this happens the load on the brain increases. And then dizziness starts like vomiting etc.

 Cause of Dizziness: Paralysis

Cause of dizziness

Paralysis is a very fatal disease. There is no time for it to happen; this yoga can happen at any time while getting up, sitting, walking, walking, sleeping, eating, or going. In this disease, blood circulation stops in the veins of a person’s brain.

Or if a vein of the brain ruptures, this disease can still occur. In this disease, most of the patient’s half of the body stops working left or right. There is no effect of cold, heat or burning in this part. Sometimes the patient feels that only half of his body is left.

The patient falls with a sudden jerk. Sometimes he is unable to speak and there is a danger of his eyesight is lost. On looking at the body of the patient, it seems that as he has become disabled, the body becomes lean. And the patient suffers a lot.

Cause of dizziness: Cannabis & alcohol

Cause of dizziness
Cannabis & Alcohol

The main reason for dizziness, insanity, vomiting, and straight movements due to excessive consumption of hemp and alcohol is the most common habit of cannabis, and alcohol is found in the youth of today, and these things in the brain damage play the biggest role.

Most of the deaths are due to hemp and alcohol. People take cannabis as smoking. There are many other things like hemp such as cannabis, opium, hashish, drugs, and the people who consume them more, they become weak from the brain.

They also get addicted to these things. If they do not get these things, they do crazy things. Sometimes they get so excited that their brain balance is disturbed. Due to which they start having seizures. Drugs play a very good role in damaging the brain.

The smoke that comes out of smoking goes directly into our lungs and works with blood and spreads throughout the body and has a very bad effect on the brain. The effect of this smoke starts to crash the brain as soon as it reaches the brain.

Initially, the person feels all normal. But gradually, the disease starts making him a victim. Symptoms like headaches, anger, irritability, etc. are seen all the time.

Cause of dizziness: Anxiety

Cause of dizziness

Anxiety is one such disease. What is sometimes called nervousness has many physical and mental symptoms. When a person worries more, his heartbeat increases. The heart beats so fast that the patient feels that his heart will exit the body.

The second symptom is that the patient starts sweating a lot. The third symptom is that his hands and feet start to vibrate or the whole body starts to vibrate. Due to concern, the person is not interested in any work.

Apart from this, the fourth symptom is sudden cold of hands and feet, upset stomach, frequent urination, and fever these are all very big symptoms of anxiety, and all these symptoms are external. The person can easily see.

These are only felt by the patient. Its most common symptom is to worry about everything without worry. All these have a profound effect on the mind. blood pressure can high due to it. In such a situation, there are symptoms like vertigo, vomiting, feeling nervous, or scared all. Due to over anxiety anybody is able to any other work related to life for surviving the time.



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