04 Weak Child Eye Care Tips | Improve Eyesight
child eye care tips, how to protect kids eyes, Child Eye Care TipsProtect, your child’s eyes, how to improve eyesight naturally at home

04 Weak Child Eye Care Tips | Improve Eyesight

Child Eye Care Tips From Dangerous Diseases

Here, we will discuss child eye care tips. If the weak eyes of the child are suffering from dangerous diseases. There is an Indian in every fourth blind person in the world. Mostly the blind person gets his blindness from his childhood. The root cause of blindness is in childhood i.e. up to fourteen years of age.

Children constitute 41.1 percent of our total population and they mostly suffer from this problem. Malnutrition, poverty, illiteracy – ignorance, messy living – increase the number of eye defects and fatal effects in children.

So give a befitting answer to this serious problem and protect your eyes and your children too. If the eye defects of this age remain uninterested or if proper protection is not done, then they go further and push them into the gap of blindness.

According to the World Health Organization, two-thirds of the blind could have been saved if timely problems – diagnosis, treatment – means of prevention and proper nutritional diet were collected.

This means that 75 percent of the blind can be easily saved from losing their sight by adopting effective protection. Children should get these means of rescue so that they cannot become blind citizens in the future.

It is estimated that 10-12 percent of the total patients coming to the hospital are suffering from regional problems. Only 10 percent of the total area-related problems are problems that are not possible, but the eyes of the remaining patients can be kept completely healthy.

Child Eye Care Tips In “Childhood Eye Diseases”

All the eye problems of children can be divided into three parts-

(A) La-cured eye disease (vision impairment)

(B) treatable eye disease (vision impairment)

(C) In addition to inferior vision, eye diseases other than vision

In the treatment of eye diseases, about thirty percent of the children get inflamed in the pupil. Due to which, the field of vision of their eyes gets affected.

Keratomalacia disease occurs in about 14 percent of children. Both of these diseases are the result of the monster of malnutrition. The third main reason is an infection of the inner parts of the eye and the cry.

Injury to other causes – flattening, congenital defects, etc. occur. Prevention of malnutrition, prevention of infectious diseases, only these basic measures can prevent La-Cure vision inferiority.

Eye defects of possible vision impairment are vision defects, congenital cataract, cataract of injury, morbidity, chemical burns, infection, and other diseases. All these diseases are cured efficiently, provided proper care is taken, no complications come and contact a skilled doctor.

Those with vision impairment are those who have eye diseases. They include eye ache, trachoma, the lower degree of vision defects, upper injuries, white eyelids, opacity outside the pupil, etc.

Due to proper treatment and prevention, these eye diseases are not particularly vulnerable.

Child Eye Care Tips During ‘Vitamin ‘A’ Deficiency

It has been proved by the study that vitamin A deficiency is usually present in the children of poor low backward socio-economic conditions.

The true reason is that the government has included measures to remove this common deficiency in children in the ‘Avoiding blindness’ program. Symptoms of vitamin ‘A’ deficiency are-

– Dry, frizzy, glowing – the disappearing eyes.

– Less sighted, trouble seeing in the dark, night blindness.

– In the deficiency that has been going on for a long time, bad effects start on the delicate parts of the eye. The cornea begins to be translucent. Wounds are formed.

A fatal ophthalmic disease called keratomalacia can occur. All these conditions are a sign of inferiority vision.

Simple Preventive Measures (Child Eye Care Tips)

Child Eye Care Tips

A balanced diet is essential in pregnant women, babies, and children. Carrot, papaya, spinach, amaranth, plum, gooseberry, mango, eggs get enough vitamin ‘A’.

– Four months old baby should start eating the above.

– Free vitamin ‘A’ solution is available at (Anganwadi Kendra In India only), Sub-centers, Primary Health Centers. Parents must give two doses of this solution to their children at an interval of six months.

– In special case capsules, injections of vitamin ‘A’ can be given by contacting the specialist.

– Trachoma, sneeze, infection is a disease. To prevent complications, children should stop applying mascara.

– It is good to seek expert advice in case of an eye, eye injury, squint eyes, congenital eye defect.

The problem of the blindness of the nation can be successfully dealt with by proper prevention of childhood eye defects. Removing the problem with a balanced diet and food containing vitamin ‘A’ is the driver of the vision of sensible society.

Include the science-related things of food, food, living, cleanliness, and cleanliness in our everyday life.

This is the main objective of health plans. Which parent would want his little Munna to lose eye light later? Are the next generation of the nation blind? Come, let us make our contribution to making the national program of inferiority prevention successful today.

child eye care tips | how to protect kids eyes

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