03 Best & Imp. Software For Students Need?
03 Imp. Software For Students Need_

03 Best & Imp. Software For Students Need?

Best / Imp. Software For All Students

In this post we will discuss about the Imp. Software For Students…!

VLC (For Video Cources) – Imp. Software For Students

VLC (For Video Cources)

The VLC (Video Lane Client) is the best free & open-source software. The VLC media player is a player through which you can play any video on your computer or laptop in great comfort. This VLC media player’s software contains very good shortcuts. With the help of which you can capture the screen of any video clip. Apart from this, photos can also be clicked from the video.

You can download the VLC media player on your computer and laptop for absolutely free. Here we will tell you how you can download this player on your computer and laptop. First of all, you have to open your internet browser and type Videolan.org/vlc in its address bar. Enter after typing.

After this, a website page will open on your computer screen. There you will get an option to download the VLC media player. By clicking on that option, you will be able to download this VLC Media Player very easily. When the VLC media player is downloaded, a short cut of it will be made on the screen of your computer. Now you can open it by double-clicking on it. You can open and play the location of your video through it.

Grammarly Software & Extention – Imp. Software For Students

Grammarly Software & Extention

Grammarly is the best free and open-source software. Nowadays people are using this software very much. Grammarly software is available for free on the Internet. It is used to correct spelling errors. Apart from this, this software is also used to correct the error of the sentences. Grammarly software works very well on the Chrome browser.

To download this software you will need to open the Chrome browser on your computer and laptop. After this, go to on Google Chrome browser in its address bar and type Grammarly free software and press the enter key. After this, a new page will open. In it, you will see a subheading of Grammalaya free software download.

By clicking on that subheading, you can easily download the Grammarly free software. When this software is downloaded, then you can install it. Once installed, it will start correcting spelling error and sentences error.

Chrome Browser (Browsing Only) – Imp. Software For Students

Chrome Browser (Browsing Only)

Google Chrome browser is a very interesting software. This software has many functions. We will talk about some of its special functions here. Normally people do not know. The Chrome browser has an inbuilt calculator. that you can use it very easily. For instance, you have to assume the value of pie. For this, you have to type 22/7 in the address bar of the Chrome browser and press enter key. As soon as you enter the address bar of chrome within one second you will get the value of pie.

In the same way, you can also get the results within one second by typing any equation of the greatest simplification in the address bar of the Chrome browser. Apart from it, you can play any type of video comfortably on the Chrome browser.

To play the video, you drag the video file to the address bar of the Chrome browser and leave it. Your video will be played. The Chrome browser also serves as an image viewer. If there is no image viewer in your computer and laptop, then you drag and drop the image to the address bar of the Chrome browser and your image will open.

If you do not have any PDF software, then drag your PDF file into the address bar of the Chrome browser. Your PDF file will open. The function of the mute video is also available in this browser. If you want that whenever you open the Chrome browser on your computer, always open the site of your choice. Do not even have to type the website.

For this, right-click on the top side of the browser, and there you will get a pin option. By clicking on that PIN option, you can also save and pin the website of your choice. There is an unpin option at the same place to remove the website. You can remove the website by clicking on it.

Apart from this, you can create a shortcut to any website on your computer and laptop through the Chrome browser on your computer desktop. You can also download any website in PDF format through the Chrome browser. Thus the Chrome browser has a lot of functions.

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