03 Cataract Disease Complication Point
Cataract Disease

03 Cataract Disease Complication Point

Here the causes of Cataract

In cataract disease the eye lens or its cover or both become blurred. And a curtain comes over the eyes.


Cataract Disease: Reason

Most people get this disease after the completion age of sixty, Weakening diseases that do not get the full amount of nutritional substance in the eyes of the blood by the blood, such as diabetes, syphilis, or overuse of ultraviolet therapy, cataract starts before this age.

Cataract Disease: Symptoms

The vision gradually decreases. The patient sees each object as large. When the patient sees the light of an electric bulb, he sees a difference, and blue and green color is seen around the light.

On seeing the stars and the moon, many appear instead of one. The same object appears separately with both eyes.

Can cataract be cured (Prevention)?

Inspection of Cataract Disease

It is necessary to observe and separate this disease from a green cataract (Glaucoma). The pupils of the eyes become small in green cataracts.

The lob of the eyes becomes hard like stone. The pupils do not shrink from light. The patient is not able to see the nearby objects well. There is so much pain in the eyes and shoulders that the patient starts to suffer.


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