03 Big Procedure of Working Internet
Big Procedure of Working Internet

03 Big Procedure of Working Internet

Today we are going to discuss about Procedure of Working Internet & its Origin – Internet is such a thing through which any type of information or any data can be easily sent from one computer to another by cable, modem or Wi-Fi. The Internet was first used in the 1960 to 1970 decade. The credit for making it goes to some scientists of the US and some security agencies.

Together these people created an ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network). By the way, many people have made internet together. But two people have contributed more to procedure of working internet. His name, Vint Cerf & Bob Kahn, is in at the top of list.

Its Uses & Procedure of Working Internet

When the procedure of working internet was invented, not any person could know the procedure of working Internet use it. At that time only a few institutions used it. Such as Defense Institute, Intelligence Agency, Communication Department, Research Center etc. Now the world of Internet has become very big. Through the Internet, one can get information from thousands of miles away in a few seconds.

Do you know when we search any data on the Internet, how it reaches us. This data reaches us through optical fiber cable. The Internet runs through cell towers on mobile and modems on computers.

Currently we watch any data, video, songs or any information that is stored in the device inside the data server. The procedure of working internet device works as the internal memory of the SSD server. The server is in a way very powerful. Whose task is to provide data to the user.

When a person searches any data on computer or mobile or any search engine like Google or Bing. So we get it by connecting to the server with the help of optical fiber cable. Through this optical cable, data has to pass through a very complicated process to reach the user.

Very interestingly, any device such as a mobile or computer or a server on which the Internet runs, all have an IP address in the form of a number. This IP address acts as a shipping address for us in the Internet world. Just like we use a shipping address to tell someone the address of the house itself.

All the information reaches the user through this IP address. Some Internet servers provide us IP addresses. Where the data center server is. It also has an IP address. The data center server has a device that stores the IP address of all websites. Therefore, you can use any website that has an IP address.

No person can remember so many IP addresses. So to solve this problem, a domain name is provided to each website owner. Such as fecebook.com, youtube.com, amazon.com etc. All these names correspond to the IP address. They are easy to remember it. The data center server is located in the United States of America. Which manages them all.

This server has the capability to store the names of many websites and their domain names. When a person searches a website, he uses the domain name instead of the IP address. When we search the Internet to get any information, this input reaches the data center server through our IP address. And gives command to the server that what we need.

After that this information which we have searched on the Internet, reaches it to us through optical fiber cable, after going through many steps to reach us. This information passes through the data server through optical fiber cable to the routers that are installed around us and the cell towers are connected to them as light signals. There are many procedure of working internet.

These signals are then converted into electrical pulse via web modem and cell tower. When we run data from mobile, it reaches the cell tower by the webs optical fiber cable. And then through the cell tower, mobiles are received it as an electro -magnetic web signals. This gives the user information. In the same way, information is received from the modem on the computer via the Internet.

Now the expansion of the procedure of working internet has become much more legitimate, so their domain names and IP addresses are used to properly monitor websites, and track their information.

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